Sunday, May 23, 2010


submitted by Mick Lunasea

On the heels of the new Cortes wave, Seb took a big breath and plunged into working his magic and finished my new line of SSI scripted shapes. Thanks, Seb! My timing is always off as I submitted the hand shaped boards and fins during the Cortes development phase.

After scrimping and saving L$ earned from my surf shop sales, I contacted Seb, gave him a check and submitted my designs. I had hidden out in the secret shaping shack for over 6 months massaging the templates, foiling and properly placing the fins. I admit there may be a 'chicken butt' or two (shaper term for slight imperfections in shape), but I never knew a hand shaped magic board that didn't have 'em. These boards ride even better than they look thanks to the SSI horsepower.

I hand decorated each board with a combination of solid colors, spray jobs, lapped rails and pin stripes. I proudly afixed my "S" logo to all but the historical finless Duke and Alia wooden models. Other models include a 60's Noserider longboard single fin, 60's PROFORMER longboard single fin, Contemporarry Purple Haze Fade longboard tri fin. Contemporary Pro Series Maverick/Wiamea longboard gun, 69' Wilderness stubby short board, Contemporary Tri Fin round tail and a Contemporary PRO SERIES tri fin squash tail. Oh, almost forgot the "Mick Beater single fin longboard" that looks like a bruised banana, you never part with no matter how bad it looks cause it rides so good.

All boards are Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) comp legal and ready to rock. Come chek them out at Surfcrazy Surf Shop!

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Colleen Brennan said...

Mick I had to have a Duke board and it rocks. Thanks for making some of the nicest looking boards.