Saturday, March 8, 2008

Buffy wins big at Surf Jam!

Buffy Munro was awarded first place on Saturday's VSA Surf Jam, the second Vibrations Surf Alliance competition event of the year. Buffy entered what proved to be an exciting Surf Jam final together with Jaqueline Infinity, Vic Bonetto, Mateus Rieko and reigning VSA champ ONeill Auer and came out scoring high with 13 points for a big win at Majini Island!

"Buffy was really on form today and surfed way above her mid-level SLSA ranking," said judge Sally LaSalle. "It's Buffy's 'home turf' so perhaps this gave her some home girl advantage, but nevertheless she surfed hard and certainly deserved her win."

Left to right: Jaqueline Infinity, Buffy Monro and ONeill Auer

ONeill and Jaqueline joined Buffy on the winners podium with 11.75 and 11.5 points taking second and third place respectively. This is the second consecutive time that Jaqueline has taken third place at the VSA Surf Jam, making her a strong contender for next month's event, which is currently scheduled for 12 April. ONeill's second place on the podium confirms that he remains a force to be reckoned with and is well positioned for the next competition.

"The finals where held it pretty good conditions on Majini, early heats were totally lag free," said Sally LaSalle. "There were some good performances: Vic Bonetto did very well in the early heats, as did Matteus. However, tougher finals conditions saw Buffy, ONeill and Jaq shine through on the day."

Spectators enjoy the surfing from the VSA's custom-made aerial platform

Hats off also to the VSA organisers, under the watchful eye of
Bishara Resorts Estate Manager VW Sands, who were a model of surf competition efficiency. "The competition took about 3.5 hours in total, which was pretty smooth," said Sally.

Buffy Munro (13.00)
ONeill Auer (11.75)
Jaqueline Infinity (11.50)
Vic Bonetto (11.00)
Mateus Rieko (10.00)

Selina Otsuka (11.25)
Abel Halderman (11.25)
Wilfred DeCuir (10.50)
Melora Loring (10.25)
MaryAnn Maa (8.00)

SurfWatch: Surfing Calendar - March-April 2008
ONeill Crowned VSA Surf Jam champ! (2 Feb 2008)
SurfWatch: SURF REPORT -- Majini Island
SLURL: Majini Island

Surfing Calendar - March-April 2008

SLSA Surfline Competition
Saturday 5 April 2008, 1100 hrs SLT (1800 hrs GMT)

The Second Life Surfing Association event at Surfline on pipeline waves, is now scheduled for
1100 hrs Second Life time (SLT) on Saturday 5 April (this event was originally scheduled for 22 March). 40 surfers are expected to take part in 8 heats.

All top three season standings-listed surfers (
Pova Rustamova, Devinna Toll and Colleen Brennan) are registered for the competition. However, in the absence of competition registrations from 4th and 5th placed Milo Voss and Timbo Flanagan, Christine Daffodil and VW Sands might end up being the 4th and 5th SLSA-ranked competitors taking part in Surfline.

Registrations for the 40 competitors in the Surfline event have closed, but surfers can still register on the Surfline Competition waiting list.

Competitors and spectators p
lease check out the SLSA's requirements for attending on the SLSA forum before you teleport to Surfline on the day.

Surfers contact: Sierra Sugar,
Milo Voss, Carenahh Kuu and Radical Twang

Useful links

URL: SLSA competition calendar

URL: Judging Criteria
URL: Competition Day Requirements (for Surfers and Spectators)

SLURL: Surfline

VSA Surf Jam

Saturday 12 April 2008, 1100 hrs SLT (1800 hrs GMT)

The third Vibrations Surf Alliance Surf Jam of 2008 takes place on Saturday 12 April at 1200hrs SLT on Majini Island, part of the Bishara Resorts sim. The monthly Surf Jam's are members only events, limited to 20 competitors. Surfers will face off in four preliminary heats, narrowing down to 10 surfers in the semis and 5 for the finals' heats.

