Friday, May 26, 2017

Artfully Created Kanaloa Surf Beach!

Submitted by Opal Rivers

Kanaloa Surf Beach, Poison Apple (172,125,21) – Moderate

This beach was created with a masterful hand, and yet using the restraint that only a true artist can achieve.  Your arrival point dunks you in the water, but a short wade through the water to the shore will not hurt anyone.  Besides, that’ll teach you not to teleport to a beach sim with high heels on.  Kanaloa Surf Beach has a gentle motion of the tide, the gulls flying overhead, and the soothing sounds of the shore all make this beach one for your landmark files.  This simplistic beach has the most realistic sand texture that I have seen in Second Life (SL).  The beach vibe is artfully created to portray a realistic beach for surfers to enjoy, with no lag or long rezzing to be found. 
There are many unique features of this beach.  First and foremost are the waves.  They are Maoli Tahiti Break.  The ample surf area is a smooth ride for all surfers on the multiple waves that run with a good frequency.   You must be a group member to rez a surf board.  However, there are multiple surf board rezzers for everyone to enjoy.  The buildings and social gathering areas are an eclectic mix of beach-worn buildings to tropical grass huts.  There are even a few strategically located abandoned locomotive engines around the sim.  Even the beach loungers are uniquely creative.  All these areas create social gathering areas to inspire the gathering of surfers and friends after a long day of enjoying the waves.  There is this unique carousel that looks harmless enough, until it starts to move at full speed.  I wish I would have held on tightly.   Next to this is the hip hop club that is actively used. The name of the nightclub on the sim is Club Sole.  There is also a landmark board to teleport to the store associated with the group called the Sole Shop.  Here there are many freebies for group members.  The owner of the sim is a Japanese avatar named Wataru ShoreI managed to have a brief interview with him despite the language difficulties.  Wataru explained to me that he loves the ocean and is a real live surfer.  It was his intention to create a realistic sim with wonderful waves for people to enjoy.  Enjoyable is the best word for this sim.

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