Saturday, February 20, 2010

Second Life Surfing Association Mori Invitation Results

podium photo courtesy Bobbi Laval, stand photos courtesy Colleen Brennan, judge photo courtesy Lissa Pinion

Results of the Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) Mori Invitational:


1st Place: 
Yendor Destiny ' 18.16667
2nd Place 3 way tie: 
Desirae Beaumont ' 18.00000
Harbor Piers ' 18.00000
Bobbi Laval ' 18.00000
3rd Place:
Abel Halderman ' 17.00000

Maren Macarthur ' 16.33333


HEAT 1 SCORES: (color order)

Desirae Beaumon ' 17.33333
followingwaves ' 14.83333
Abel Halderman ' 16.50000
Velvetori Twine ' 16.50000
sven Homewood ' 14.00000
Dixson Martian ' 13.83333

HEAT 2 SCORES: (color order)

Colleen Brennan ' 15.50000
GiavannaMarie M ' 15.83333
Harbor Piers ' 17.66667
Kait Seetan ' 13.33333
Snapple Sneerwe ' 15.50000
Mick Lunasea ' 16.16667

HEAT 3 SCORES: (color order)

Wilfrid DeCuir ' 15.33333
Maldrul Morris ' 16.00000
Desne Aabye ' 14.33333
Yendor Destiny ' 17.33333
Coolkat Delicio ' 15.50000
Angelle Aluveau ' 14.16667

HEAT 4 SCORES: (color order)

Sally LaSalle ' 15.50000
Sunrize Morning ' 14.66667
Rhett McMahn ' 15.83333
Bodhi Lowtide ' 15.33333
Maren Macarthur ' 16.16667

HEAT 5 SCORES: (color order)

kimmy Jigsaw ' 13.50000
MarkFoo Waverid er' 16.83333
Lacy Rossini ' 15.50000
Rayzza Rubble ' 13.66667
Noie Jinx ' 14.33333

HEAT 6 SCORES: (color order)

Bobbi Laval ' 17.16667
Wickedv Carver ' 14.83333
Triston Mayo ' 16.00000
Buffy Munro ' 15.50000
Painless Skytower ' 12.16667


HEAT 1 SCORES: (color order)

Desirae Beaumont ' 17.83333
Harbor Piers ' 17.83333
Maldrul Morris ' 16.83333
MarkFoo Waverider ' 17.50000
Triston Mayo ' 15.33333

HEAT 2 SCORES: (color order)

Abel Halderman ' 15.66667
Mick Lunasea ' 14.50000
Maren Macarthur ' 16.16667
Lacy Rossini ' 14.83333

HEAT 3 SCORES: (color order)

Velvetori Twine ' 15.16667
Yendor Destiny ' 17.33333
Rhett McMahn ' 16.33333
Bobbi Laval ' 17.00000

Surfboard Art Contest

The entries for the SurfWatch 2 Year Anniversary Surfboard Art Contest are now closed.  There are 10 incredible, beautiful designs to vote for - come check them out at Stables (51, 205, 22) and cast your vote for your favorite design!  Voting is free and the top 3 winners receive linden, prizes and exposure!  Stop by and vote! 

Check out Stables while you're here - SurfWatch Headquarters currently running a 2 panel epic wave and Southend next door running Joaquina, open for surfing.  Voting will be open all week and winners will be announced at the SurfWatch 2 Year Anniversary Celebration event on Saturday, February 27!

SurfWatch 2 Year Anniversary Celebration Presents DJ Trance Moonites

Trance Moonites has been DJing since November 2008, not restricting herself to a single genre, playing anything from classic rock and Aussie rock through to trance and dance. Her sets are always entertaining and unique, one never knows what to expect with her wicked sense of Aussie humor.

Trance is enthusiastic and often called ‘Crazy’ by her beloved followers. You can find her djing at Club Corrosion, The Shed and Four Moons Pub throughout the week if you want to hear her. She loves to make people laugh, and absolutely loves to mix that all in to the best music you can find.

