Friday, May 21, 2010

Follow Friday - Torley Linden and the Tips & Tricks team!

submitted by Ashleigh Dickins

You know Social Media is exploding when your Dad had thousands of friends on MySpace and your Mom chats with your aunts and older cousins on Facebook. Fortunately for me, neither have truly discovered Twitter yet. Even if they did, I'm not sure they could keep up with that kind of fast pace. I, on the other hand, have found a deep love for Twitter. What had started as a social networking site to keep up with friends and provide for those who enjoy doling out the 'tmi,' is now also a wonderful marketing tool for all manner of businesses and celebrities. I follow celebs, talk shows, local businesses; and I get updates on new projects, appearances, tips, and notices of special sales.

What I find great about Twitter for my real life can also be found for my Second Life. For instance, Second Life has a twitter account.  Actually, many twitter accounts. But perhaps even more of use is the account of one particular Linden. Everyone's favorite pink and green clad explorer and tutorialist, Torley Linden.

Not only is Torley a fantastic photographer and great help to all of SL, he's funny to follow and very informative. Plus, we here at SurfWatch have a soft spot for Torley since he let us use some of his photographs as stamps in one of our in-world editions. Examples of what Torley shares: Links to his photos on Flickr, Updates on new video tutorials on YouTube, Alerts on when he's available to chat in SL, Funny quotes, Tidbits from Torley's real life allowing insight into his personality.

When I contacted Torley about this piece he was flattered but pointed out that his twitter is just his personal account of life, first and second and everything in between. For something oriented more towards strictly Second Life, check out Linden Labs' Tips & Tricks blog from the Doc Team!! You can get the latest from Torley along with Jon, Jeremy, and Kate (all Lindens of course) at

Follow @Torley on twitter! And add the Tips & Tricks blog to your favorite RSS feeder!

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