Saturday, May 15, 2010

International Invitational World Cup Heat Draws

submitted by Abel Halderman

The International Invitational World Cup will take place at Tsunami Beach on Sunday, May 16, 9:AM SLT.
Competition site:Tsunami Beach

Spectators: Freeport

Surfers competing in the first ever Second Life (SL) World Cup are:

1 MarkFoo Waverider
2 Cristyano Winstanley
3 VW Sands
4 Second1819 Actor
5 Jaguar Faulkes
6 Vana Loire
7 Lynda Mimulus
8 Sepultura Aldrin
9 Wilfrid DeCuir
10 Kinder Biedermann
11 Leogarto Burt
12 Luscious Starship
13 Bon Bonham
14 Bobbi Laval
15 Lourinho Ninza
16 Guiloan Graves
17 Dincan Mathy
18 Cird Taurus
19 Lacy Rossini
20 Painless Skytower
21 Followingwaves Sirbu

Associacao Brasileira de Surf No SL (ABSSL) wait list:
Kahuna Michigan
Nara Rugani

Tsunami Surf wait list:
Pova Rustamova
Crusader Arado
Figger Arun
Mojo Manamiko

Please make sure you're on the stands on time wearing RASHGUARD WITH YOUR NUMBER ON IT (see above for numbers).

Event Co-ordinator:
Colleen Brennan

Abel Halderman
Kimmy Jigsaw
Mick Lunasea

Colleen Brennan
Rick Galli

Basic rules:

The competition will go according to the ABSSL rules in most part when it comes to the formula. Each surfer will spend 5 minutes on the water and take as many waves as they can. The maximum number of waves is 6. Top 2 waves score, as well as 2 best judges' scores. The worst waves are discarded, as well as the worst judges' scores (thank you for the awesome idea, Pova).

One surfer will surf the wave at one time. There will be 20 surfers in the first round and the best 5 of them will advance to the final round.

SLSA Tai Sharkbite Epic Open Results

submitted by Ashleigh Dickins and Desirae Beaumont

The results of the Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) Tai Sharkbite Epic Open:

Mini Finals Winners:

1st- followingwaves Sirbu - 14.33
2nd- QUENCH Spotter - 13.83
3rd- sven Homewood - 11.16
4th- Arjuna Bombastic - 10.5

Other Heat Scores:

Heat 1
followingwaves Sirbu(RED) 14.16667
Rayzza Rubble(BLUE) 12.66667
Figger Arun(GREEN) 12.83333

Heat 2
sven Homewood (RED) 12.00000
Dixson Martian(BLUE) DNS
Countess Decosta(GREEN) DNS

Heat 3
Cymindra Deschanel(RED) 11.33333
Arjuna Bombastic(BLUE) 12.66667
Buddy Winsmore(GREEN) DNS

Heat 4
Desne Aabye(RED) 9.333333
QUENCH Spotter(BLUE) 13.50000
Jank Metall(GREEN) 12.66667

Advancing to next Saturday in addition to those 4:
Figger Arun - 12.83
Jank Metall - 12.66
Cymindra Deschanel - 11.33

Other Competitors, eligible for 2 wildcard spots for next Saturday:
Rayzza Rubble - 12.66
Desne Aabye - 9.33

No Shows:
Buddy Winsmore
Dixson Martian
Countess Decosta

Heat Draws for SLSA Tai SharkBite Epic Open Second Life Surfing Competition 5/15/10

as posted at 5/15/10 6:12 AM SLT

Starting 11:00am sharp - Heat one check in at 10:45 please!!

Each heat will take about 30 minutes. Make sure you are there for your heat.  Each Heat 3 waves each.

All first and second placing riders from the Open will be automatically qualified to compete in the next competition, the Tai sharkBite Shortboard Epic Invitational, taking place on Saturday, May 22.  The winners of each heat will surf a mini final with 3 waves

Heat 1

followingwaves Sirbu(RED)
Rayzza Rubble(BLUE)
Figger Arun(GREEN)

Heat 2

sven Homewood (RED)
Dixson Martian(BLUE)
Countess Decosta(GREEN)

Heat 3

Cymindra Deschanel(RED)
Arjuna Bombastic(BLUE)
Buddy Winsmore(GREEN)

Heat 4

Desne Aabye(RED)
JakMetall (GREEN)

Bandit the Party Animal

If anyone wonders what Bandit is up to at Isoropia when owners Jimbo the Cart Boy and Emma Portilo are hard at work, wonder no more!

