Friday, February 22, 2008

SURF REPORT -- Monkeh Barrel takes no prisoners

The fury of Monkeh Barrel unleashed on the beach

Slow, short and unforgiving it may be, but that doesn't take away from the fact that the Monkeh Barrel remains one of the most challenging and popular surf breaks in Second Life. The Monkeh is one of several surfing spots in Helio Estates, which include Heliopolis itself, Nymphs Beach and Black River Harbor. The big wave break also provides the setting for one of the most demanding competitions in the SLSA annual series.

Named Monkeh Barrel because its more fun than a barrel of monkeys, the Monkeh's dark brooding EPIC II wave breaks a few yards
short of the Western edge of the sim and runs in for about 150 yards onto a green rocky shoreline. For comparison, the wave runs in about 50 yards short of the distance that the EPIC II wave at Majini beach does, or roughly about the same length of ride as the EPIC II wave at Neart. The wave also has the reputation of having a mind of its own.

The short duration of the break means that surfers must get up and running
fast if they are to make the most of the wave. The slower forward movement means they must also pay attention to their speed so as not to stall and end up belly-riding all the way into the beach. This wave takes no prisoners!

This beach has no onshore facilities, but due to the short wave run and
elevation of the beach, the Monkeh Barrel offers surfwatchers an excellent view. For surfers, the rocky shallows on the shore make a convenient place to rezz your board into the water, while the wave itself is perhaps the ultimate test of SL surfing skills and technology.

Update 28 May 08 -- Monkeh Barrel has disappeared, we understand, following the sale of the sim to a new owner.

SLURL: Monkeh Barrel (not valid as of May 08)

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