Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Conversations with Nash: Salsa Waverider, Surf Rang and Special Guest Petra Xaris

Submitted by Nash Laville

Nash LaVille, former Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) Director and long-time soul surfer, shares his enlightening, interesting and sometimes hilarious conversations in Second Life (SL).  This post he visits with SLSA mascots, Salsa Waverider and Surf Rang with a special guest appearance by SLSA Director, Petra Xaris.

Nash:  Hey Buddy. Long time man!

Surf Rang: Hi, Nash.
Salsa Waverider: Hi, Nash.
Nash: Hiya Salsa.
Salsa Waverider: Still thinking about our date last week, Nash?
Nash:  Sigh.
Salsa Waverider: Oopps, sorry, Rang.
Nash:   Dude! Lookin sharp!
Surf Rang: Thank you, woof.
Nash: Someone die?  Joke. Kidding.
Surf Rang: Lol
Nash: Sorry
Surf Rang: Haha.

Nash: Not often I see the two of you together. Salsa. Rang.
Petra Xaris: Yes, I don't see them together much either. You kids should go surfing more.
Nash: Rang wang dang doodle.
Petra Xaris:  Lol.
Surf Rang: Woof.
Salsa Waverider:  Meow.
Nash: Doesn't look like they are dressed for the waves, Petra.
Petra Xaris: Not Rang.  Rang has to put up the comp stands.  He's a busy guy tonight.

Nash: You guys got a little time?
Petra Xaris: A little.  Why?
Surf Rang: Some.
Salsa Waverider: Always have time for you, Nash.
Nash: (smiles).  There have been some questions I've been wanting to ask you guys for years.
Salsa Waverider: Ask away.
Nash: Thank you, Salsa.
Salsa Waverider:  Yw.

Nash: Well, like, dude, not to pry but I'm curious. How did you get this gig, Rang?
Surf Rang: Well, I was digging for bones on the beach one day and met some ladies that surfed. They said they needed help so I've been working for them ever since.
Nash: How long you been at it?
Surf Rang: Getting close to 10 years now. Woof.
Nash: WOW. Chicks dig you. Nice work if you can get it.
Surf Rang: Yep, great gig. Once in a while they throw me a fresh bone so I'm a happy guy, woof!
Nash: Some just say yer a dog.
Surf Rang: Maybe human men could learn a thing or two from me.
Nash: Not gonna touch that one.
Surf Rang: Woof.
Nash: Woof.

Nash: Salsa, I have been wondering for years....How did you become the mascott for SLSA?
Salsa Waverider: Meow
Nash: Chasing a beach mouse? I just made that up.
Salsa Waverider: Well, I was prancing around the beach one day, looking for a fresh fish catch when I met the same two ladies Rang met. They thought he needed a cool cat to keep him in line and so...I was hired.
Nash: How long ago was that?
Salsa Waverider: Oh, probably about 7 years or so. As long as he keeps his woofing to a limit we get along just fine.
Nash: Looks at Rang.  I'm not gonna touch that one either.
Surf Rang:  Woof!!!!

Nash: I think this is the first time I have ever seen you guys together. You don't hang out much?
Salsa Waverider: Well, we do when no one else is around it seems.
Nash: That makes sense. Like, if a wave forms and no one is around to carve it, is there bliss?

Nash: Whats your favorite thing bout surfing in SLSA, Rang?
Surf Rang: I love getting into the water and splashing around. Of course, surfing just comes natural to me, At least that's what Ms Bobbi Laval-LaSalle tells me all the time. We're pretty good friends she and I.
Nash: I'm glad to hear this.

Nash: Where would we find the Rangster when it's mushburgers everywhere?
Surf Rang:  Mushburger?
Nash: Yeah.  Fluff. Flat.  Mud.
Surf Rang:   Ohhh.
Nash: Where would we find you, buddy?
Surf Rang: Hanging in the new SLSA office up in the sky, woof.
Nash: ?  Say whaa?  New office?  You got an office?
Surf Rang: Yep.  New office up there.
Nash: Way to go dude! Congrats!
Surf Rang:   Woof
Nash: They got a bone machine up there for YOU?  Just kidding. I know you get yours delivered fresh.
Surf Rang:  Woof

Nash: How about you, Salsa? Where do we find you when it's not percolating?
Salsa Waverider: Well, I like to travel around more than Rang does.
Nash: OK. I'm just gonna spit this out:  You guys ... trip me out.
Salsa Waverider:  Oh?
Nash: Yer like to cool for SL. You don't have any peers.  That was not a typo.. Ok, Salsa...You vape.  Like, constanly!
Salsa Waverider: well., I'm a cool cat sure and Rang is a cool pooch
Nash: LOL! Dude!  She just called you a cool pooch!
Surf Rang:  Woof

Nash: You guys get along real good for a cat and a dog. Most admirable
Salsa Waverider: I learned to keep my claws retracted around Rang.
Nash: Salsa, you are quite the fashion feline.
Salsa Waverider: Why, thank you, Nash. Thanks to Ms Petra. For years we were, um, without clothes.
Nash:  I think that is what baffled me. Mhm.  Both of you are sharp dressers. By the way Salsa, yer new yellow polka dot kini is twisted.  I mean the strap...right there.
Salsa Waverider: Rang could use another outfit. Maybe some boardies for the beach. Yeah, poor guy is sweating it out in that tux of his.
Nash: Boardie Priority.  Wait.  Isn't he like the best surfer in SL?

Nash: Good sign ya got here, Petra!
Petra Xaris: Thank you.
Nash: Nods, gotta love it. So is this your only gig ,Rang?
Surf Rang: For now, yes
Nash: Som'n on the horizon maybe? Just what IS it that you do, anyway?
Surf Rang: Keep an eye on the beach and keep the ladies smilin'.
Nash: HA! Cool. Right dude for the job.
Surf Rang:  Woof.
Salsa Waverider:  Meow.

Nash: Salsa. What are your responsibilities?
Salsa Waverider: Fishing. Cleaning up the beach and meowing at the visiters.
Nash: Like the cool kitty you are. I enjoy hanging with you guys. I had a real good time!
Salsa Waverider:  Aww, thank you meow.
Surf Rang:  Woof woof.
Nash: Alright, buddy! Good to see you man. Petra, nice to see you.  Salsa...I gotta git.  Woof.
Petra Xaris: Nice to see you. too, lol. Take care.
Nash: I'll see you around.  Peace

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Opal Rivers said...

Love these entertaining conversations. Nice Work Nash!