Bandit on hidden SL sim cam caught holding flaming limbo party, as he prepared to show how low he can go...

Bandit caught on camera just prior to 911 call drawing fire and rescue responses to Isoropia for dog saving and fire suppression measures.  Medical status of Bandit's tail not known at this time.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Tsunami Beach Boardwalk Swimsuit Photo Contest

submitted by Geof Romano

~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 0 0 0 L i n P R I Z E M O N E Y ! ! ~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ NO COST TO ENTER!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ NO COST TO VOTE!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Thanks to the generous sponsors of this event there will now be a R A F F L E portion of 1000L prize in addition to the other prizes. Wow!! So this means ALL photos entered will be eligable to win 1000L regardless of the number of votes, whether you have 0 votes or 214,928 votes your odds of winning the 1000L are just the same!!
Take a picture in any swimsuit for your chance to win a share of at least 5000$L and a Tsunami Beach Boardwalk Shops Association (TBBSA)/Surf Board Art Association (SBAA) surf board. Solo or with friends, all pictures are accepted. The Pic is totally up to you, get as Sexy and Creative as you can. Deadline is Fri, May 21st at 6pm SLT and the drop box is in at:
New April Island, Freeport (3, 136, 23)



Voting will commence shortly after, the winner announced on Fri, June 4th. Good Luck to All. PG pics will be posted on the Waven Cajun Flickr page, entries can be PG, Mature or Adult

If you have any questions contact Geof Romano

There will be at least 5000L shared among THREE winners - the pot can grow during the contest, but will be no less then 5000L. Winners get to split the pot in following %:

1st Place: 75%
- TBBSA/SBAA Surf Board

2nd Place: 20%

3rd Place: 5%

Additional prizes maybe announced as the contest progresses!

Ocean Side Gym
Waven Cajun
DW Surf
Island Sea Dreams
Yen Designs
Beach Bunny
Surf Board Art Assoc.
Velvet Rythms
Free Licious
Surf Shop 6
HP Surf Systems

Happy Birthday, Mari!!!

Who can bake you a cake,
or make you some fountains,
teach you to surf,
and surround you with mountains...

Who will dance on a bar,
and buy shooters with lime,
hand you a mailbag,
and give of her time...

Who's generous, caring, creative and wise,
and can turn avatars into blue butterflies...

Marianna Monentes!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

She's No Noobie No More

submitted by Quench Spotter

QUENCH Spotter pulls another rabbit out of his hat! Totally suprising Tabatha Larimore combining members of her family and members of the surfing community for a suprise gala featuring the one and only musical entertainment of "Pandora" at a surprise party on the party deck at Mori on Sunday, May 9, 2010!

Tabitha is also known as one of Second Life's super models to be featured in "photo Watch" magizine and will most likely be one of the top contendors in the upcoming Ms. Mori Pwani Contest scheduled for this summer.

Information about entering Ms. Mori Pwani can be found at Mori as well as lucky$ gameroom on Mahali Mechi.

International Invitational World Cup Challenge

submitted by Colleen Brennan
Translated by Rick Galli

International Invitational World Cup Challenge Competition

Leogarto Burt e Colleen Brennan anunciam que a HP Boards estará patrocinando a primeira competição International Invitational World Cup Challenge no próximo domingo, 16 de maio, em Tsunami Beach.

O evento está sendo co-patrocinado pelo Tsunami Surf Team com participação dos lojistas de Tsunami Beach

A competição será composta de vinte surfistas, seguindo o formato da competição ABSSL.Cada surfista correrá uma bateria,com tempo determinado,podendo pegar quantas ondas quiser,até o máximo de seis,e as duas melhores notas das ondas comporão sua pontuação.Estará disponível um rezzer da prancha HP5,para que todos os participantes compitam usando o mesmo tipo de prancha.

Esse formato vai garantir um dia de diversão, onde a habilidade do surfista decidirá o vencedor,sem que o lag seja um fator preponderante.Haverá apenas um surfista sobre as ondas, de cada vez.Além disso, os espectadores serão localizados no calçadão próximo, sem causar impacto na sim das ondas.Colleen observa que ela está muito animada com o formato da competição e com o potencial para reduzir o lag em uma competição de surf. Tsunami, provavelmente irá usá-lo também na sua Tsunami Sundays Surf Series,que será anunciada brevemente.Fique ligado para mais detalhes sobre isso.

