Saturday, May 8, 2010

Teahupoo Spotted

Surf spotters in Second Life (SL) report spotting a new set of Teahupoo's rolling in at Tsunami...catch a wave at Tsunami surfing beach!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Saturday is for AZB and Slave Girls!

submitted by Kantbe Thursday

Saturday, May 8th, at the Bare Rose White Wolf at 10 AM slt (19.00 hrs CET)

Live streaming from France: AZB (Artists Zouvant Bourres) representing them in Second Life (SL) on stage: The SLavE Girls

The French band AZB streams their live performance directly into Second Life at the Bare Rose venue. At the same time the SLavE Girls represent AZB on stage.

AZB plays a mix of rock and reggae and this will be their debut in SL. One of the band members, Galala Kiranov, already performed live in SL and is very enthusiastic about this unique project. AZB was formed about 3 years ago and after a severe change in line up last year they are now:

Philippe: Singer
Jamie : guitar and keyboards,
Charlie : guitar and vocals
Stephane : bass guitar
Jean Manuel : Percussion
Martial : Drums

They do two covers, a french song " il n y a pas de mal a se faire du bien" and "Ain't no Sunshine", otherwise all the songs are composed by Jamie, Charlie and Philippe and arranged by all the group.
It's a nice fun family and they are looking forward to doing some serious recording very soon.

The SLavE Girls dj-band will take care of the visual aspect of this gig. Even one of the girls had a total makeover and became a handsome young man. They perform as they usually do for almost 2 years in SL, joking and having fun.

Be there for this historic musical event!

Follow Friday: Make YOUR Second Life Mechanical

submitted by Ashleigh Dickins

This week's Follow Friday is a great company designed to make your Second Life easier. MechanizedLife was originally created by Alidar Moxie, but was sold in 2009 to CodeBastard Redgrave, affectionately known as Codie. MechanizedLife rounds out Codie's resume of posemaker, fashion designer, photographer and successful real estate guru. Helping out Codie with MechanizedLife are Customer Support representative Paypabak Writer and Business Manager Gabby Panacek. Codie herself focuses on the actual development process, which is much an extension of her real life expertise.

MechanizedLife already has ties with the surf community, having sponsored with the SLSA a few seasons ago, providing them with CalendarCogs and Donation systems in the process. However, MechanizedLife is probably most known for it's extremely popular FilterCam HUD and spin-off MachinimaCam HUD. Used by in-world photographers and videographers, bloggers, even Lindens; the FilterCam HUD makes it easy to take gorgeous photos in Second Life including amazing special effects, without needing to be a photoshop pro.

Two of my favorite presets on the FilterCam HUD: Keyhole and Polaroid

In addition to their in-world store in Rouge ( MechanizedLife products are available on XStreetSL ( and Meta-Life ( MechanizedLife also has a website which not only keeps customers up to date on products but also features press, reviews, and contests. Check it out at:

The MechanizedLife website

Thursday, May 6, 2010


It is said she can start a fire, simply by rubbing two ice cubes together.

She sings only in English, yet can be understood in over 300 languages.

She owns every bikini ever created, and then some.

She doesn’t go looking for new flexi prim hair,
new flexi prim hair comes looking for her.

She can break open a piƱata with a wink and smile.

Aliens want to be abducted, by her.

She is…
I don’t drink often (hiccup), but when I do (hiccup)…


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fashion Feature: GiMa Bikini Snake

You won't want to shed this snakeskin.
Eyes: Angelina Jolie Eyebrows
           FS New Eye Multicolor (lime)
           Vixen - Eye Lashes
Hair: preto longo com chapeu cawboy caveira
Shape: AladyMsSLWinner2007
Skin: League Skin Suntan-Kate-Chocolate
Accessories: Detour Nails - French - Pink
Outfit: GiMa Bikini Snake
Location:  SurfWatch Studios, Stables
Photographer:  Tauri Tigerpaw

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Search for the Perfect Wave - Style

submitted by Harbor Piers

Beams of sunlight reflect off the calm waters of your home break. The smell of the morning pervades your senses as you walk past the broken wooden fences onto the sand. With your board under your arm, you have a feeling that this morning will be a great. Your feet make imprints in the forgiving sand, as you look out at the break. The birds are looking too, like always, enjoying the sunrise. Zip up your wetsuit; it’s time to paddle out.