DJ Trance Moonites will be spinning tunes at SurfWatch's 2 Year Anninversary Celebration at Southend on Saturday, February 27, 2010.  This is a 12 hour event, from 9 AM SLT to 9 PM SLT, with DJs, speakers, singers, comedians, contests, demos and competition going on throughtout the day!  Come celebrate 2 years of Second Life surfing with SurfWatch and don't miss DJ Trance Moonites at 2 PM SLT at Southend (204, 197, 21) and Stables!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Second Life Surfing Association Mori Invitational Heat Draws

Updated 2/17/10  10:57 PM

Heat Draws for the Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) Mori Pwani Invitational:


Desirae Beaumont (RED)
followingwaves sirbu (BLUE)
Abel Halderman (GREEN)
Velvetori Twine (ORANGE)
sven Homewood (PURPLE)
Dixson Martian (BLACK)


Colleen Brennan (RED)
GiavannaMarie Melody (BLUE)
Harbor Piers (GREEN)
Kait Seetan (ORANGE)
Snapple Sneerwell (PURPLE)


Wilfrid DeCuir (RED)
Maldrul Morris (BLUE)
Desne Aabye (GREEN)
Yendor Destiny (ORANGE)
Coolkat Delicio (PURPLE)
Angelle Aluveau (BLACK)


Sally LaSalle (RED)
Sunrize Mornington (BLUE)
Rhett McMahn (GREEN)
Bodhi Lowtide (ORANGE)
Maren Macarthur (PURPLE)


kimmy Jigsaw (RED)
MarkFoo Waverider (BLUE)
Lacy Rossini (GREEN)
Rayzza Rubble (ORANGE)
Noie Jinx (PURPLE)


Bobbi Laval (RED)
Wickedv Carver (BLUE)
Triston Mayo (GREEN)
rain Tigerfish (ORANGE)
Painless Skytow (PURPLE)


1 Mick Lunasea
2 Crusader Arado
3 Buffy Munro
4 Countess Decosta
5 Jordan Mendle
6 Aurora Jacks
7 Avidward Flagon

A special Kantbe Thursday pre-comp video production:

Surfing 101 - Regular Brain Goofy Brain

Mick Lunasea is a long time surf instructor (editors note: See High on a Wave, SurfWatch March 17, 2009), former SLSA Director, competative surfer, and owner of SurfCrazy surf shops. Mick will be periodically sharing his knowledge and expertise with the readers of SurfWatch.

I've always wondered why the bulk of surfing breaks in Second Life (SL) and contest venues are designed for right wave entry, meaning paddling into it from the right as opposed to paddling into it from the left. I've not taken a poll on it but i do have a theory. I beleieve it has to do with regular and goofy brain.

Real Life (RL) surfers preference in riding is most often facing the wave face. Looking at the wave over your shoulder has certain disadvantages. Looking diretly offshore to incoming waves, a wave that peals from right to left, is known as a 'right'. Malibu is a 'right' point as is Rincon and Kirra in Australia. Hawaii's pipeline is the best example of a 'left' it breaks from left to right.

A surfer riding Malibu faces the wave if his left foot is forward of their right, the right leg is dominant and usually stronger. The left foot rider is know as 'regular foot'. A surfer riding pipeline faces the wave with right foot forward of their left, known as 'goofy foot'.

The majority of surfers in the world are 'regular' foot, The right foot forward minority have been known as goofy since the 50's if not earlier. There are the gifted few who are switch stance, they can ride easily with either foot forward - a rairity.  Know it or not, ALL AVATARS surf as REGULAR FOOT! Were the animators of ALL surfboard poses currently in SL regular foot?  To find out if your regular or goofy foot hop on a skateboard. Which foot is forward?

What's this got to do with SL surfing? Being goofy foot is associated with being left handed but not always. I'm no doctor or scientist but there's definately a brain perception thing going on here, at least in my case there is. I'm a regular foot in the recent PCX tandem contest.  When Sexyboy Oh asked me which side I wanted to enter wave from, I didn't hesitate saying the right. I cared nothing about short or long board choice. I'm also thinking it may be an advantage not having RL surfing experience in SL. The wave facing preferences would not be an issue.

Ok until next time regular or goofy... Just GO SURFING!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bridge Party!

submitted by Sienna Velinov

You've heard of playing bridge, walking across a bridge, building a I guess it's not surprising to hear about a Bridge Party at Tuli Bahari on Tuesday, February 16. 

Sienna Velinov, to celebrate her one year anniversary of living on Tuli and to give something back to her friends and neighbors, rezzed a replica of the Golden Gate Bridge on the Tuli Beach.  Fat Tuesday fell on this same day, so the party developed into a Mardi Gras party complete with a float and a King and Queen, Mojo Manamiko and Luckymoon Jiago.

Guests danced the night away on the bridge......and then Lissa Pinion and Sienna demolished the bridge and, of course, Sienna got the last laugh by removing the float Lissa had perched herself on, sending her down to the waves below. Look for this tradition to continue in the future!


