Saturday, June 30, 2012

Boho Beachwear Review Series - 2 of 4

The second in the four part SurfWatch series on Bohemian fashion long dresses brings you a number of examples from Boho Baku by Twill Tymets.  Twill's Boho style mingles themes from gypsy, hippie, western, country, bohemian, peasant, and retro casual.  A believer in use of flex constructions to get just that right movement flow, her realistic clothing includes a variety of colors, including tie die, in cotton, silk, denim and other material textures.

In addition to browsing Twill's store, you should also take the time to explore the surrounding Twills Muse, a fascinating faery theme throughout the sim.

From the home sim of the SL Surfing Association at Solace Dreams, we see Twill's Boho Baku Tuli fushia gypsy skirt.

The SLSA Wants YOU!

Can you guess the surfer in the background video?

The Boho Baku Arwyn Coral boho gypsy skirt is worn while receiving the expected greeting at Tsunami Beach.

Enjoying the shade on Archipelago whose sim design theme is based upon the Dead Island game, we're seen wearing a Fiesta Tye Dye skirt, a favorite for exemplifying the fun in the sun look in a long dress.

And lastly in this series, the Perriwnkle dungaree skirt is shown at the home of Vibration Surf Alliance (VSA).  In addition to the usual ability to mix and match tops with these boho skirt styles, this  bib overall design allows for wearing with no top, if the straps are placed strategically and the buckles aren't too hot from being in the sun.

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