Leogarto Burt e Colleen Brennan,convidarão,cada um, apenas 10 surfistas para participar neste evento. A competição não contará pontos para ambas associações, ABSSL ou SLSA. Será uma competição de exibição,para demonstração das novas pranchas HP5 e a onda Teahuppo. Haverá, evidentemente, prêmios e troféus e alguns bons surfistas concorrendo pela Taça.

Esta será uma competição divertida,mostrando algo novo e talvez,um pouco diferente do usual,para todos os amantes do surf.

Para maiores informações,por favor, contatem Colleen Brennan ou Leogarto Burt.

Special Report - Baby News!

We interrupt Grandma sweatin' to the oldies to bring you this Special Report:
GiavannaMarie Melody went into labor Saturday afternoon, and gave birth to a son at 5:29 AM on Sunday morning. The baby and she are doing very well. The baby was 18.2 inches and weighed 7.9 lb.


Who's Sweatin' to the Oldies...

Surfing icon, Grandma Barnside, was recently caught gearing up for the 2010 surfing season at Mojo and Lucky's gym located at Freeport 9, 118, 23 at Tsunami Beach.  Sweating on the treadmill, kicking it up to 5 mph with cane, Grandma stated she would be in prime surfing condition in time for the Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) 2010 Season 2 or die trying.  Check out Grandma for yourself and start preparing for your best season ever at Mojo and Lucky's gym.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nominations Open for Board Seats

The Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) has announced the opening of the nomination period for 3 Director seats.  Leaving the Board will be Directors Sally LaSalle, Ashleigh Dickins, and GiavannaMarie Melody. Any parties interested in running are instructed to submit notecards to the current sitting directors by May 18, 2010.  (Refer to for specific candidate eligibility and nomination information.) 

The election will be June 1, 2010.  The SLSA has announced a new voting procedure to be rolled out for the June 1 election.  The SLSA voting process has been in discussion for some time with members looking at improved voting options to ensure voter privacy, provide an accurate and secure tally of votes, and make the process easier for members to vote than the current notecard process.

Fashion Feature: Vogel Bikini Funky

This funky bikini from Vogel is sure to be a beach standout.
Eyes: Angelina Jolie Eyebrows
           FS New Eye Multicolor (spirit)
           Vixen - Eye Lashes
Hair: rabo de cavalo preto
Shape: AladyVictoriaSecretModelshapeBikinimodelversion
Skin: FS Skin - Kimberly Tan (Swan)
Accessories: Detour Nails - French - Pink
Outfit: Vogel Bikini Funky
Location:  SurfWatch Studios, Stables
Photographer:  Tauri Tigerpaw

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


reprinted with permission of Danielle Idigo

Paparazzi Models Inc Wednesday, 12th May, 2010, at 1:PM SLT
Home of the Saints of Hell and B, Saints of Hell (144, 135, 45)

Wedding Gown & Formals Show by *Lurve* Designs

Summer is almost upon us.. and we all know that means its the season for Weddings! Come along to our Wedding Gown Show and view the gorgeous dreamy wedding gowns, formals and sexy little outfits by Danielle Idigo of Lurve Designs!!

Make your entrance on your very special day in the most unforgettable gowns! We have gowns suitable for every occasion, so please come join us and let the models of Paparazzi Models Inc. strut their stuff on the runway for your viewing pleasure!! A show NOT to be missed. We look forward to seeing you all here. Please try and arrive at least 30 mins before show starts to get yourselves a seat and to rez.! All gowns will be available for sale at back of the runway after the show:)


Tauri's Surprise Party Video!

Check it out at:

Friends only!  So friend me while you're there!!!!


Updated Abridged List of Surfing Sims

submitted by Kantbe Thursday

So I'm guessing you're impatient, or don't want to see explanations of what's what. That's fine. This is the VERY basic listing of what's out on the grid, broken apart by wave type offered as of this notecard (5/9/10). Many places have multiple wave styles and like to change them up from time to time, but this list represents what was found at the time they were all checked. Thanks to Socks Clawtooth for all of his work in creating the original list of surfing sims from which this is based.