We'd like to welcome a new sponsor, Moolto, to SurfWatch!  Click on the Moolto sponsor logo along the right side of SurfWatch, and check them out!  Moolto is "Designed for Avatars. Meeting People,sharing videos & photos. Forums, Blogs. Talk about your Second Life. All Languages. "

Second Life Surfing Association Announces Changes

The Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) announced a change to ranking calculations for this season.  A new event rules document is in the discussion and finalization stages, but the Board has agreed unanimously to the following changes to increase event officer sign ups and ease the strain on personal schedules.

The main changes are: 
1.  One competitive event may be discarded, so only 4 of the 5 season competitions will count toward season rankings.
2.  A reversal of the ranking point system so surfers get points equal to their placing, for example, 1st place gets a 1, 2nd place gets a 2, etc. The lowest overall point total will determine the season champion.

For a more detailed explanation of these changes, see

Second Life Surf and Beach Photo Contest

Saturday, February 20, 2010, is the deadline to get your Second Life (SL) surf and beach photo entered into SurfWatch's Photo and Beach Art Contest!  Win linden, prizes, and exposure in Surfwatch!  Contact Bobbi Laval to submit an entry or for more information! 

Second Life Surfing Association Director Candidates

The Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) has posted the nominees for the two director seats opening up on March 1, 2010.  The nominees are:  SexyBoy Oh, Desirae Beaumont; Bobbi Laval; Colleen Brennan.  Abel Halderman will be vacating his seat, and Desirae Beaumont is seeking to continue serving on the Board.  For some preliminary information about each candidate, including their vision for the SLSA, see 

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Marshall Training

It's fun, it's exciting, it's important, it's right in the thick of all the action!

If you've ever thought about helping out as an Official at any Second Life (SL) surfing competition, consider working as a marshall!  It does require your attention during the entire competition as you gather the heats, check board scripts, place surfers in the waves, count waves, communicate with surfers, judges and other event officials.  On the other hand, if you enjoy competitors tickling your feet, sharing in the wisecracks and fun, and really orchestrating the competition, you will love this job!  A marshall can work at Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) events, Vibrations Surf Alliance (VSA) events, Pacific Coast Extreme (PCX) events and any surfing competitions in SL!  Contact Tauri Tigerpaw and set up some time to be trained just in time for SLSA Season 1 of 2010!

Guess this Wiiild Surfer and Win Linden!

Be  the first to guess this wiiiild surfer hitting the waves at Mori and win 300L!  Just post your guess in the comments section and if you're correct and first, SurfWatch will send you 300L!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Second Life Surfing Association Director Nominations

Midnight tonight, Second Life Time, is the deadline for submitting your name to run as a Second Life Surfing Association Director.  There are two seats opening up on March 1 - Desirae Beaumont and Abel Halderman.  This will be a six month term running from March 1, 2010, to September 1, 2010.  Current directors Sally LaSalle, Ashleigh Dickins and Giavannamaria Melody will be up for election on June 1, 2010.  Check out for more details on candidate requirements and how to run.

O Keeps Crankin' the Tunes

Cranking out the tunes at the beautiful Atmosphere Beach Club at Camelhead (210, 169, 21), Oneill Auer spins the disks that make the party goers want to dance!

You can find O there getting the party started every Friday from 2-4 PM SLT.  Stop on by Atmos and hit the deck for a great time!

Channel Surfing

with Jimbo The Cart Boy


Obviously February is full of holidays like Super Bowl Day and Valentine’s Day. Yep, they got holidays o-plenty for just about everything and anything in the month of February. Must be because people are bored out of their skulls and are cooped up in the house with nothing to do but invent more holidays to celebrate!
Well, I was not only shocked but thrilled silly to discover that February is also…

Return Shopping Carts to the Supermarket Month!!!

Nothing is sadder than seeing a stray shopping cart all by itself in a vast empty parking lot. Alone. Abandoned. Forgotten. It’s just plain cruel!

But leave it to some genius, a true hero (obviously a cart boy) to come up with such a spirited celebration. Just look at my lot and you’ll see the true spirit of shopping carts in all its glory.

Empty cart corals outside

And shopping carts neatly nestled together in a nice warm storage area.

Join in the celebration of Return Shopping Carts to the Supermarket Month. Check this link below to see how you too can do your part.

Just remember, as fun as returning shopping carts can be, there are plenty of other wonderful things to celebrate this month. Here’s a few of my other favorite February Holidays you might also enjoy:


International Friendship Month
Make friends all around the world!

