Saturday, June 30, 2012

Breaking News - Free VHSA Commemorative Surfboards for Competitors!

Photos courtesy Marianna Monentez

Marianna Monentez has just announced the Virtual Highway Surfing Association (VHSA) will be giving FREE VHSA commemorative BombOra surfboards to the first ten competitors to sign up for the first VHSA Surfing Competition!!!  Kayaker Magic, creator of Virtual Highway surfing, has teamed up with VHSA sponsors to provide this commemorative surfboard to the first ten VHSA competitors!  Now it costs you nothing to compete in the first VHSA surfing competition! 

Mari will be on the beach at Breakers Cove from 8:00 to 10:00 AM PST daily to give instructions on Virtual Highway surfing!  Kayaker has additional freebie give-aways at his tiki stand on the beach!  Don't miss the fun, the foam and the freebies!!!  Contact Marianna Monentez in and sign up!  The waves are waiting for you!

Boho Beachwear Review Series - 2 of 4

The second in the four part SurfWatch series on Bohemian fashion long dresses brings you a number of examples from Boho Baku by Twill Tymets.  Twill's Boho style mingles themes from gypsy, hippie, western, country, bohemian, peasant, and retro casual.  A believer in use of flex constructions to get just that right movement flow, her realistic clothing includes a variety of colors, including tie die, in cotton, silk, denim and other material textures.

In addition to browsing Twill's store, you should also take the time to explore the surrounding Twills Muse, a fascinating faery theme throughout the sim.

From the home sim of the SL Surfing Association at Solace Dreams, we see Twill's Boho Baku Tuli fushia gypsy skirt.

The SLSA Wants YOU!

Can you guess the surfer in the background video?

The Boho Baku Arwyn Coral boho gypsy skirt is worn while receiving the expected greeting at Tsunami Beach.

Enjoying the shade on Archipelago whose sim design theme is based upon the Dead Island game, we're seen wearing a Fiesta Tye Dye skirt, a favorite for exemplifying the fun in the sun look in a long dress.

And lastly in this series, the Perriwnkle dungaree skirt is shown at the home of Vibration Surf Alliance (VSA).  In addition to the usual ability to mix and match tops with these boho skirt styles, this  bib overall design allows for wearing with no top, if the straps are placed strategically and the buckles aren't too hot from being in the sun.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Last Day for Monkey Cove

I received this message today:

Hey Monkeys,
Sadly we're down to the last 24 hours here at Monkey. If your going to drop by for one last surf or look around this is it!

Thanks for so many great memories the surf monkeys are the greatest!!


Sadly we are losing another great set of surf sims and its community. Get down to Monkey Cove and get your surf on while you still can.

Kantbe Serious: Fun Facts

GET YOUR BEACH BALLS PUMPED UP!  Beach balls range from hand-sized to over 3 feet (1 m) across or bigger. They generally have a set of soft plastic panels, with two circular end panels, one with an inflation valve. A common design is vertical solid colored stripes alternating with white stripes.

Beach ball sports include water polo and volleyball.  Their light weight and stability made them ideal for trained seals balancing a beach ball on their noses. They are a popular prop in swimsuit phtotography : )

Fun Facts provided courtesy of Caledonia Skytower and Seanchai Library

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Virtual Highway "Waves of Courage" Surfing Competition!

Graphic courtesy Marianna Monentez

Virtual Highway Surfing Association (VHSA) will be hosting its very first virtual surfing competition, "Waves of Courage", during the Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) off season!  SLSA seasoned judges and Directors Sally LaSalle and Bobbi Laval will be judging!  Kayaker Magic, creator of Virtual Highway surfing, will be marshall/back-up judge! 

Fantastic prizes!!
1st place:  V$5000
Top 3:       BombOra surfboards and custom Vogati kinis and boardies
All competitors receive a Vogati kini or boardie, SurfWatch backpack and Hair Affair hair just for competing!   

Don't wait until the last minute to create your avatar in-world and start practicing!  Get started in the Virtual Highway welcome area! Registration is limited to first 10 sign ups (with back up list), so contact Marianna Monentez and sign up today! Deadline for registration is July 18!

Date:  Saturday July 21
Time:  11 AM PST
Place:  Breakers Point, Virtual Highway

For more information, contact Marianna Monentez in

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Boho Beachwear Review Series - 1 of 4

With summer upon us and a time for celebrating in the sun and on the beaches, it's also a time for cool, breezy beachwear.  This report is the first in a series on the popular Bohemian fashion long flowing dress style.  We'll also be featuring some of the well known surfing beaches as backdrops to our sample pictures.