Knowhere, Knowhere (94, 6, 20)
Costa Rica leatherback Turtles, Las Baulas (216, 55, 22)
Monkey Cove, Syx (64, 72, 21)
Mori Pwani - "Friends Beach", Erie heights (121, 221, 21)
Neart Surf Epic II, Free Lo, Neart (23, 65, 26)
Costa rica, ManuelAntonio Nation, Pacifico Central 1 (242, 62, 21)
Stables, Stables (67, 176, 23) - 2 panel epic
Lost Lovers Island (195, 90, 24)
T'ai, Tai (193, 78, 31) (new SSi Cortes, pipes and fluffies, next to SurfSide Hideaway)
Sunset / Other "LARGE" wave sets
Surf Braata Beach - Surf the Epi, JJ Lanes II (98, 158, 21) - various wave set up
Tsunami Beach (241, 120, 21) (Sunset)
Kauai, Hawaii - Kauai Island Res, Kauai (53, 98, 21) (Sunset)
Boracay Islands, Boracay Islands (103, 84, 22) (Action - 100m Maverick)
Kekoa & Rodazz Surfin Beyooootch, Isla Libertad (172, 134, 21)(Sunset)
Lok's Bitterend, Veil of the Moon3 (235, 74, 21) (Sunset)
Monkey Sea...Monky DO!!!, Monkey Sea (252, 237, 21) (Sunset)
Thundering Falls, thundering Falls (52, 32, 23) (Sunset)
Grandblue BELLA (114, 163, 21)
Point Paradise, Telework (213, 23, 22)
Southern Coast Surf & Sky NARITA (167, 77, 21) - loaner board, but no rez area
Wicked island (99, 215, 21)
SL Surfing Association home beach, Archipelago (194, 89, 21) - changes wave types frequently
Bundoran Reef: Surf Free Bo, Bundoran Reef (103, 51, 21)
Chi - a portal gateway that awai, Chi (125, 211, 22)
Serina & Qventa, Easthaven (224, 89, 21)
Destiny's Lounge Beach Club, Darling (91, 74, 21) - rez by buoy
KOKOMO BEACH - let the good time, Old Misty Orleans (89, 198, 22)
...of the valley, Lily (141, 128, 26) - pipes only
Montego Beach - Rez Area, Sands Point NW (5, 121, 21)
Oahu Hawaii, Oahu (82, 158, 26)
Quan Li Tropical island Surfi, Quan Li (200, 130, 21)
Surf Camp! Surf HU, PrimWorks (145, 196, 21)
Syx Monkies due South of Monkey Cove, Syx (55, 92, 22)
Thetis Bahia Surf Beach, Ocean Shores (11, 162, 21)
TIKI LOUNGE & TIKI TATTOO, Tiki Tattoo Cove (33, 167, 21)
Tuli Bahari - Tranquil Ocean, Tuli Bahari (127, 157, 24)
VIRTUAL NOKIA, Nokia (41, 172, 55)

Fluffies only
Naturum island Resort, Naturum Island (68, 110, 21)
New Kaisen Shopping Plaza, Kissena Park (158, 241, 22)
*PX* Caves and Surfing, Leger (80, 170, 20)
Xuriel, Wolchulsan (47, 97, 21)

Other wave types (Ron John, Action and other alternate systems)
ASAYAKE Beach, ASAYAKE (217, 150, 21) (Teahupoo 1)
Teahupo'o - World Class Surfing, Teahupo'o (103, 12, 21) (Action)
Tortola, Tortola (138, 24, 21) (Action)
Sol Mananero Surf, Sol Mananero (22, 70, 21) (Teahupoo and pipes)
HP Surf Point, Crab Island (153, 96, 21) (Teahupoo)
Monkey Tail, Monkey Tail (128, 127, 20) (Action Nitro)
Goombah Recreation Sim, Southend (161, 188, 21) Joaquina, but plan to change from time to time

Monday, May 10, 2010

Party on the Deck!

photos courtesy Geof Romano

Where else can you find keggers of beer and tequila shooters...

party-goers mobbing the infamous party deck...

Waves and sand and sun and surf...

and VW Sands and the Vibes gang?  Where else but Mori celebrating VW's 3 year Rez Day on Saturday, May 8, 2010!

International Invitational World Cup

submitted by Colleen Brennan

Leogarto Burt and Colleen Brennan announce that HP Boards are sponsoring the first International Invitational World Cup Challenge Competition next Sunday May 16th at Tsunami Beach.