National Snack Food Month
Yummy! This is how those New Year’s diet resolutions get ended so quickly

Responsible Pet Owners' Month
Make sure you feed them, water them, and love them!


February 7th - Laura Ingalls Wilder's Birthday
Don’t laugh! I actually liked watching Little House on the Prairie

February 8th - Clean Out Your Computer Day
Sorry I missed this one!

February 13th - Get a Different Name Day
Also known as Identity Crisis Day

February 17th - Random Acts of Kindness Day
I think this should be an ever day holiday!

February 21st - Love your Pet Day
Give your pet a big sloppy lick on the nose!

February 22nd - World Thinking Day
Think of something really, really good! Like Ice Cream

February 27th - No-Brainer Day
I can defiantly handle this one!

February 28th - Public Sleeping Day
Can sex in public be considered “public sleeping”???

February 29th - Leap Day
Better known as Leap Year, only occurs once every 4 years
Sorry you’ll have to wait till 2012 for the next one


February Surf-In-A-Cart Day!  What's more fun than rolling a cart thru the sand into the ocean to see if you can hang ten from that little seat!

To see EVEN MORE February Holidays, check out this link…

So get out there, enjoy February, and as always, SURF SAFE!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Party at the Isla!

Isla Libertad, Kekoa (Arbizu) and Rodazz (Ambrose) surfing beyooootch sim was rocking with trance music and party goers on Friday afternoon, February 12, 2010.  Try to avoid Rod's cheesy feet and they'll keep the beer flowing and the tunes going!

There's almost always a party going on at Isla Libertad anytime you stop by!  Check out what the gang is up to at Isla Libertad (180, 140, 22)!

SurfWatch Surfboard Art Design Competition

There's still time to submit your entry for the SurfWatch Surfboard Art Design Contest!  Linden and prizes to the winners!  Display your board from now until Saturday, February 20, 2010, at SurfWatch Headquarters at Stables (45, 225, 29). 

Voting begins on Saturday, February 20, so any votes cast prior to that time will be reset.  Voting will run from Saturday, February 20, to Saturday, February 27, so be sure to come by during that week and cast your vote for your favorite board!

Show off your talent, expose your best surfboard art, win linden, prizes and exposure for your art, and be a part of history as SurfWatch celebrates 2 years of sharing the love of Second Life surfing!

Belated Valentine...

Second Life Surfing Association Mori Pwani Pro Results

The results of the Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) Season I 2010 opener, Mori Pwani Pro, on Saturday, February 13, 2010:


First place:  Yendor Destiny ' 15.00000
Second place:  Bodhi Lowtide ' 14.50000
Third place:  Rayzza Rubble ' 14.33333

rain Tigerfish ' 13.16667
sven Homewood ' 11.00000


Heat 1: 

1  Bodhi Lowtide ' 15.00000
2  Angelle Aluveau ' 14.00000
3  Jordan Mendle ' 13.00000
4  Coolkat Delicio ' 14.66667
5  Avidward Flagon ' 12.33333

Heat 2:

1  Buffy Munro ' 13.50000
2  Aurora Jacks ' 11.66667
3  rain Tigerfish ' 14.00000
4  Painless Skytow ' 13.66667

Heat 3:
1  sven Homewood ' 14.83333
2  Countess Decosta ' 12.83333
3  Dixson Martian ' 13.50000

Heat 4:
1  Mick Lunasea ' 13.66667
2  Crusader Arado ' 13.66667
3  Rayzza Rubble ' 14.00000
4  Hummer Lefavre ' 0.000000
5  Noie Jinx ' 13.83333

Heat 5:
1  Yendor Destiny ' 15.00000
2  Snapple Sneerwe ' 14.66667
3  QUENCH Spotter ' 14.16667
4  Maren Macarthur ' 14.66667

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

From our heart to yours!

Ash's Love Story

submitted by Ashleigh Dickins

Love is a many splendored thing. Love is blind. Love is patient. Love is in the air. Love is all around. Love is made for you and me. Love is what makes the world go 'round. Love is giving someone the ability to hurt you, and trusting them not to, on purpose, without a good reason. Love is a battlefield.

All of those cliche's are true. Love is so many things to so many people but it all boils down to just... love. People talk about the American dream, which I'm not sure anyone actually knows WHAT that is, though I've always thought it was 'life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.' Well finding love is the HUMAN dream. Aside from a handful of people who, for cultural or biological reasons, are not prone to love (say what?), the majority of us spend most of our lives seeking love in some form. Be it someone to love, someone who loves us, or a love that lasts, love really has endured the test of time. Sure, over the years it's changed some, anything does with experience, but it's still in the top 3 of most people's lists. Even hardened cynics find themselves looking for love. Maybe not fairytale love - after all, love takes work and sometimes it hurts. You can count me among that group.

