Sunday, June 24, 2012

SLSA Encinitas Pro Results

The Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) Encinitas Pro was held Saturday, June 23rd. It was the 51st series event for the SLSA and the final competition for the first part of the 2112 season. It also marked the first time for a non-SSi board to be used in a competition as we surfed on HP5 boards.

It was a long day but a fun one. The party in the stands was rocking! The wave and sim were very well behaved. And there were some high scores that have not been seen in a long time. It was incredible to watch!

Final results were:

1st: Wilfrid DeCuir - 17.00
2nd: Abel Halderman - 16.50
3rd: iLauren Resident - 15.83 (tie)
3rd: Lourinho Ninza - 15.83 (tie)
5th: Zelda Zimberman - 15.67
6th: Damiana Babcock - 15.33
Semi 1
Violet Rain:  14.50
Lourinho Nizna:  15.00* (Advanced in surf off)
Dax Verline:  15.00
Zelda Zimberman:  15.50

Semi 2
Wilfrid DeCuir:  16.50
Damiana Babcock:  15.50
Jordan Mendle:  13.83
oizanata Resident:  12.83

Semi 3
Imzadi Amaterasu:  14.67
iLauren Resident:  15.67
Abel Halderman:  15.00
Sarah Pevensey:  14.50

Heat 1
Abel Halderman:  14.33
Colleen Brennan:  13.17
Petra Xaris:  13.50
Melian Catronis:  12.17
Violet Rain:  14.50

Heat 2
Bobbi Laval:  14.83
Cierra Theriac:  11.83
Lanky Silvercloud:  13.67
Wilfrid DeCuir:  16.67
Dax Verline:  15.00

Heat 3
Jordan Mendle:  13.00
Ashoka Mosely:  6.83
Imzadi Amaterasu:  14.16
Ignacio Pevensey:  9.33
Saiansamuel Resident:  9.00

Heat 4
Maldrul Morris:  13.83
Sally LaSalle:  14.67
Lourinho Nizna:  15.00
Sarah Pevensey:  15.00
Sparkie Cyberstar: 13.67

Heat 5
Zelda Zimberman:  14.67
Damiana Babcock:  15.67
Robbin Ember:  13.50
Jen Gustafson:  13.67
Naveah11 Resident:  14.00

Heat 6
Rayzza Rubble:  14.33
Revlon Benoir:  13.00
Mick Lunasea:  13.50
iLaurenB Resident:  16.00
oizanata Davi:  15.50

Event Coordinator: Revy Benoir
Head Judge: Xander Datura
Judge: Sunrize Mornington
Judge: Figger Arun
Marshal: Colleen Brennen
Security: Rayzza Rubble
DJ: Violet Rain
Wetsuit/Rashies: Revy Benoir

 Getting instructions from the marshal. Everybody ready?

 It's a party!
 The always awesome judges!

 Our finalists waiting to paddle out.

Primo seats!

Following Photos Courtesy of Dax Verlaine


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