Saturday, May 20, 2017

Here Come’s the Night: Part One

Submitted by Kanjena Sweetleaf

In which our intrepid reporter surveys the music and nightlife scene through the lens of an emptying glass.

I hadn’t planned to stay out so late, honestly! It was just one of those Friday things. I was surfing at Teahupo’o (Teahupo/104/31/22) with a friend and afterwards as we sat by the campfire watching the sunset, we got talking about music and clubs, and then, well, the next thing I knew I was suddenly sartorially transformed, from super minimal and functional (bare ass) surf attire into a very short dress, glittery make-up, and hair all shiny, and Ombre coloured.

I took a taxi* to a club, a place called The Glue House.  The Glue house (/Psycheevil/73/175/24) was created by the lovely Bisou (Vipere Serpente).  It describes itself as ‘A place for lovers of great music and for people that don't sleep early’ and lists it’s music policy as:
 ‘Ingredients:7% 60's Garage, 16% Post Punk, 12% Alternative,9% Indie, 6% Rock N' Roll, 21% Psychedelic ,6% new wave’.  They are open 6 nights a week, Monday through to Saturday, and the sets are usually from 2pm till 4pm SL (Second Life) time,except Fridays when there are 2 D.J.s, the first starting at 12pm SL time.

It was 2:15pm when I arrived, which is 10:15pm in my timezone. I was fashionably late. The D.J. was David de Coco (Davidisrafel Resident) an Irish man who specialises in Psychedelic alternative music. The music was very much to my taste. David is a virtual ‘crate digger’ who spends a lot of time finding wonderful new music to play and it all flows so well together.  His sets are compiled with great care and this is, I believe, an art in itself: The curation of an experience.

I didn’t know most of the music David played. It’s always great to discover new music. In fact, it is one of the greatest things about Second Life, in my opinion, meeting people from all over the world and sharing the listening experience. I have this theory that the senses are heightened in Second Life, because of the situation, the immersion in a visually stimulating, light driven environment, and in a club, where there is interaction with other avatars in local chat, this sensory heightening intensifies the musical experience for me. So it was truly psychedelic that night, my mind lifted to a different place, transported by the D.J.s imagination.

After his set had finished, to great acclaim, I found myself both awake and inspired and decided to wander over to another club, the enigmatic, mysterious Blue Orange (Empire State Island/222/56/1425).  Created by Ini (In Inaka) the club says this about itself: ‘Friendly bohemian club for MUSIC and ART lovers. Alternative, New Wave, Indie, Art Punk, Noise, Psychedelic, Rock, Neo-folk, Experimental, Avant-Garde, Modern and a lot of more music without labels.’

It’s a beautifully built club, but it’s more than a club, too, it’s an art space and, as well as displays of art works, they also host themed music events in purpose built installations.  It was certainly very friendly, the welcome was warm and smiley and the music was instantly captivating. The DJ was Gitu Aura and the music she played this night was, in her words:  ‘a bit noisy, a bit melting and a bit rocky’ in the genres of  ‘psychedelic rock, Indie rock, post-punk, darkwave, synthpop and much more’.  I’m a big fan of ‘much more’ by the way, just thought I’d add that to the mix.  Gitu played some wonderful music, definitely 'a bit melting' and I was also melting as a combination of high humidity and good whiskey had helped to create a lovely warmth inside me, an altered state glow which was invoked by this transmission of music and the ambiance of the Blue Orange.

The night blurred into early morning and my mind flowed with the music in moonlit streams towards a slumber…sometime later I woke up on a beach, disheveled and sand blasted, my clothes scattered around me, my make up smeared and that once perfectly coiffed hairstyle all windblown and sea weeded.

Another great night in SL, I think?

*Both clubs have groups which notify of their events and both also publicise their events on the Alternative Music Informer group.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Breaking News from the SLSA (Second Life Surfing Association)

Reposted from SLSA group notice:

We did not receive the required nominations for the June 1st Director election that was needed. We are opening Director nominations again until May 25th. We will have a June 8th election provided we get three candidates. If we don't receive the required number of nominations by tomorrow May 20th start time of the Bluff Cove comp, we will postpone it. If you would like to run, please read the directions at the following post at the SLSA forum. Thank you!

And per Director Annie Panties (JadeEast), "We could use another trained judge, too, for tomorrow's contest at 11 am bluffs cove."

[Editors Note:  If you have judging experience and are available tomorrow or if you have an interest in keeping the SLSA competitions alive and well, please contact any SLSA Director and get involved!]

Find Your Soul in the Sea

Palma de Majorca (150, 27, 29) - Adult - Island Sea Soul - Home of SurfCrazy!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Remembering: SurfWatch In-World Volume 7

Look for Volume 8 coming soon! Click in the center of this image below to make it full screen, click the sides for flipping pages!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Conversations with Nash: Salsa Waverider, Surf Rang and Special Guest Petra Xaris

Submitted by Nash Laville

Nash LaVille, former Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) Director and long-time soul surfer, shares his enlightening, interesting and sometimes hilarious conversations in Second Life (SL).  This post he visits with SLSA mascots, Salsa Waverider and Surf Rang with a special guest appearance by SLSA Director, Petra Xaris.

