Friday, June 22, 2012

New Members Guide to SLSA Surf Comps

Posted by permission of SLSA

The SLSA (Second Life Surfing Association) holds competitions through 10 months in a year. A year is divided into two seasons: February-June (Season 1) and August-December (Season 2).

How to compete in the SLSA competitions
Competitions are FREE to enter.
To compete you need to:
1. Belong to the SL Surfing Association group (free to join)
2. Be registered as a member of the SLSA forum (  After you register, wait for activation of your account, which due to a number of bots registered before, is done manually by one of the SLSA Directors or forum moderators, after they confirm that you're a real avatar and belong to the SL Surfing Association group in SL. The activation shouldn't take more than 24hours.
3. Watch for SLSA group notices and check the SLSA forum ( for news and updates. Every significant announcement is done via group notice in-world, so no worries you'll miss something.
4. After the registration is open (it's always on a week before the competition, on Sunday at 12 noon SLT) register at the SLSA forum by following the link posted in the group notice. And replying to the Sign up post in the forum.
5. Before the competition the heat draws will be announced, and you will receive a competition pack with colour rashguards and boardies/kinis and important notecards to read (must read!) in it.
6. At the competition you need to use the type of surfboard that was announced as required for the competition.
The Comp:
1 you will be assigned to a heat with about 4 or 5 other surfers, and you will be assigned a rashguard color to wear.
2 you will get to surf 3 waves, and 3 judges give you a score out of 10 for each wave.
3 your best two wave scores are added together to give your heat score.
4 if you come first or second in your heat you will advance to the next stage of competition.
5 enjoy the fun and camaraderie on the waves and especially the party wave at the end of your heat (all surfers join in)
Prizes for the main event include a trophy board and Lindens for the top 12 finishers.

At all times the SLSA directors are at your service. Contact any director if you have any questions. :)

See you on the waves!
The SLSA Board of Directors

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