Surfers contact: VW Sands

Useful Links

SurfWatch: VSA Surf Jam report, 2 February
SLURL: Majini Island

SLSA Neart Competition
Saturday 26 April 2008, 1100 hrs SLT (1800 hrs GMT)

After the Second Life Surfing Association's Monkeh Barrel competition changed to pipeline waves at the last minute, Neart, in the West of Ireland group of sims, is now expected to be the association's first longboard event of 2008. As usual, a field of 40 surfers are expected to take part in 8 heats starting at 1100 hrs Second Life time (SLT) on Saturday 26 April.

Surfers contact: Sierra Sugar,
Ritch Goalpost, Milo Voss, Carenahh Kuu and Radical Twang

Useful links

URL: SLSA competition calendar
SLURL: Neart

Other events

Friday Surf Night at Chi, 4 April 2008, 1700 hrs SLT (0000 hrs GMT)
Centre yourself, get in touch with your life force, find your happy thought and get over to Chi on Friday night for the island's weekly surf session! Plenty of pipes and fluffies to shred-up out in Chi's unique surfing breaks, a great chance to chill with some old friends or make some new ones, plus advanced level SL surf lessons and competition coaching. See you there! Peace.

SurfWatch: Surf report on Chi

Updated as of 29 March 2008

Friday, March 7, 2008

Surf's up on Nature Beach!

New beach offers wave break with both EPIC II and fluffies

A big wall of water advances towards Nature Beach

SurfWatch can reveal that a new EPIC II wave has appeared on Nature Beach, next to the Isles of Corleone and Truth Beach sims. Terraformed just this week, Nature Beach is currently the only surf break that we've seen that combines the EPIC II wave and ocean foam waves (or fluffies) and for that reason alone its worth paddling out and catching a few.

Up close and personal with Nature Beach's EPIC II wave

Nature Beach's surf can be a lot of fun, if
highly unpredictable, and lag issues can cause some interesting waves! We'd advise that those who want to experience the new wave to hurry, since the sim owner Dharma Austin points out that this is a work in progress and SurfWatch has been told that it is by no means certain that the current wave set-up will stay as it is longer term. The big wave currently has about a 170 yard run, just a little longer than Monkeh Barrel.

Update 13 March 2008: Nature Beach has now been renamed Tsunami Beach (see SurfWatch 12 March: 'Tsunami races onto new beach')

SLURL: Tsunami Beach

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Tsunami warning!

There's a new force in surfing coming to a beach near you and its called Team Tsunami! The team, formed a few weeks ago, is one of a growing number of surfing teams in Second Life. Although teams are not currently given accreditation by the SLSA for competitions, one could say that there is a ground swell of support by surfers to get together, surf together, learn together and win together. Many would also like to see some form of SLSA-backed team competition in the future.

"The name was decided by a vote of all the team members," says Team Tsunami captain Kathy Heberle. "It sounded cool, but it's also the name of a really big wave and we want Tsunami to be a big wave that sweeps away the competition while being a force of positive change within the surfing community."

"Basically a team tells everyone: 'this is my group of friends, this is who I like hanging out with,' says Abel Halderman. "It gives us a reason to celebrate when one of our number does well and it gives us a base to help improve our surfing. I also think that teams have the ability to help build the surfing community too. For example, I might not always be able to compete or help out at a competition, but through my team I can make sure that someone can."

There are curently 10 members of the Tsunami Team.

Team Tsunami left to right: Mal, Amp, Colleen, Abe, Kathy,
Milo, Amanda, Oroonie and Wil

Kathy was ranked 8th overall in the 2007 SLSA standings; Abel, a fast learner, is currently 15th in 2008 standings; Colleen Brennan, who was 4th overall in last season's rankings and is currently ranked third in 2008; long time resident and Second Life surfing legend Malcolm Sydney; and Milo Voss, joint third at the SLSA's Monkeh Barrel competition and currently ranked 4th overall in the 2008 standings. Colleen, Malcolm and Milo are all co-captains of the team. Then there is Oroonie, who was number 8 at the end of last year's season and is presently joint 42nd in 2008 alongside Malcolm; fast learners Wilfrid 'Wil' DeCuir (a.k.a. the crazy Canuk) and Amanda Stine; plus the team's newest additions Pyper Dollinger, previously with the Reaction Pro team and Amphiprion Watanabe, who was ranked 25 last year and is now also 25th in the 2008 standings.

