Friday, April 22, 2011

Monkey Easter Egg Hunt

Happy Easter from Monkey Cove Island: one of Second Lifes most famous surfing spots with lots of different waves on 8 sims.

The Easter Eggs will be spread around Monkey Paw, Pelican Bay and Syx (main beach). The hunt will start on sunday, 24th of april, 1:00 PM SLT.

This hunt is promoted by the Monkeys - lead Monkey Syx Toshi included - & Cogito Ergo Sum - My Avatar Mind Blog:

Thanks to the sponsors, who filled more than 30 eggs with various prices like surfboards, outfits, Lindens, beach furniture, art works & more:

Surf Shop 6
Pray 4 surf
DW Surf Co (
OSD Gallery
SunSetz Beach

Have fun and don't forget to live, love and surf!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Events! Ads! Get it here!

For Events postings please contact Lissa Pinion inworld or at


Exposure...advertise to a growing market. SL surfing is one of the fastest growing activities in SL and SurfWatch is the premier news source for everything related to SL surfing, at with 24/7 exposure and live SL surf world coverage, and in our SurfWatch In World Edition hard copy magazine currently published quarterly.

Affordable and effective, there are several ways to advertise with SurfWatch! Just pick what suits you and send payment to SurfWatch Resident and the graphic to and you'll be all set! If you have any questions though please feel free to put them in a notecard and drop them to SurfWatch Resident.


Blog Rates:

Blog Posting:

A member of the staff will do a "front page" write up of your venue, sim, event, service, etc. with an inserted photo with 24 hour "front page" exposure. (Posting may be bumped for breaking news, then reposted as "front page" to complete the 24 hour exposure). $1,250L

Sidebar Advertisement:

$75L per day - minimum of 7 day run required. Includes one 100x100 ad placed on the blog sidebar giving it 24/7 exposure. If booked for 14 days, a discount is issued and total fee is $875L

In-World Edition:

These advertisements will be published in the next available in-world publication. If you would like to request a specific quarter please let us know and we can discuss upcoming release dates.

2 pages spread - $1,500L - size: 768x512
1 page - $1,000L - size: 384x512
1/2 page wide - $600L - size: 384x256
1/2 page tall - $500L - size: 192x512
1/3 page column - $250L - size: 128x512
1/4 page quad - $150L - size: 192x256

All sizes are width x height

Combo Packs

Epic - 2 page spread, 1 review, and 2 week run in sidebar - $2,250L
Pipes - 1 page spread, 1 review, and 1 week run in sidebar - $1,500L
Fluffy - 1/2 page orientation choice, 1 week run in sidebar - $1,000L
Sea spray - 1/3 page column, 4 day run in sidebar - $450L
Ripples - 1/4 page quad, 1 announcement or review - $200L

Calendar Events Listing - FREE! (These are just a little text blurb, with no images. Perfect for announcing parties, competitions, grand openings, etc.)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Surfing with Lissa

Ok so I know it's been a while but I'm back and feeling so much better after kicking that nasty sinus infection in the tail! What better way to celebrate feeling good then surfing? Really, give me one better way. Can't do it can ya? Ok then, moving on! I have some sweet spots to tell you all about this week!

Need a massive wave fix? Casa De Laville home of the Black Sheep Surfing Association and Nash Laville, is running no less than 12 waves from 3 of the wave creators! Grabbing a board and riding this set is not only exhausting but exlierating as well! While taking a break from hitting the muliple waves, check out the lighthouse or the many quiet spots to sit and contemplate life. If you need to get out of the sun, check out the grotto below the shoreline.

SoH Beach: Riders for a Cure Home sim created by Socks Clawtooth in the style of the Hope Beach from Relay for Life 2009. The pier is back as is the museum and vendors to buy goodies from with all proceeds going to the American Cancer Society. Dual waves run alongside the pier just begging to be ridden between the posts..can you make it? I dare ya!
Til there is a cure, we relay!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I recently sat down with Merrick Genesis, the creator and owner of Blackbird ( At Blackbird, named for the Beatles song, you will find many great pieces to personalize your secondlife home and the best part is the low prims! Many pieces are sculpted and done with great creativity!

