Monday, April 18, 2011

Breaking News! SLSA Announces By-Election

per SLSA forum:

As per the SLSA constitution, a by election will be held to fill a recently vacated Director position. CoolKat Delicioso (Carver) will be greatly missed. If you would like to help keep your SLSA running, please consider standing for election as a SLSA director. You will be elected for the balance of the vacant directors term through May 30, 2011. Director Eligibility is outlined in the SLSA constitution Section II.B. The full Constitution is available at or .

If you wish to stand as a director, please create a note-card (IM's cannot be accepted) in-world, stating: your name, your willingness and ability to serve the remainder of the term, any affiliations of team, product or sim ownership, and a paragraph or two outlining your background, and your vision for the SLSA. Send the note-card to all of the current sitting directors; Robbin Ember, GiavannaMarie Melody, VW Sands, and Kantbe Thursday. We will be holding a by election to fill this position as soon as possible. Good luck and thanks for supporting your association.

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