Thursday, August 10, 2017

Who's on the Beach - Calypso Cove

Submitted by Opal Rivers

After doing the story on the lovely Calypso Cove, several things have changed.  Cosmeja (Calypso Cove, co-owner) graciously agreed to rent me the lifeguard shack on beach front property.  This is a personal bucket list item checked!  Cosmeja also recommended that I interview my new neighbors and lifeguard co-workers.  Not only is Cosmeja talented, she is wise.   
Photo by Kid Kruze
The interview was a face-to-face interview at the couple’s lovely beach home.  It was decorated with a relaxed Bohemian style with fabulous beach views.  We started the interview with typical conversation.  I explained the interview was for a “Who’s on the beach” interview, when Kid Kruze states, “Well, it is us often on the Beach :D. . . oh and my dog”.  The dog is a beautiful German Shepard.  As I was telling them of my new neighbor and co-worker status, Eleni Criss stated, “Writing stories and saving lives . . . Man is drowning and Opal is like, "Oh, no sorry ... I just rent the place! But good luck!" . . . "doggy paddle!"”  As I was wiping the laughter tears from my eyes, I realized that Kid and Eleni are easy to spend time with. 

It was obvious from my first question that Kid and Eleni are living a real-life love story.   I asked, besides this sim what is your favorite sim?  Eleni stated that they met at Dreamer’s Island, and Kid was quick to agree.  Eleni expanded on the answer by saying, “We enjoy the beauty of Dreamer's and I also like the Baja sims. The first sim I ever tp'd (transported) into when I first joined SL (Second Life) was a surf beach sim.
What is your favorite memory in SL? 
Eleni's immediate follow up question was, “Outside of his moment when he met me?”  Kid’s response was, “My favorite memory: When I was dating this chick from USA which was totally not my taste and she made it a speed dating. I mean, I am an outgoing fast person, Aries by birth sign, but when I was slowly start thinking of something like, giving a hug, or maybe holding her hands, I read the chat, saw the animation and noticed, she was always two steps in front of me and picked me up like I was a baby boy child noob dater.” Eleni just laughed and hung her head in her hand, in shame.  She then stated, “You can't give her a simple nice "My favorite moment was when I built this beautiful beach space for the love of my life"?”  Kid pointed at Eleni and said, "that’s the Chick".  Eleni continued by saying, "He really didn't like me. Then laughs, But now he's in too deep!"

Photo by Eleni Criss
What would your SL autobiography be called?
 Kid said, if everything goes like planed for now... "How I found my Wife in the USA.  If not goes so well it will be "Even Pixel can cry." Eleni slaps her hand to her forehead, and stated his would be, “May The Fourth Be With You ... How I Found My Wife in the USA”.  Eleni said hers would be, “A Decade of Lag, and 110,000 Inventory Items”.  Then, Kid stated more seriously “Earlier, when I told my first title…was Not a Joke. Since I met Eleni I did a lot stupid stuff, like having a pic for her, getting into a SL relation and so on... so well yes... meeting RL and marry is the only thing left.”

 If you could take credit for stealing any great works of art, or ideas, what would it be?
Eleni looked over at Kid and said, “Go on what do you take credit for?”  I must admit the idea Kid told us he would choose to take credit for was profound.  He wanted to claim inventing the ability create communications in the written word.  On a lighter note, he stated “I would steal the credits for printing smileys on t shirts.”

Cosmeja was telling me about your ideas for a marine information center and submarine rides.  Can you speak about this a bit?
Photo by Eleni Criss
Kid said, “so we always had a more or less well-built Sea life here at Calypso Cove.  Cosmeja loves Orca whales and also, I am a huge fan of free diving and sea life.  Then we had this dead shark hanging at the sims Landing point, which is a nice decoration but in my opinion, however, it sells the wrong message.  I came up with the idea to put it away (dead shard decoration) and instead showing a sign, which tells people of the great threat that humans are for the Sharks.  In fact, just a handful people die every year by shark attack.... compare to mortal traffic accidents and it’s a joke to be afraid of sharks.   And I was talking to Eleni about that and so she came up with the Idea of an Information center... or we came up with it.  Education of people is a big thing for that they do not have the wrong thoughts. Unfortunately, Hollywood is the biggest education machine on this planet."

 Eleni then said, “Cosmeja already adjusted the building to accommodate the information center and then there's a dock off the back of it. That's where a scuba/submarine tour will be behind that takes the riders around the sim to see the aquatic life and give some information at each pausing point.  We thought this would be a nice add-on to this type of sim.”

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