Saturday, March 6, 2010

Surf Jam 15 Results

scores and photos courtesy Lissa Pinion, Bobbi Laval and Colleen Brennan

Results of Surf Jam 15 held on Saturday, March 6, 2010:


1st Place:  Markfoo Waverider (BLUE) 18.1666
2nd Place:  Kim Henig (ORANGE) 16.8333
3rd Place:  Harbor Piers (RED) 16.5
WickedV Carver (GREEN) 16.1666

Other Heat Scores:
HEAT 1 SCORES: (color order)

Desirae Beaumon ' 0.000000
Lynda Mimulus ' 15.00000
Georgette Jonso ' 0.000000
Rhett McMahn ' 15.16667

HEAT 2 SCORES: (color order)

Abel Halderman ' 15.50000
WickedV Carver ' 15.66667
Silvia Warden ' 14.50000
Markfoo Waverid ' 16.66667

HEAT 3 SCORES: (color order)

QUENCH Spotter ' 15.16667
Geof Romano ' 11.66667
Kim Henig ' 15.00000

HEAT 4 SCORES: (color order)

Coolkat Delicio ' 15.00000
Aldo Courtois ' 0.000000
Colleen Brennan ' 11.16667
Harbor Piers ' 16.66667
Carolin Gausman ' 0.000000


HEAT 1 SCORES: (color order)

Rhett McMahn ' 13.50000
Markfoo Waverid ' 15.00000
QUENCH Spotter ' 14.50000
Harbor Piers ' 16.25000

HEAT 2 SCORES: (color order)

Lynda Mimulus ' 14.33333
WickedV Carver ' 15.33333
Kim Henig ' 15.00000
CoolKat Delicio ' 12.66667

Surf Jam 5 Heat Draws

Surf Jam 15 Heat Draws for Saturday, March 6, 2010:

Heat 1

Desirae Beaumont (RED)
Lynda Mimulus (BLUE)
Georgette Jonson (GREEN)
Rhett McMahn (ORANGE)

Heat 2

Abel Halderman (RED)
WickedV Carver (BLUE)
Silvia Warden (GREEN)
Markfoo Waverider (ORANGE)

Heat 3

QUENCH Spotter (RED)
Geof Romano (BLUE)
Painless Skytower (GREEN)
Kim Henig (ORANGE)

Heat 4

Coolkat Delicioso (RED)
Aldo Courtois (BLUE)
Colleen Brennan (GREEN)
Harbor Piers (ORANGE)
Carolin Gausman (PURPLE)

Ultimate Mori Guide - updated

Updated 3/3/10, this guide is for seasoned Vibers and newcomers alike. A few landmarks to the shops and locations on the sims to find cool stuff, live music, chillaxin zones and activities.

Sharkbite Surf clothing:
Mori Pwani - Sharkbite
Fashion by Sally LaSalle and Desirae Beaumont

"The Spa":
After-sesh recovery zone (with a cold beer)

The famous "Deck at Mori Pwani":
Mori Pwani - "The Deck"
The most famous party deck in Second Life (SL)

Mori Lifeguard Tower:
Mori Pwani - Lifeguard Tower
A Mori Landmark, literally

"The rezz zone" :
Mori Pwani - Rezz Zone "Friends, Mori Pwani (142, 206, 21)
Rezz it, surf it, pick it ip

The Volleyball court:
Mori Pwani - Volleyball
Get sweaty, get even

The Basketball court:
Mori Pwani - Beach Basketball
Got game?

Vogel Surfwear / SJA Custom boards:
Mori Pwani - Vogel/SJA
Customs like only Schrotti can

Reaction Surfboards:
Mori Pwani - Reaction
Quad-fins by Radical Twang

Mori Pwani - Surfari
Beach clothing by GiavannaMarie Melody

Analog Surfboards:
Mori Pwani - Analog Surf
Analog Jun´s incredible boards

Sands Surfboards:
Mori Pwani - Sands Surfshop
Classic style boards by VW Sands

FAKT Surfboards:
Mori Pwani - FAKT Surfboards
CLASSIC Old School surfboards by Doxx Dryke

Surfrider Foundation:
Tuli Bahari Surfrider Foundation
Our friends at Surfrider, protecting the beaches through education & awareness

Kumik0 Bikinis:
Tuli Bahari - Kumik0 Bikini Shop
Great Kinis at a great price by Kumik0 Lisa

Splenduers Surfwear:
Tuli Bahari Splendeurs Surfwear
Beachwear by Damien Kleinfeld

Off the Hook:
Tuli Bahari - Off the Hook
Surf clothing for men by Leif Oceanlane

Babydollz Boutique:
Tuli Bahari - Babydollz Boutique Tuli
Cards, bears, gifts by Monq Pinklady

DW Surf Shop:
Tuli Bahari - Dw Surf Shop Tuli
Retro Surf boards by Dee Waverider

The Tuli Bahari Café:
Tuli Bahari - Cafe (168, 152, 24)
Live music, killer parties, chillaxin zone

Tuli Bahari Theater:
Tuli Bahari Movie Theater
New feature films each week, grab a friend and a bucket of popcorn..also fully stocked with vids....down in front!

