Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Opal's Gems: Surfer's Bay

Submitted by Opal Rivers

Join the pages of SurfWatch as we explore Opal's Gems of Second Life (SL) surf sims.

Inspired by the Naked Surf Nation, I went looking for surf beaches that would work for gatherings since some surf beaches do not allow naked surfing.  Surfer’s Bay not only allows naked surfing, it encourages it.  Fabulous!  When you first land on Surfer’s Bay, it’s hard not to notice the ban lines that exist.  Wait what, we must pay for admission?  Are the 300 lindens, worth the experience?  After a few minutes of debate between new hair, shoes, or club membership for sim access, I finally decide to give Surfer’s Bay a go. 
Surfer’s Bay (located at 88, 77, 22 on the Second Life SL grid) is a collaboration of Duncan Blackburn and Rikki Six (giselehendrix).  The duo met on a quiet beach and began discussing what design elements would be need to create a good beach sim and which do not.  From this conversation, the inspiration for Surfer’s Bay began.  Rikki is the talent behind the landscape and sim design.  Her skill is quite obvious.  Duncan is the sim’s administration talent, and considering all the amenities the sim supports low lag.  Duncan has been in SL for 9+ years and still enjoys the experience of working on sims and meeting people from all over the world.  Rikki is a 6+ year SL resident who loves her store (*girlfriend*, located on the SL grid at 129,145, 23), working creatively while modeling, and hanging out with friends.

The island sim is very beautiful once it rezzes.  It is just a quick walk along the pristine sandy beach that you arrive at the surf beach.  This cove has many cozy spots for yourself and one or two friends.  There are the standard surfboard rezzers that allow everyone to test the Maoli Waves, or you can rez your own board, since you are now a group member.  This group tag allows you to be named a Surfer’s Bay Surfer.  The surf wave is definitely unique.  The co-owner, Duncan tells me “In order to take full advantage of our island configuration, I set the wave up in a slightly unique way. We not only move forward toward the beach but also have the wave moving sideways as well. This give a longer ride which creates a long, smooth, and very enjoyable ride.”  It is my observation that, based on the number of quiet locations to cuddle in, this is not the only ride he is promoting.  If you like the speedy rides, you can enjoy a speed boat rezzer and a jet ski rezzer.  If you keep walking westward on this “no fly” beach, you will eventually find the Bay Dance floor.  This fun area is great for the entertainment that happens on this community-like sim.  There are multiple gathering areas for romantic moments with friend(s).  As you continue to wander, you will eventually end up on Turtle Bay.  The wildlife is fascinating to include turtles’ that scurry around making nests and laying eggs.  Here you will find the entrance to the lower end caves. 

The realistic cave trail has stalactites that make you want to watch the head room in the cave.  When you finally see daylight, you find yourself at the most beautiful tropical lake area.  The ice-blue island lake is dotted with mangrove trees, lush tropical foliage, and quiet cuddle areas.  This area of the sim is like the best resort ever.  The Beach Combers’ Bar is a serious fun spot to enjoy a drink and relax after a long day of riding stuff.  As I enjoy the drink, I realize there is a tennis court here, too.  A short hike up the mountain leads to the hot spring rock pools, beautiful views, and a very special tent.  This could be considered the best view on the sim, in my opinion.  The second crystal lake boasts a lobster buffet that I highly recommend in a 5-Star way.  

The descent down the steep cliffs gives a clear view of something in the water.  This is where the sunken pirate ship is found.  If diving is your thing, then this is your spot.  Be careful of what lurks under the sea, you might be in for a bit of a scare.  This island resort sim is so packed full of details, it's hard to cover them all. Right now, I am going to hop on this hang glider for an aerial view of this fantastic island.  I don’t want to spoil your sim travels, so there are a few more perks left for you to find on your next vacation trip to the must-see sim Surfer’s Bay.  

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