Team members are enthusiastic about working together. "We have the nicest people who also happen to be some of the best surfers in Second Life," says Kathy.

"We do have some of the best surfers in Seco
nd Life," agrees Colleen. "And all of us would surf just as much even if there were no SLSA events, simply because we love doing it!"

"And we're all surfers, who have the drive to succeed," says Wil.

"It's the experience of the team members, the willingness to teach each other and the enthusiasm for the team to succeed that really sums up what Team Tsunami is about," says Milo.

"And we like to talk a lot," adds Mal.

Team Tsunami signs Reaction
Team Tsunami has just signed Reaction as its first major sponsor. "Team Tsunami is a well formed team, with some great people on board and it has a lot of potential," says Radical Twang, head of Reaction. "Reaction is always looking for ways to support the surfing community and help further the sport in Second Life, so working with Tsunami made a lot of sense."

"We're very pleased to have Reaction on board as our first big sponsor and oh my gosh, there is such an opportunity for sponsorship!" says Kathy. "Surfing has to be one of the fastest growing sports in Second Life. I can't think of a better, cheaper way to get good, in world advertising for yourself than to sponsor a team."

Radical agrees: "there are plenty of opportunities for sponsors and surfing is now certainly one of the fastest growing communities in Second Life. We took the decision early on that Reaction should be active in sponsorship right from the start." Reaction also has its own Reaction Pro surfing team.

"My biggest goal is to establish an identity for the team," says Kathy. "We'll do that at a community level by competing and doing well in those competitions, although those are also individual achievements. Establishing ways of communicating with each other, developing a presence on the web, practicing together and soliciting sponsorship are all collective ways Team Tsunami can establish its identity."

"Tsunami is power and strength. It is nature's freight train and a hell of a wave to surf," says Milo.

"So when you surf against Team Tsunami be prepared to be blown away!" warns Amanda.

"Total destruction!" yells Oroonie.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

New SLSA directors announced

The Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) announced a new executive board of directors on Sunday following elections over the weekend. The new directors are Ritch Goalpost, Milo Voss, Carenahh Kuu and Radical Twang, who join Sierra Sugar to make an SLSA board of five.

"I am looking forward to work with the four newly elected directors," said Sierra Sugar, the only incumbent director on the new board. "Ritch, Milo, Carenahh, and Radical all are wonderful individuals with both strong business and creative strengths. I've spoken with each of them many times, both regarding the SLSA and other matters, and I'm excited to see what the five of us can bring to the surfing community over the next several months."

Any of the association's 280 members* were eligible to stand for election, although voting was limited to the 44 members that competed during the last three months of SLSA events (being Majini Island and Monkeh Barrel). However, the new directors were all keen to make clear that they wanted to see inclusive association policies that represent all SLSA members.

"I see my entry as a service to the surfing community, my duty in fact, to make it stronger for everyone," said Milo Voss after the announcement. "It's a fast growing community and the SLSA has to grow with it and keep in step with the needs of its members."

"It's great to be on board! I hope to help provide the SLSA with new ideas to help improve the association and gonna try my very best to take everyone's opinions in to consideration," said Radical Twang.

"In the 18 months since I launched my first surf sim, I have seen the surfing community grow and change considerably, but it has always seemed to keep one thing consistent: community. I want to see that continue and develop," said Carenahh Kuu. "I am also looking forward to working with the other directors and expect to learn a lot!"

The SLSA's electoral process would normally require that two or three new directors be elected every three months, leaving two or three incumbent directors in place for an overlapping three months. However, circumstances necessitated an election for four new directors this time, whose term will now expire at the end of August 2008. The outgoing directors are Portia Roelofs, Seano Osumi, Craig Stallion and Rani Decosta.

* 2 March 2008 figure

URL: SLSA website