Lucky$ Gameroom:
Mahali Mechi - Lucky$ Gameroom
All your favorite games in one cool place

Vibes Team Clubhouse:
Mahali Mechi - VSA Club House
Where the best team in SL hangs

Whitey´s Lair:
Mori Pwani - Whiteys Lair
Where we hide the griefer bodies

Friday, March 5, 2010

Surf Jam 15

reprinted by permission of VW Sands

Surf Jam 15 is scheduled to be held Saturday, March 6, 2010.

Aloha Vibers and welcome to Surf-Jam! This is the 15th Surf-Jam and just like always................

The VSA Surf-Jam is a surf contest held once per month on the Mori Pwani estate for Vibrations members only. This SJ event will be run on Fluffy waves and on retail, NO *MOD surfboards. Old scripts, new scripts, SSI, HP, Action whatever. * The whole MOD boards issue notwithstanding, in THIS SJ we surf with NO MOD surfboards.

SJ 15 will be held on Tuli Bahari. The spectator stands will be on Mori Pwani. We will be riding Pipeline waves and a fluff in the seam. Watch out for the reef in the first pipe transition! Set is up and running 24/7 for practise although I may be tweaking it to make it a little tougher ;-)


Please be in the stands and in your assigned rashie color 10 minutes before your heat. When the heat is called you will meet the Beach Marshall on the beach. The beach Marshal will release you to the bouy. Once at the buoy, please stay lined up in the order on your heat card and listen to the Marshal! DO NOT take off without the buoy marshall sending you :-)

As with all surfing contests we ask that you remove any scripted attachments including hugs, smiles, animation over-riders, bling and any/all other lag-inducing stuff BEFORE entering the sim. I know this is redundant but we have some new riders in the water today so please help your fellow riders get stripped ;-)

As always, the pre-lims will consist of three (3) waves per rider, semis of three (3) waves per rider and the final heat will allow four (4) waves per rider. Scoring as always, 0.00 - 10.00 - best 2 waves used for scoring and total average of all judges for final score.

Contest starts at 12 AM SLT (NOON) and we ask that ALL riders TP to the stands. Heats will be called down to the Beach Marshalls tent for check-in BEFORE being allowed to paddle out.

Mori Pwani is on an access list today. If you cannot get onto the sim please IM the event coordinator ( VW Sands ) as soon as possible and we´ll get ya dialed ;-)

Have fun at Surf-Jam!!!!!

For more information, contact VW Sands.

Searchin' the Secondlife Surf Sims for Snorkelin' Snooki

submitted by Triston Mayo

She's at it again!!!  Be the first to spot Snorkelin' Snooki at the bottom of one of the Second Life (SL) surfing sims!  She's out there now - be the first to post in the comments section which sim you found her in, and win 350L!!! 

Snooki will be snorklin' thru various SL surf sims - keep your eyes open and when we post the contest, you have a chance to win 350L.  Take a pic with Snorkelin' Snooki and send it to Tauri Tigerpaw and we'll post it in future Snorklin' Snooki sightings!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lost Lovers Island

Lost Lovers Island located at 178, 89, 24 started as a homestead sim for surfing, dancing at the Tsunami Club and romance with 30 meter pipeline waves. We then moved and got a full sim located near the sims of Isla Del Amor, Mar del Amor and Voom's Extasy and got Epic Waves. We recreated the same experience that was available at the first sim.

We stream commercial free Rock and Roll 24 hours a day. We have contests daily at 4 PM SLT except Saturday. Sundays we also have a live Performer at 4 -5 PM SLT.

We offer free surfboards, windsurfers and jetskis. We have a two person submarine rezzer out by the lighthouse and a helocopter rezzer by the fountain. We also have many romantic grottos and kissing trees. For games we have Greedy Greedy and Pool.