As you sit on your board and wonder how you can express yourself on this virtual piece of nature, remember that however you paint that wave is unique. As surfers, we each have our own unique style. I am a firm believer that just like snowflakes, no two surfers are alike (although I don’t believe I’ve seen twin surfers yet!!!) Style isn’t something that needs too much work; it is built in to each one of us. Once in a while, we need to remind ourselves that we each have our own personal relationship with the wave.

Along with each of our unique qualities, there are definitely some things that we can do to aid or push our style through. This can be described as turning white and black into a burst of colors. Try surfing the wave like you would paint a picture. Most of the time, you wouldn’t only paint one side. Just like painting a picture, when you surf, try to get to all of the edges and leave a good feeling of balance. Also, you want your paint strokes to flow, not chop. Let your surfboard be the tool to design the ride that you desire. Like all artists, the picture is never perfect. If you let your own unique style shine through onto the wave, the finished product will be a form of what you imagined. This is enough to get satisfaction out of your ride, as you continue to search for your perfect wave.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Mari's Mailbag - Sportsmanship

Good Sportmanship is key in any endeavor but especially when you represent a body of officials that govern a certain sport. Everyone is asking, where did things go wrong? Why the negative mood? The Drama. Think about it. It's sportsmanship, the key to getting along with others. How you recieve others, how you converse, mingle - all goes to the core of the individual. The attitude in which they preceive things, how they project their actions, is all sportsmanship. We have to be good sports in life. Take things in stride, shake it off, laugh, accept apologies and not hold grudges. I had a teammate quit because an official yelled at him for riding a certain board made by a maker that was at issue years ago with the owner of the sim where he was surfing. I found this appalling. The original drama happened years ago and this official was still bringing up past issues and was not even the owner of that sim. They were just surfing the same time as my team member and saw him on that board and reprimanded him. GET a life people, please. Let's remember to be good sports. Carry good vibes. Thank people. Congratulate people. Respect people. Offer help. This may be Second Life but morals should be the same as in Real Life. This isn't a place to pretend to be RUDE. YOU just ARE. If you are rude here, then I think you are in Real Life, too. Again, I cannot stress it enough, BE A GOOD SPORT.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Channel Surfing with Jimbo the Cart Boy


Everyone knows beach drama has been around ever since the first beach was invented, right? Well, nothing is more unpleasant then seeing it first hand, or worse yet, being the main recipient of it!

So what’s a person to do? Get yelled at and have sand kicked in your face? NO WAY!

One possible solution would be to hire a massive muscle packed body guard resembling a QUENCH Spotter, per say. But bodyguards can be expensive and may not always be around when the drama unfolds. And they just may be a little too preoccupied at any given moment to come to your rescue, if ya know what I mean (see exhibit A).
Exibit A: See? Too preoccupied to protect anyone!

So one day I was thumbing through some old comic books, and I came across this ad:

And I’m thinking to myself (light bulb over head goes on), here’s the solution EVERYONE can benefit from. The age old proven brilliance of Charles Atlas’ "Dynamic-Tension" program!

That’s right, folks, the best defense is a great offense! A little something to prepare yourself with for the day when YOU will need to stick up for YOURSELF.

So I sent away for a program myself and in a few short weeks I got freekin’ busting out of my skin ripped and transformed myself from wimp, to pimp! Just look at the before and after results, see for yourself…
Before Charles Atlas’ "Dynamic-Tension" program:
Don’t I look pathetic?

After Charles Atlas’ "Dynamic-Tension" program:
See what I’m talking about? Just look at that physique!

So if you’re tired of being a scrawny pencil necked weakling and want to be the “King of the Beach”, then don’t delay. Take a lesson from Mac like I did, and get the Charles Atlas’ "Dynamic-Tension" program today! And remember beach drama should never be tolerated!


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