Nash:  Hey Buddy. Long time man!

Surf Rang: Hi, Nash.
Salsa Waverider: Hi, Nash.
Nash: Hiya Salsa.
Salsa Waverider: Still thinking about our date last week, Nash?
Nash:  Sigh.
Salsa Waverider: Oopps, sorry, Rang.
Nash:   Dude! Lookin sharp!
Surf Rang: Thank you, woof.
Nash: Someone die?  Joke. Kidding.
Surf Rang: Lol
Nash: Sorry
Surf Rang: Haha.

Nash: Not often I see the two of you together. Salsa. Rang.
Petra Xaris: Yes, I don't see them together much either. You kids should go surfing more.
Nash: Rang wang dang doodle.
Petra Xaris:  Lol.
Surf Rang: Woof.
Salsa Waverider:  Meow.
Nash: Doesn't look like they are dressed for the waves, Petra.
Petra Xaris: Not Rang.  Rang has to put up the comp stands.  He's a busy guy tonight.

Nash: You guys got a little time?
Petra Xaris: A little.  Why?
Surf Rang: Some.
Salsa Waverider: Always have time for you, Nash.
Nash: (smiles).  There have been some questions I've been wanting to ask you guys for years.
Salsa Waverider: Ask away.
Nash: Thank you, Salsa.
Salsa Waverider:  Yw.

Nash: Well, like, dude, not to pry but I'm curious. How did you get this gig, Rang?
Surf Rang: Well, I was digging for bones on the beach one day and met some ladies that surfed. They said they needed help so I've been working for them ever since.
Nash: How long you been at it?
Surf Rang: Getting close to 10 years now. Woof.
Nash: WOW. Chicks dig you. Nice work if you can get it.
Surf Rang: Yep, great gig. Once in a while they throw me a fresh bone so I'm a happy guy, woof!
Nash: Some just say yer a dog.
Surf Rang: Maybe human men could learn a thing or two from me.
Nash: Not gonna touch that one.
Surf Rang: Woof.
Nash: Woof.

Nash: Salsa, I have been wondering for years....How did you become the mascott for SLSA?
Salsa Waverider: Meow
Nash: Chasing a beach mouse? I just made that up.
Salsa Waverider: Well, I was prancing around the beach one day, looking for a fresh fish catch when I met the same two ladies Rang met. They thought he needed a cool cat to keep him in line and so...I was hired.
Nash: How long ago was that?
Salsa Waverider: Oh, probably about 7 years or so. As long as he keeps his woofing to a limit we get along just fine.
Nash: Looks at Rang.  I'm not gonna touch that one either.
Surf Rang:  Woof!!!!

Nash: I think this is the first time I have ever seen you guys together. You don't hang out much?
Salsa Waverider: Well, we do when no one else is around it seems.
Nash: That makes sense. Like, if a wave forms and no one is around to carve it, is there bliss?

Nash: Whats your favorite thing bout surfing in SLSA, Rang?
Surf Rang: I love getting into the water and splashing around. Of course, surfing just comes natural to me, At least that's what Ms Bobbi Laval-LaSalle tells me all the time. We're pretty good friends she and I.
Nash: I'm glad to hear this.

Nash: Where would we find the Rangster when it's mushburgers everywhere?
Surf Rang:  Mushburger?
Nash: Yeah.  Fluff. Flat.  Mud.
Surf Rang:   Ohhh.
Nash: Where would we find you, buddy?
Surf Rang: Hanging in the new SLSA office up in the sky, woof.
Nash: ?  Say whaa?  New office?  You got an office?
Surf Rang: Yep.  New office up there.
Nash: Way to go dude! Congrats!
Surf Rang:   Woof
Nash: They got a bone machine up there for YOU?  Just kidding. I know you get yours delivered fresh.
Surf Rang:  Woof

Nash: How about you, Salsa? Where do we find you when it's not percolating?
Salsa Waverider: Well, I like to travel around more than Rang does.
Nash: OK. I'm just gonna spit this out:  You guys ... trip me out.
Salsa Waverider:  Oh?
Nash: Yer like to cool for SL. You don't have any peers.  That was not a typo.. Ok, Salsa...You vape.  Like, constanly!
Salsa Waverider: well., I'm a cool cat sure and Rang is a cool pooch
Nash: LOL! Dude!  She just called you a cool pooch!
Surf Rang:  Woof

Nash: You guys get along real good for a cat and a dog. Most admirable
Salsa Waverider: I learned to keep my claws retracted around Rang.
Nash: Salsa, you are quite the fashion feline.
Salsa Waverider: Why, thank you, Nash. Thanks to Ms Petra. For years we were, um, without clothes.
Nash:  I think that is what baffled me. Mhm.  Both of you are sharp dressers. By the way Salsa, yer new yellow polka dot kini is twisted.  I mean the strap...right there.
Salsa Waverider: Rang could use another outfit. Maybe some boardies for the beach. Yeah, poor guy is sweating it out in that tux of his.
Nash: Boardie Priority.  Wait.  Isn't he like the best surfer in SL?