While visiting the store I was just in time to win a great stool on one of the two lucky chairs and also found some mini mania boards, a bidbox, and dollarbies for those always looking for great deals on the cheap. Oh, did I mention a 7Seas Fishing area upstairs with amazing custom fish punned guessed it, Beatles themes. You will find some of my favorite pieces from his shop below!

This pretty set will have you curled up with a good book, and at only 30 prims is easy on the prim budget! The pillows also are texture changing so you can switch from the sweet Easter theme to others.
20 sit animations, 5 cuddles, transferable so great gift idea and at only $199L a steal!

This cozy cloth covered bench gives you extra
seating room with 6 sitting animations and only adds 8 prims to the mix! This bench comes in several styles and options so sure to find one that matches your lifestyle at just $100L

We all need a great stool to sit and rest a moment and with a calming plant and book what better way to sneak in a break? This stool comes with 4 animations and 12 prims and copy-able too so get busy creating those quiet lil spots for a sweet $200L!

My personal favorite is a very sweet lil stepladder to while away time reading when I really should be sweeping out all the sand and sex wax that gets dragged in every day. This little cutie is only 10 prims and $150L makes this perfect!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Breaking News! SLSA Announces By-Election

per SLSA forum:

As per the SLSA constitution, a by election will be held to fill a recently vacated Director position. CoolKat Delicioso (Carver) will be greatly missed. If you would like to help keep your SLSA running, please consider standing for election as a SLSA director. You will be elected for the balance of the vacant directors term through May 30, 2011. Director Eligibility is outlined in the SLSA constitution Section II.B. The full Constitution is available at or .

If you wish to stand as a director, please create a note-card (IM's cannot be accepted) in-world, stating: your name, your willingness and ability to serve the remainder of the term, any affiliations of team, product or sim ownership, and a paragraph or two outlining your background, and your vision for the SLSA. Send the note-card to all of the current sitting directors; Robbin Ember, GiavannaMarie Melody, VW Sands, and Kantbe Thursday. We will be holding a by election to fill this position as soon as possible. Good luck and thanks for supporting your association.

Flashback! Week of April 18, 2010

Yes, my friends, the time machine is fired up and we are heading back to the week of April 18, 2010! Click the link and join us on memory lane!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

SLSA West of Ireland Bundoran Reef Pro Scores

scores submitted by Sally LaSalle pics by Sunrize Mornington

Imzadi Amateras 14.833
Maldrul Morris 13.333
Harbor Piers 13.333
Bobbi Laval 13.166
Van Valeeva 12.666
Cierra Theriac 11.666

Heat 1 Semis:
Bobbi Laval 12.000
Harbor Piers 14.333
Loki Isodo 9.8333
jayden Domenici 11.000
Velvetori Twine 9.833

Heat 2 Semis:
Van Valeeva 11.666
Sunrize Mornington 8.1666
Maldrul Morris 10.166
Colleen Brennan 9.1666

Heat 3 Semis:
Cierra Theriac 14.833
Wilfrid DeCuir 11.333
imzadi Amateras 13.666
Robbin Ember 12.500

Heat 1:
Bobbi Laval 15.500
Abel Halderman 13.166
imzadi Amateras 14.166
Vic Bonetto NS
Donni Dibou 12.166
Arjuna Bombastic NS

Heat 2:
Jordan Mendle 7.6666
Dixson Martian 10.666
Van Valeeva 12.500
Countess Decosta NS
Loki Isodo 11.000

Heat 3:
Maldrul Morris 12.333
Velvetori Twine 12.333
Followingwaves 12.166
Cierra Theriac 13.166
D4amon Resident 8.833

Heat 4:
Harbor Piers 16.333
Dane Kulenai NS
GiavannaMane Melody 3.333
Robbin Ember 14.000
Bullet Admiral 7.666

Heat 5:
Sunrize Mornington 13.666
jayden Domenici 12.333
Lanky Silvercloud 9.5000
Mick Lunasea 10.000
Rayzza Rubble 11.333

Heat 6:
Wilfrid DeCuir 13.333
Socks Clawlooth 10.500
Oldsurferdude Danitz 11.333
Colleen Brennan 11.500
Rain Tigerfish 11.333

Staff: VW Sands, Sally LaSalle, Desirae Beaumont, Triston Mayo, Mick Lunasea, DJ Dan

Relay for Life Event Today!