Sunday, July 2, 2017

Opal's Gems - Solace Beach

Submitted by Opal Rivers

Join the pages of SurfWatch as we explore Opal's Gems of Second Life (SL) surf sims.

As many of our readers know, Solace Dreams is the home to Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA), located at 40,29,21 on the SL Grid.  This pristine beach has a unique beach vibe. 

 It’s a moderate sim that frowns upon nudity, but this just gives a chance to try out some of that fabulous swimwear that Valium Lavender keeps writing about in SurfWatch (SW).  When you first rez at Solace Dreams, you get that feeling it’s your beach.  The scenery is somewhat refined, yet rustic.  The beach is dotted with a fun version of tiny beach cabins that are available to rent for a minimal cost.  When you walk along the beach, you will find an eclectic mix of renters and occasionally a tiny cabin will be available for rent.  Each renter seems to find unique ways to utilize these fun cabins.  Dotted along the beach are common areas, as well.  The newest addition to Solace Dreams is the fun new hang out area with the picnic tables.  Grab yourself a quick lunch or have a dinner on the beach with a special one here. 
The waves here are really nice with a long surfing area.  Because the SLSA is a group that sponsors surfing events, the wave is a great place to practice for those upcoming competitions.  The waves are often changed to support the surfers for the upcoming competitions.  The lag is usually really low on this sim making the waves an even more enjoyable ride.

Some of you may not know, Solace Dreams is the home of the SLSA Hall of Fame.  This museum recognizes important figures from the past and present, such as surfing legends and icons that promote SL surfing, so it’s historical.  Solace Dreams is also the home of SurfWatch.  Needless to say, I spend many hours on this beach working on stories and enjoying the sounds of a great beach.  I have even walked around a few times.  Maybe some of you remember my story, Beach Tripping.  
With Nash Laville

It is certain you will never know who you will meet on this beach if one sits long enough.  I have met many close friends, here on this beach.  Additionally, there are many times when Tauri Tigerpaw and I discuss SurfWatch and other things here.  We often have impromptu dance parties and drunken shenanigans when other SW staff and friends join us.  Solace Beach is a great beach to surf, party, and hang out with friends.  Come see for yourself. 

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