We have 90 meter across Epic waves, the run is 100 meters long.  We offer some of the finest surfing and rock and roll in Second Life (SL) to go with so many activities for fun and romance. Guests are always welcome! Come enjoy Lost Lovers Island and all it has to offer.  Contact Jasher Faith for more information on Lost Lovers Island.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Real Estate - Goombah

AVAILABLE LAND as of 3/2/10
1/4 SIM is about 16000 sqm 937 prims - 30.00 USD a month in tiers or 8500L
Sayuni's (190, 177, 23)
Grand Strand (198, 193, 23)
1/3 sims is about 22000 sqm 1250 prims - 42.00 USD a month in tiers or 12000L
Fishermans Dream (66, 55, 21)
Somewhere between a 1/3 and a 1/2 sim ... 1562 prims, $48 USD or $14999L a month in tiers.
1/2 sim lot about 32000 sqm 1875 prims - 60.00 USD a month in tiers or 17000L
Sayuni's Bridge Bay Island, Sayuni's (52, 69, 22)
Mustang Sally's (237, 44, 22)
Mustang Sally's (66, 168, 22)
2/3 Sim is 20280 Lindens, 2500 prims 78.00 usd a month
3/4 Sim $90 USD or 10200L, 2812 Prims
WHOLE SIMS are about 65000 sqm 3750 prims - 120.00 USD a month in tiers or 33700L -
Beach Themed:
Isle of Danielle (155, 87, 21)
On Paying in Lindens:
Have a Tier Box placed or use the existing one
We have 36 sims connected by water canals for endless boating and draw bridges for the longest horse ride in Second Life.   Contact Danielle Idigo for more information.

Second Life Surfing Association Announces New Directors

The Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) announces two new directors elected to the two open Director positions, both Hall of Fame members with several years of SL surfing experience, competition rankings, and Board experience as Director and/or Advisor:  Bobbi Laval and Colleen Brennan.  Leaving the Director positions after six complete months of service are Abel Halderman and Desirae Beaumont.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

SurfWatch In the Tube and on It!!!

SurfWatch's in the Tube and on it giving updated Mari Weather reports from your favorite beaches in all kinds of conditions!  A SurfWatch In the Tube and on It! produced by Aeryn Kidd starring Marianna Monentes.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Mari's Mailbag - Team Commitment

When thinking about being on a team, putting your heart into it is key. We all have busy schedules, and that's understandable. It's important, though, to be "there" when you are online when you join a team. The practice you do will make the difference when you compete which is true in any endeavor. Your team will excel immensely if your heart is into it. You, too, will find you love it even more as you learn new trix. I know for me, the more I learned, the more I loved it...couldn't wait to perfect each new trick taught to me. Most teams fail when surfers don't follow through. If you sign up, you are making a commitment . So, before you do, think about your schedule and also think about actually competing. It's one thing to be on a team and just hang out.  It's quite another to actually compete. The feeling one gets when the marshall says take the next wave - what an adrenaline rush. Even though some think of this as "just" a game, I will tell you that to me... that is as real as it gets.

SurfSide Hideaway Performance Schedule Week of March 1, 2010

Come join us at our new location for at a fun, relaxed time at  Surfside Hideway     Dance in the hideaway's dance floor pool! Come in your favorite beach wear, come dressed casually, come dressed formally, come as you are..... just come!

Monday March 1

1:00 PM SLT SLavE Girls
3:00 PM SLT Cree Cybertar

Tuesday March 2

3:00 PM SLT Hayduke Schnook

Wednesday March 3

1:00 PM SLT Lexie Luan
2:00 PM SLT Zorch Boomhauer
3:00 PM SLT CharlieO Michigan

New Wave at Monkey Cove

Now running Leogarto Burt's newest wave, Joaquina, at Syx Toshi's Monkey Cove (8, 51, 33)!  Catch a wave!

Second Life Surfing Association Director Elections

March 1, 2010, is election day to fill two open Director seats on the Second Life Surfing Association Board.  Current Director Abel Halderman is stepping down.  Current Director Desirae Beaumont is running for another 6 month term.  Also running are Bobbi Laval, Colleen Brennan and SexyBoy Oh.  Find out about the candidates by reading their in-depth interviews in SurfWatch and their intent to run information at the SLSA website.  To see if you are eligible to vote and to find out how to cast your vote, see  Vote!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Second Life Surfing Association Election Reminder

Tomorrow, March 1, 2010, is election day to fill two open Director seats on the Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) Board.  Find out about the candidates in their four in-depth SurfWatch interviews and  their intent notices on the SLSA website.  You can also search on their names in SurfWatch and find out additional information.

To find out if you are eligible to vote in the March 1, 2010, SLSA Director election, see the updated list of eligible voters posted at