Saturday, June 10, 2017

It’s all about the Group..tag!

Submitted by Opal Rivers

A group in Second Life (SL) is an organization that must consist of at least two residents.  Groups in SL can serve a wide variety of purposes.  Some people use groups as a way of communicating information to their customers, while other groups are of a social nature.  Groups can allow access to private sims, or they could allow team members a private means of communication.   Groups can allow different roles within the organization and a moderate group chat.  All SL residents can be a member of up to 42 different groups.  For me, a group is all about the tag!  I want to be hypnotic, or fabulous, or a surfer anything!  My favorite tag must be a Surf Watch Reporter. 

With all this information about SL groups, need I mention that there are quite a few surfing groups for one to join.  As I mentioned before, a group can give someone access to a private sim.  This access can be a simple as being allowed to rez surfboards on the sim.  Rez anything else, and you may feel the dismay of those sim owners concerned with prims and the dreaded SL lag.  Sometimes group access allows you full use of the sim.  These groups may require that you pay a designated number of lindens to join.  This is only okay if there is an equal benefit for the lindens spent.  

Other surfer groups can be surfing teams that provide information to individuals interested in increasing their surfing skills and knowledge.  These groups often offer things like pre-competition advice, surfing lessons, and sometimes a home base for the group. 

Most of the sims, I write about have a group with a fun group tag that goes along with it.  If you are a member of Monkey Cove, your group tag is Surf Monkey.  This tag just makes me smile at the thought of a monkey surfing.  The SURFCRAZY Surf Shop allows you to support the group tag of Surfcrazy.  I particularly enjoy this one.  One of the first surfer groups, I ever was invited to join was Vibrations.  There I received the prized tag, Surfer Girl. 

Some groups are just to indicate that people are united by an action they took.  Naked Surf Nation in SL is an older club that is a rite of passage for some dedicated surfers.  The only way to join this club is to complete the task of surfing naked in SL.  This exposing feat can only be verified in a group member surfing event.  This meeting can be impromptu or planned.  However, braving the skin rash from the rough surfboard, the sun exposure, and not to mention the whole-body exposure you will receive during the surfing event, will land you the tag of Surfs Naked.  This is an impressive tag to wear during those club events.  All your friends will want one!  If you are interested in joining the Naked Surf Nation, please contact me or Tauri Tigerpaw for information or to request a naked surfing session.  We are always up for an impromptu session, so if you're already a member, feel free to group chat the Naked Surfing Nation with the time and a limo to the event.  

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