Saturday, August 19, 2017


Bundoran Reef Benefit Concert Today - Saturday, August 19 11 AM SLT

Come join the beach gang at a benefit for Bundy Beach today!  Concert starts at 11 AM SLT 
There's a chance you could be in a Second Life (SL) music video!  Enjoy the waves, the sun, the sand, the surfers, and a live concert by Tauri Tigerpaw!  Put on your boardies and bikinis and just come hang out and share the love with Bundy Beach!  There's also a noob friendly wave competition - come join the fun!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Bundy Reef Benefit Concert + More

Submitted by Kantbe Thursday

This Saturday August 19th, the Bundy Reef Community will be having a benefit concert day plus more for Bundy Reef.

You all are what keeps this place going!

There will be a live concert from Tauri Tigerpaw starting in at 11am SLT.

From 10am - 2pm SLT we will be having a wave competition.  Several loaner surfboards will be available.

You don’t have to be an experienced SL surfer, you just need to want to get out on the waves and have some fun.

How many waves can you catch?

Mark your calendars!

[Post stolen in large part from a Bundy Reef Community group notice by Cierra Theriac]

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Kantbe Serious: Could Be Found - The Answers

Submitted by Kantbe Thursday

OK, y'all.  Here come the answers to the Kantbe Found series.  I know some of you figured these out, but if we find answers provided by some of you happen to own the sims in the pictures, sadly, your answers will have to be disqualified from the competition and will not be receiving any of the prizes.

So let's get started.  In the order of the series, here they are:

Kantbe Found #1

Kantbe Found #2

Kantbe Found #3

Kantbe Found #4

Kantbe Found #5

Kantbe Found #6

Kantbe Found #7

And now the announcement of the prize winners!!!!

Oh... wait... emergency call from Tauri Tigerpaw... what's that?  Oh... OK... sorry about that.

Well folks, it turns out there are a couple of issues with the prizes...  There's some good news and there's some bad news.

The bad news is we didn't actually keep records on peoples' answers, so we don't actually know who our winners are.

The good news is there weren't any prizes anyway!!!  :-)

It was all just for the fun of it!!  Right?...  Right?...  Hey!  Is there anyone still out there?

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Legends Series: Interview with Robin Mapp (Originally Posted 6/21/2009)

Within the pages of SurfWatch is the rich history of Second Life (SL) surfing from the mouths of the surfers that created or developed or promoted or excelled in this virtual sport over the years.  Enjoy these interviews and the perspective from these surf legends as SurfWatch completes "The Legends Series".

Photo courtesy Monq Pinklady

SurfWatch recently caught up with Robin Mapp, a name most SL surfers will recognize as the former owner of Surf City, current surfboard designer, and proponent of realism in SL surfing, to discuss his surfing background and current views on SL surfing.

SurfWatch: How did you get started in SL surfing? Who taught you, what waves did you ride, and what board did you ride?

Robin Mapp: SL surfing is actually what brought me to SL in the first place - well, kept me here, anyways (smiles). I started out with what was available - fluffs. I have always been a hack, so when I saw guys out surfing, never thinking it looked real enough to me, I said to myself, "Wonder if I could build something more real?" Thru some experimentation and lots of trial and error, I came up with my first line of boards. They were completely different than the SSI's available at the time, but had one drawback - they wouldn't work on the fluffies. So in need of a wave, I started messing with some ideas and finally came up with a wave that worked with my boards but, as luck would have it, wouldn't work with the SSI boards. So again, not where I was hoping to be. As time progressed and I started hanging with guys like Flynn Sheridan and Thor Bishop, I gained a new appreciation of SL surfing and their dream of making a very realistic experience, sharing their passion and their commitment to surfing as a whole.

SW: You had the Surf City sim for a long time. What made you start that and why did it go away?
RM: Surf City was a dream of mine. Growing up and living in Huntington Beach, California, aka "Surf City", I was part of the iconic surf scene since the 70s. I wanted to bring that to SL. I wanted to build an actual surf legend and not your typical tropical beach surf venue. Lack of funds and assistance, Surf City was just more than I could handle. The dream still lives and maybe one day, the rebirth of Surf City will happen.

SW: How long have you been competing and what made you want to start?
RM: I have competed off and on for around 2 years now. Why? I'm a surfer. I love the environment and the people. The competitions were just plain fun!

SW: What advice would you give new surfers today?
RM: Decide: Do you wanna surf or do ya wanna play games? And have fun with whichever you decide (smiles).

SW: What's your favorite wave?
RM: I love pipes. To me, they offer the most realistic experience.

SW: What board to you use now and why?
RM: I use an RJ board, of course. Mainly because I have tailored them around my style of surfing - fast, clean and realistic.

SW: Do you have a favorite or trademark maneuver?
RM: I love snap turns and reverse rollovers. Once I figured these maneuvers out, I was like, "That seems like RL surfing."

SW: How would you like to see SL surfing evolve?
RM: I would really like to see SL surfing become more realistic. I know many think that is nuts, but to me, SL is more than a game, it's a virtual environment. We want real looking waves, real looking and performing boards, but yet, many of us are okay with totally non real surfing.

SW: Tell us about the Da Hui Team: the members, how you guys train, your philosophy, etc.
RM: Da Hui (The Group or Team in Hawaiian) was founded on the premise of enjoying SL surfing and trying to bring a bit of RL surfing attitude to SL. The members of Da Hui are all either past or present RL surfers or those that have at least been surfing. With that under our belts, we try to demonstrate the RL philosophies of surfing such as camaraderie, a deep sense of the connection to the sea and, of course, all the terrific sarcasm (smiles).

SW: Talk about your current sim.
RM: Current sim is just a homestead Monq (Monq Pinklady) and I have. We have it set up for a place to play and practice. It's pretty much your tropical island with tons of waves.

SW: What other projects are you currently involved in?
RM: Currently I am just making new boards and being a surf bum. I have no immediate plans to do more than have fun.

You can find Rob John's boards at your favorite beach.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Live on the Beach...

They say life's a beach, but it isn't until you actually live there!  Come enjoy the beauty of Bundy Beach full time...relax on your porch to the waves...check out the bikinis and boardies...grab a surf and a sandwich all from home!  Contact Cierra Theriac in world for details!  Check them out below or stop by the Bundy Beach rental office:

Tigerpaw Tour Stop: Tauri Tigerpaw in Concert

Monday, August 14, 1 PM SLT at SurfSide Hideaway

Come with me and share the love 1 PM SLT
Join the Tigerpaw Tour group to get gig notices and random let's hang out messages!
Check every day for tour schedule and Second Life beach news!
Next performance Saturday, August 19, 11 AM SLT Bundy Beach Benefit

Sunday, August 13, 2017

SurfWatch Fashion Focus: Beach Hut

Submitted by Valerie Lavender

There's more to the Second Life (SL) surf scene than the wave.  Beaches are full of dudes and babes checking each other out and checking out the latest in beach fashion.  Stay tuned for Valerie's regular series on SurfWatch Beach Fashion.

I love this beach hut and I decorated it myself with merchandise from Zinnia's. The only thing that did not come from Zinnia's is the bed which is called the "Warm" Antique Bed Adult.

The beach hut is available on Marketplace and is made by 
Trompe Loeil - Seaside Cottage V2.

The photos show it all!

Landmarks to Trompe Loeil Marketplace and to the Zinnia's shop.