I may not be actively pursuing love, but I'm open to it. It was with this in mind, along with my recent failed flirtations, that when Surfwatch Editor, Tauri Tigerpaw, submitted my name for The Dating Casino, I decided to go through with it. At first I had balked, not wanting to seem desperate, but everyone assured me that it was fun, and that I could lampoon Tauri when I wrote about it here. The Dating Casino asserts that love is a gamble, which it is, but also says that by going on it, my odds for romance would be improved. I was skeptical, but figured I'd be meeting three new guys so, hey, maybe... It ended up being a really interesting experience. Not only were there the three bachelors playing the game, but also some in the audience. The questions were probing and at times quite confusing. But by the end of the game, you could tell not only who you had chemistry with, but also who had the same thinking as you. I was suprised to have actually ranked highest and win a date with the mysterious Dr. Occam.

In addition to The Dating Casino, I've also tried to get out and about in the communities I'm involved with, which is great for making friends but less than stellar at finding love when so many people are already coupled up. Those that aren't, I end up in the 'friend zone,' or occasionally a 'fun buddy' as they say on Greek. Who knows, maybe eventually something will work out there, it has in the past, though never for the long run. However, I take solace in couples like Lissa Pinion & VW Sands, Robin Mapp & Monq Pinklady, Kimmy Jigsaw & Wilfrid Decuir, couples who are making it work. They're an inspiration.

I've also anxiously watched on plurk as the "SLMatchmaker" told anonymously about crushes. Basically, you send a private message telling who you have a crush on, they post that 'someone' has a crush on that person and if that person has a crush back, the match is made. If no match is made, there's no foul since it's anonymous. Sadly, no crushes on me there. But I am not giving up, maybe there will be one in today's Surfwatch Valentines, maybe I'll be surprised, maybe I'll go back on The Dating Casino. I may be spending this Valentine's Day on my own hunting Cupid Linden's hearts, but who knows where I'll be in a week, a month, let alone NEXT Valentine's Day. Besides, if all else fails there's always

Important Links:
Watch Ashleigh on The Dating Casino
What the heck is a plurk?
Cupid Linden's Heart Hunt & Other Goodies

SL Surf Love...

To all the great people at SurfWatch that keep us together as a community, and to all the awesome people that make surfing so much fun, have a very happy Valentine's Day! May you all be happy in life and continue to keep the great spirit of friendship going strong!

Jimbo The Cart Boy

Your Heart is Mine...

We give on this day candy and flowers,

But we never stop to say thank you for the many hours.
You have stood by my side and gave your bright smile,
As if to tell our hearts it's been worth every mile.
No need to buy a teddy bear or even a card,
It's pretty simple and not at all hard.
Just let my arms wrap around you and hold you so tight,
And say without words that your heart is mine all night.
We may say I Love You throughout the year,
But on this fine day you and our hearts will be near.
Your words so sweet and straight from your heart,
My life is greatly enhanced with you a la carte.
My love for you will stand the test of time,
I look you in the eyes and say "I am glad you are mine"

~I Love You Asyah Thorne~
Triston Mayo

Twinkle twinkle little heart...


You are the smile on my face, the twinkle in my eye, the beating of my heart...
We explored together and found eachother...


I will never forget you...

I will never forget you...
in some ways you were the worst thing that happened to me but at the same time, you were the best...
I learned so much about who I am by knowing you.
I'll love you forever.

Balancing ...

Emma, you are Emmazing!!! Thank you so much for being my balance in Second Life. You have made every day for the past 12 months so very special for me! I LOVE YOU pretty lady, Happy Valentines Day!!! ♥ Max ♥

Happy Valentine's Day - to Lissa

For being there, for your love and support, for being you.

Happy "V"-day sweety :-)

Sending da Sistas da Love...

We've shared our homes, our heartache, our clothes, our secrets, our boards, our hurts, our frustrations, our happiness, our loves, our landmarks, hairdos, skins, dances, plants, chickens, turtles, projects, gotten mad and made up and still we're sistas.  I love ya Buff, Slave, Clouds, Mo, Em, Shelb, Aly!!!


Biatch Freaaak Love

Dear biatch!
I'm cheating on you daily and stroking it weekly.  Everytime I see you, I have the urge to drink cheap booze.  Everytime I try to get a decent tan, your azz blocks my view.
Your one and only,