Sunday, May 14, 2017

Breaking News from Cann!bal !sland!

Reposted from group notice with permission of Chotaire Seelowe

What's new at Cann!bal?
Sun, May 14 2017 4:45:32 AM PDT

The preparations for the Cann!bal Summer 2017 update are full on. Besides Cannibia moving into our estate, there are 3 more Cann!bal beach regions planned to be unleashed in June. This is not only the biggest update ever, it is bigger than all previous big updates combined :)

I may be shifting the move of Cannibia for up to two weeks since I will be travelling to the Carribbean. I'll let you know early enough. Again, save this landmark, Cannibia loves will need it very soon :)

[Editors note:  New LM]

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