The event is being co-sponsored by the Tsunami Surf Team and participating Tsunami Beach vendors. The competition will consist of 20 surfers following the Associacao Brasileira de Surf no SL (ABSSL) competition format. Each surfer will have a timed heat to surf as many waves as they can catch up to six of which the two highest will be included in their score. An HP5 board rezzer will be employed to provide a uniform competition board for all participants.

This format will assure a day of fun surfing in which surfing skill will decide the winner and lag should not be a factor. There will only be one surfer on the waves at a time. Additionally, spectators will be located on the nearby boardwalk and will not impact the surf sim. Colleen notes that she is very excited about the potential of the format and as the potential for minimizing lag as a factor in a surf competition, Tsunami will most likely also use it in its soon to be announced Tsunami Sundays Surf Series. Stay tuned for details on that.

Leogarto Burt and Colleen Brennan are each allowed to invite only 10 surfers to participate in this event. The match will not count for standing in either the ABSSL or Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) . It is an invitational exhibition match demonstrating the new HP5 surf board and the Teahuppo waves. There will, of course, be prizes and trophies and some very skilled surfer will get to walk away as the Cup winner.

If you are interested in participating and from the ABSSL, please contact Leogarto Burt. If you are an SLSA surfer or not affiliated with any league and just loove surfing in Second Life (SL), please contact Colleen Brennan for information. This competition is about fun and trying something new and maybe a little different from the usual.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cortes Rolled Out

submitted by Ashleigh Dickins


The Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) is proud to announce the upcoming Tai/Chi Surfing competitions on May 15, 2010, and May 22, 2010, will be held on the BRAND NEW wave from leading surf producer SSi. The 'Cortes' wave is a sculpted beauty at about 100m long. Riding somewhere between an epic and a pipeline wave, the Cortes has a realistic curl for the surfers to 'shoot.'

Originally this set of competitions was scheduled to be held at the Stables sim on fluffies. However due to some changes at that sim, they had to pull out, and Tai and Chi stepped in to hold the competition. At that time, SSi was approached regarding their new wave, in hopes it'd be done in time. There was no official announcement until the wave was in place Sunday evening, so that SLSA members wouldn't need to be worried about surfing a wave on which they could not practice. However, now they can, and this is very exciting as Tai is the first sim it has been publically released at, and this will be its first competition.

Already it has had riders who have excitedly tried it out and given it high praise. All have said it rides smooth and fast, including tops from the SLSA ranking. Jac Mornington states that he made 3 or 4 runs without bellying once, while Tai/Chi co-owner and last season's champion, Desirae Beaumont, agrees that it rides smooth and has no effect on sim stats. Sally LaSalle, the other co-owner of Tai/Chi, says, "as longtime supporters of SSi, Desi and I are thrilled and so grateful to Seb (Saramago) and Heather Goodliffe for choosing to run the new Cortes wave here on Tai."

SSi's Sebastian Saramago was out at Tai while it debuted after the SLSA in-world announcement, and said, "I think there are a few tweaks we need to do." That doesn't stop him from being proud of the finished product though, "Over all it is what we had tried to do, so that's always nice to see something work that you aim for."

Even if you cannot compete we encourage you to attend the competitions to see this beautiful new wave.

Cortes at Tai?

photo courtesy Desirae Beaumont

Confusion abounds over new SSi wave set in place at Tai with some sources saying it is only in a test phase and the Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) stating in the registration forum opened today that the May 15 competition will be held on this wave instead of the fluffy that was listed up until registration opened today.

An unnamed source on the SLSA Board states she was unaware of any Board discussion or vote regarding changing the wave at this late notice, and she will be looking into whether changing a wave one week prior to a competition without a vote from the Board or membership followed proper procedure.

Breaking News - is Surf Up for Next SLSA Comp?

Sources report to SurfWatch that as of 2:49 PM SLT, there is no fluffy running at Tai for competitors to practice on.  There have also been reports that the fluffies scheduled for the upcoming May 15 Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) competition at Tai  will be replaced by the newest SSi Wave that has been shrouded in secrecy and possibly making it's debut at the May 15th competition.  Sources with the SLSA will only comment to say an announcement will come out later, but will not confirm if the announcement is the new wave debut.  Stay tuned to SurfWatch for more information.

Back to Basics

No need to search your closet for "just the right thing".  Just head on over to Basics for the finest in men and women's fashion. 

Basically all you need for fashion.
Ronoc 155, 141, 28.