Nash: Good sign ya got here, Petra!
Petra Xaris: Thank you.
Nash: Nods, gotta love it. So is this your only gig ,Rang?
Surf Rang: For now, yes
Nash: Som'n on the horizon maybe? Just what IS it that you do, anyway?
Surf Rang: Keep an eye on the beach and keep the ladies smilin'.
Nash: HA! Cool. Right dude for the job.
Surf Rang:  Woof.
Salsa Waverider:  Meow.

Nash: Salsa. What are your responsibilities?
Salsa Waverider: Fishing. Cleaning up the beach and meowing at the visiters.
Nash: Like the cool kitty you are. I enjoy hanging with you guys. I had a real good time!
Salsa Waverider:  Aww, thank you meow.
Surf Rang:  Woof woof.
Nash: Alright, buddy! Good to see you man. Petra, nice to see you.  Salsa...I gotta git.  Woof.
Petra Xaris: Nice to see you. too, lol. Take care.
Nash: I'll see you around.  Peace

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Surf and Shop at Kona

What surf bunny doesn't like to hit the shops after icing the waves?  Kona Beach delivers both.  Kona Beach and Surfing, Woodridge (18, 176, 20) M

Monday, May 15, 2017

The Legends Series: INTERVIEW - COLLEEN BRENNAN (Originally posted 3/15/2009)

Within the pages of SurfWatch is the rich history of Second Life (SL) surfing from the mouths of the surfers that created or developed or promoted or excelled in this virtual sport over the years.  Enjoy these interviews and the perspective from these surf legends as SurfWatch begins "The Legends Series".

Surfwatch recently sat down with Colleen Brennan, Director with the SLSA Board, to discuss her recent re-election and current changes to the SLSA competition registration process.

SurfWatch: How do you feel about another term as Director on the Board?
Colleen Brennan: First of all, it is a great honor to be elected for another term. My main goal, as always, is to preserve what is so very good about SLSA surfing and tweak what needs to be changed so that the maximum amount of people can have the maximum amount of fun.

SW: What are some of the most urgent matters you will be addressing?
CB: The most pressing issue we have involves registrations, and I believe that the surf-in proposal is the best one for addressing that. It will allow us to keep registration and competitions open while also limiting the length of time consumed by a competition (editors note: See SW 3/12/09 SLSA New Competition Format for details). I am excited that we now have almost a 50% increase in the number of people who will surf in a competition. The expanded opening round should give us all more surfing and less waiting.

SW: What other matters is the Board looking into?
CB: I would like to work on shoring up sponsorship support. I hope everyone realizes that is how the whole SLSA can even happen. I appeal right now to everyone who wants to keep the SLSA running to consider a sponsorship, maybe even one for their team (editors note: See SW 3/13/09 SLSA Seeking Sponsorships).

SW: Any other issues facing the new Board?
CB: I think it also may be time to review judging and other guidelines and see if they need updating and improvement. For example, there have been major changes since many of the current guidelines were initially adopted and we surfed on pre-Havok4 boards on a single length pipeline wave. Back then, it was almost impossible not to belly. "Using the whole wave" meant something entirely different than it does now with a 200 meter long Epic wave. We also need to evaluate what board scripts will be allowed in competitions. As I understand it, the 6 series script is becoming more widely distributed now. We will need to evaluate its impact and update the guidelines for changes in surfboard technology.

SW: Any final words?
CB: The more detailed we can get on this, the more it will be appreciated by surfers as well as judges. I believe everyone would appreciate improved guidelines on what is expected. Surfers will, in order to give a top performance, and judges will, in order to be most fair. The most important thing of all, tho, is that anything adopted will have to come from consulting the surfers and judges and then revising the guidelines. One thing that will be essential, in my opinion, is to reward excitement and innovation. The main concern is that, whatever system the judges end up with, it should encourage all-out surfing and reward risk taking over safety surfing. It is more exciting to watch someone who is trying to win than someone who is trying not to lose.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Breaking News from Cann!bal !sland!

Reposted from group notice with permission of Chotaire Seelowe

What's new at Cann!bal?
Sun, May 14 2017 4:45:32 AM PDT

The preparations for the Cann!bal Summer 2017 update are full on. Besides Cannibia moving into our estate, there are 3 more Cann!bal beach regions planned to be unleashed in June. This is not only the biggest update ever, it is bigger than all previous big updates combined :)

I may be shifting the move of Cannibia for up to two weeks since I will be travelling to the Carribbean. I'll let you know early enough. Again, save this landmark, Cannibia loves will need it very soon :)

[Editors note:  New LM]

Cause he's my best friend....

Bandit and Tauri, come join us at the Home of Surfing in SL, Solace Dreams (92, 18, 21) Moderate