Thursday, April 30, 2009

SL WHITEWATER - Interview with Guiles Tidewater

A current strong enough to pull you off your feet...white foam flying off boulders, spraying your face with excitement. Ride the kayak in mouselook and you can feel the movement of the swirling river pulling you thru as you dodge the rolling rapids. You can also innertube your way down the river, arms flying as you paddle furiously to avoid the jutting rocks. You can even surf your way thru, forcing a crouch and swerving past obstacles. This is all part of the fun of Guiles Tidewater's GT Whitewater System. SurfWatch recently caught up with Guiles Tidewater to talk about SL and whitewater.

SurfWatch: How long has whitewater existed in SL?

Guiles Tidewater: The GT Whitewater System has only been around for about 3 months. I've found a few other places that have rocks in the water and spray effects for a whitewater feel, but never a "through the waves" kind of experience like I wanted. The Linden made "Tubes of Saturn" in Tethys really inspired me to make what I have now.

SW: Were you the designer?

GT: Yes. I searched for a long time for a whitewater simulation and tossed around alot of ideas about how it might work. When I didn't find one, I finally figured out how to make it myself.

SW: What came first - the current or the kayak?

GT: For me, definitely the kayak. I paddled down my first river many times before there was a current to take me.

SW: Where are current rafting locations?

GT: As of now, there is just my place, the Tidewater Canyon River in Wilder Keys and a new river we just completed in Pacifico Norte 1. I have a few others in the works and there are more to come. Every kayak comes with the free GT River Kit and a commission vendor, so anyone can make their own GT Whitewater River and maybe even a few lindens. I'm hoping to see GT Rivers all over the grid someday (smiles).

SW: What's the name of the current whitewater group and how large is it?

GT: The SL Paddlers Association is currently just over 35 members and growing fast.

SW: Any plans to improve the current system?

GT: I'm always looking for ways to improve the experience. As soon as I find ways to make them happen, my paddlers will be the first to know.

SW: Anything else you want to add?

GT: At the Tidewater Canyon River, I've got a series of gates set up for a timed course. I'm planning on having competitions soon. It's a technical course that includes upstream gates as well as downstream gates. My best time thru the course has been 43 seconds, but my average runs in the low 50s. I have a few friends who've been chasing my time pretty closely. That time will get beat soon. I've also been tossing around the idea of a multi person raft that would ride the rapids, and I'm looking into a "sit on top" kayak that would be able to ride surfable waves.

Start at the mouth of the river and ride it thru to the end. Then share a beer with good friends while you talk about how much fun it was, and what you were able to glimpse on the banks as you raced by. An experience you won't forget.

Brazilian Surf Comp!

ABSSL - Associacao Brasileira de Surf no SL
Circuito Brasileiro de Surf no SL 2009 - Segunda etapa
Jaws Waves Surf Champ 2009

Waves use: Jaws Waves 100m
Surfboard use: HP4 Jaws Version
03/05/2009 - 11:00SLT
Awards: L$6.400

HP Surf Point, Crab Island (174, 99, 22)

Brazilian Surfers:

K9 Moorsider
Kahuna Michigan
Jubileu Bing
Ulyses Erin
Romolo Ferbaer
Jucarasta Diavalo
Kinder Biedermann
Camarada Pralou
Cooper Steampunk
Guiloan Graves
Vana Loire
Rico Bechir
Rick Galli
Barbra Kungler
Luca Maynard
Ammie Graves


Brody Bolero
Luftwaffe Messerchmitt
Colleen Brennan
Kimmy Jigsaw

Sunday, April 26, 2009

SLSA April 25 Round 2 JJ Lanes Braata Beach Results

Final Heat Results:

SexyBoy Oh: 17.16667
Wilfrid DeCuir: 17.00000
Colleen Brennan: 16.5000
Triston Mayo: 16.00000
Buffy Munro and Socks Clawtooth: 15.83333