Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I recently sat down with Merrick Genesis, the creator and owner of Blackbird (http://slurl.com/secondlife/Rockhopper%20City%201/168/102/400). At Blackbird, named for the Beatles song, you will find many great pieces to personalize your secondlife home and the best part is the low prims! Many pieces are sculpted and done with great creativity!

While visiting the store I was just in time to win a great stool on one of the two lucky chairs and also found some mini mania boards, a bidbox, and dollarbies for those always looking for great deals on the cheap. Oh, did I mention a 7Seas Fishing area upstairs with amazing custom fish punned with....you guessed it, Beatles themes. You will find some of my favorite pieces from his shop below!

This pretty set will have you curled up with a good book, and at only 30 prims is easy on the prim budget! The pillows also are texture changing so you can switch from the sweet Easter theme to others.
20 sit animations, 5 cuddles, transferable so great gift idea and at only $199L a steal!

This cozy cloth covered bench gives you extra
seating room with 6 sitting animations and only adds 8 prims to the mix! This bench comes in several styles and options so sure to find one that matches your lifestyle at just $100L

We all need a great stool to sit and rest a moment and with a calming plant and book what better way to sneak in a break? This stool comes with 4 animations and 12 prims and copy-able too so get busy creating those quiet lil spots for a sweet $200L!

My personal favorite is a very sweet lil stepladder to while away time reading when I really should be sweeping out all the sand and sex wax that gets dragged in every day. This little cutie is only 10 prims and $150L makes this perfect!

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