Saturday, May 15, 2010

Heat Draws for SLSA Tai SharkBite Epic Open Second Life Surfing Competition 5/15/10

as posted at 5/15/10 6:12 AM SLT

Starting 11:00am sharp - Heat one check in at 10:45 please!!

Each heat will take about 30 minutes. Make sure you are there for your heat.  Each Heat 3 waves each.

All first and second placing riders from the Open will be automatically qualified to compete in the next competition, the Tai sharkBite Shortboard Epic Invitational, taking place on Saturday, May 22.  The winners of each heat will surf a mini final with 3 waves

Heat 1

followingwaves Sirbu(RED)
Rayzza Rubble(BLUE)
Figger Arun(GREEN)

Heat 2

sven Homewood (RED)
Dixson Martian(BLUE)
Countess Decosta(GREEN)

Heat 3

Cymindra Deschanel(RED)
Arjuna Bombastic(BLUE)
Buddy Winsmore(GREEN)

Heat 4

Desne Aabye(RED)
JakMetall (GREEN)

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