Saturday, May 15, 2010

SLSA Tai Sharkbite Epic Open Results

submitted by Ashleigh Dickins and Desirae Beaumont

The results of the Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) Tai Sharkbite Epic Open:

Mini Finals Winners:

1st- followingwaves Sirbu - 14.33
2nd- QUENCH Spotter - 13.83
3rd- sven Homewood - 11.16
4th- Arjuna Bombastic - 10.5

Other Heat Scores:

Heat 1
followingwaves Sirbu(RED) 14.16667
Rayzza Rubble(BLUE) 12.66667
Figger Arun(GREEN) 12.83333

Heat 2
sven Homewood (RED) 12.00000
Dixson Martian(BLUE) DNS
Countess Decosta(GREEN) DNS

Heat 3
Cymindra Deschanel(RED) 11.33333
Arjuna Bombastic(BLUE) 12.66667
Buddy Winsmore(GREEN) DNS

Heat 4
Desne Aabye(RED) 9.333333
QUENCH Spotter(BLUE) 13.50000
Jank Metall(GREEN) 12.66667

Advancing to next Saturday in addition to those 4:
Figger Arun - 12.83
Jank Metall - 12.66
Cymindra Deschanel - 11.33

Other Competitors, eligible for 2 wildcard spots for next Saturday:
Rayzza Rubble - 12.66
Desne Aabye - 9.33

No Shows:
Buddy Winsmore
Dixson Martian
Countess Decosta


Ashleigh Dickins said...

HAHAHA Desi and I are both on the ball ain't we? That was a fun comp!!

Kantbe Thursday said...

That new wave is a hoot! Wish I could have competed this time!!!

Congrats to all those who proceed!!!!