Thursday, April 21, 2011

Events! Ads! Get it here!

For Events postings please contact Lissa Pinion inworld or at


Exposure...advertise to a growing market. SL surfing is one of the fastest growing activities in SL and SurfWatch is the premier news source for everything related to SL surfing, at with 24/7 exposure and live SL surf world coverage, and in our SurfWatch In World Edition hard copy magazine currently published quarterly.

Affordable and effective, there are several ways to advertise with SurfWatch! Just pick what suits you and send payment to SurfWatch Resident and the graphic to and you'll be all set! If you have any questions though please feel free to put them in a notecard and drop them to SurfWatch Resident.


Blog Rates:

Blog Posting:

A member of the staff will do a "front page" write up of your venue, sim, event, service, etc. with an inserted photo with 24 hour "front page" exposure. (Posting may be bumped for breaking news, then reposted as "front page" to complete the 24 hour exposure). $1,250L

Sidebar Advertisement:

$75L per day - minimum of 7 day run required. Includes one 100x100 ad placed on the blog sidebar giving it 24/7 exposure. If booked for 14 days, a discount is issued and total fee is $875L

In-World Edition:

These advertisements will be published in the next available in-world publication. If you would like to request a specific quarter please let us know and we can discuss upcoming release dates.

2 pages spread - $1,500L - size: 768x512
1 page - $1,000L - size: 384x512
1/2 page wide - $600L - size: 384x256
1/2 page tall - $500L - size: 192x512
1/3 page column - $250L - size: 128x512
1/4 page quad - $150L - size: 192x256

All sizes are width x height

Combo Packs

Epic - 2 page spread, 1 review, and 2 week run in sidebar - $2,250L
Pipes - 1 page spread, 1 review, and 1 week run in sidebar - $1,500L
Fluffy - 1/2 page orientation choice, 1 week run in sidebar - $1,000L
Sea spray - 1/3 page column, 4 day run in sidebar - $450L
Ripples - 1/4 page quad, 1 announcement or review - $200L

Calendar Events Listing - FREE! (These are just a little text blurb, with no images. Perfect for announcing parties, competitions, grand openings, etc.)

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