Hopefully, our male readers will enjoy this series even though the fit might be a little tight in some areas.

Our first featured Boho dresses are provided by Saris Saenz of Saris Creations, who is also listed in the Links We Like sidebar.

From the bridge overlooking the surf on the Chi, the oldest public surfing sim in Second Life, we have the Saris Creations' Jasper dress and top.

Looking for some shade, we see Saris Saenz' Yasu combination at Braata Beach.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cake Time Virtual Highway

Submitted by Marianna Monentes

Creative Cakes by M. was established in Second Life, 2009. Since that
time we have acquired confectionary skills which enables us to create
the most elegant cakes. You will find chocolate curls, curly springs,
whipped curls and garnishes found only here at Creative Cakes by M. We
do customize cakes, price vary depending on the time it takes, some
cakes have over 500 prims...and delicious. Creative Cakes can be found
at Virtual Highway Fine Foods

Monday, June 25, 2012

Kantbe Thursday - Fun Fact

"DUDE !" Surfers represent a diverse culture based on riding the waves. Within the United States, surfing culture is most dominant in Hawaii and California which offer the best surfing conditions. However, waves can be found wherever there is coastline, a far-reaching subculture of surfers has emerged throughout America. Some markers of the culture included the "woodie", the station wagon used to carry surfers' boards, as well as "boardshorts", the long swim shorts typically worn while surfing.

Fun Facts provided courtesy of Caledonia Skytower and Seanchai Library

Sunday, June 24, 2012

SLSA Encinitas Pro Results

The Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) Encinitas Pro was held Saturday, June 23rd. It was the 51st series event for the SLSA and the final competition for the first part of the 2112 season. It also marked the first time for a non-SSi board to be used in a competition as we surfed on HP5 boards.

It was a long day but a fun one. The party in the stands was rocking! The wave and sim were very well behaved. And there were some high scores that have not been seen in a long time. It was incredible to watch!

Final results were:

1st: Wilfrid DeCuir - 17.00
2nd: Abel Halderman - 16.50
3rd: iLauren Resident - 15.83 (tie)
3rd: Lourinho Ninza - 15.83 (tie)
5th: Zelda Zimberman - 15.67
6th: Damiana Babcock - 15.33
Semi 1
Violet Rain:  14.50
Lourinho Nizna:  15.00* (Advanced in surf off)
Dax Verline:  15.00
Zelda Zimberman:  15.50

Semi 2
Wilfrid DeCuir:  16.50
Damiana Babcock:  15.50
Jordan Mendle:  13.83
oizanata Resident:  12.83

Semi 3
Imzadi Amaterasu:  14.67
iLauren Resident:  15.67
Abel Halderman:  15.00
Sarah Pevensey:  14.50

Heat 1
Abel Halderman:  14.33
Colleen Brennan:  13.17
Petra Xaris:  13.50
Melian Catronis:  12.17
Violet Rain:  14.50

Heat 2
Bobbi Laval:  14.83
Cierra Theriac:  11.83
Lanky Silvercloud:  13.67
Wilfrid DeCuir:  16.67
Dax Verline:  15.00

Heat 3
Jordan Mendle:  13.00
Ashoka Mosely:  6.83
Imzadi Amaterasu:  14.16
Ignacio Pevensey:  9.33
Saiansamuel Resident:  9.00

Heat 4
Maldrul Morris:  13.83
Sally LaSalle:  14.67
Lourinho Nizna:  15.00
Sarah Pevensey:  15.00
Sparkie Cyberstar: 13.67

Heat 5
Zelda Zimberman:  14.67
Damiana Babcock:  15.67
Robbin Ember:  13.50
Jen Gustafson:  13.67
Naveah11 Resident:  14.00

Heat 6
Rayzza Rubble:  14.33
Revlon Benoir:  13.00
Mick Lunasea:  13.50
iLaurenB Resident:  16.00
oizanata Davi:  15.50

Event Coordinator: Revy Benoir
Head Judge: Xander Datura
Judge: Sunrize Mornington
Judge: Figger Arun
Marshal: Colleen Brennen
Security: Rayzza Rubble
DJ: Violet Rain
Wetsuit/Rashies: Revy Benoir

 Getting instructions from the marshal. Everybody ready?

 It's a party!
 The always awesome judges!

 Our finalists waiting to paddle out.

Primo seats!

Following Photos Courtesy of Dax Verlaine


SLSA Competition Winner!

Submitted by Coolkat "CK" Delicioso

Wilfrid DeCuir wins the HP comp June 2012

CelticMaiden WarriorLancaster in Concert Virtual Highway!