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The Legends Series: INTERVIEW - Wilfrid DeCuir (Originally Posted 12/10/2008)

Within the pages of SurfWatch is the rich history of Second Life (SL) surfing from the mouths of the surfers that created or developed or promoted or excelled in this virtual sport over the years.  Enjoy these interviews and the perspective from these surf legends as SurfWatch begins "The Legends Series".

By Tauri Tigerpaw. Exclusive to SurfWatch.

Wilfrid DeCuir's biggest hurdle last season was taking part in enough competitions, only making it to Surfline and El Corazon and coming 18th in the 2008 Season I table. This season is a whole different story, with Wil taking first place at Boneyard, Chi and Majini. He only came 5th at Morant Cays, but Wil has done plenty enough this season to earn the number one spot in the table and as the SLSA Pepo Pipe Longboard competition approaches he has 3,350 points and almost a thousand point lead over second place surfer Desirae Beaumont.

SurfWatch: How did you get started?
Wilfrid DeCuir: An old friend, Tistan Micheline, brought me out surfing in early October of 2007, and although I was a bit reluctant at first, I bought my first board, non-epic Namiko Shoalin, that I still have and take out every once in a while for old times sake on the fluffies. All I can say is that I got hooked. I was also going through some personal issues in real life at that time and surfing kept me going. I then spent a lot of time fighting the pipes and flying on the fluffies at Flynn Sheridan's old sim, La Bahia and got to know both Flynn and Cierra (Theriac) , two of the best people you can ever meet. Other memorable moments was when I also found Majini - great surf - and got my second board there, FAKT. What I enjoyed the most from those early days was the chilling by the camp fire with a bunch of new friends - you (Tauri Tigerpaw), Monq (Pinklady), Slave (Lacey), VW (Sands) and so many more to name. You know who you are and I hold you all close to me.

SurfWatch: Who taught you?
Wilfrid: I never took any lessons, never had a teacher, I'm a self taught surfer. But every once in a while, Flynn would give me a tip that I would then incorporate into the style that I now have. I remember Flynn showing me a video he made, and one of the surfers in that vid was Bobbi Laval. I said to myself, "I want to surf like that one day". So I guess watching Bobbi surf inspired me to get better.

SurfWatch: What made you want to start competing?
Wilfrid: I always told myself that I would never compete, I surf for fun. But after much convincing from another good surf friend, Ariana Talaj, where we used to rip Black Rock Harbor together, I entered Surf Jam 3 at Majini, surfing pipes. Not too long after that, I met Abel Halderman where he got me to join Team Tsunami, then got to surf in my first SLSA comp.

SurfWatch: What advice would you give new surfers today?
Wilfrid: The best thing I can say to all the new surfers out there is to just go out and surf. Surf every day, and surf to have fun, not to compete. Competing is only a small part of surfing. And get used to feeling those waves.

SurfWatch: Where do you consider to be the best surfing beaches in Second Life and why?Wilfrid: [laughs] I'm going to be biased here and say my own, Thetis Bahia. But seriously, Majini will always have a special spot for me, I don't know why, the places vibes... [laughs] I love any beach where you can take your board out group free and just go out there and surf.

SurfWatch: Where do you spend most of your time surfing?
Wilfrid: Currently been spending more time at Pepo getting ready for Dec 13th. Otherwise you can find me at Thetis Bahia, at Majini, or on the fluffies at Topanga Canyon which is the sim I got Kimmy (Jigsaw) and I as our wedding present.

SurfWatch: What are your favorite things about Second Life surfing?
Wilfrid: The freedom it gives you, being in the water and one with the wave, feeling its energy, that's the rush. But most of all, it's the people.

SurfWatch: What's your favorite wave?
Wilfrid: My favorite waves are fluffies. For all waves, I like to approach them sideways, having my board parallel to it as it comes and picks me up.

SurfWatch: What board do you use now and why?
Wilrid: I have all kinds of boards and they are all great, but since this summer I've taken a liking to SSi based boards. I find they give me good control in the pipes, excellent air time on the Epic, and they rawk on the fluffies. But like I mentioned earlier about my old Shaolin, I like to take out some of my old boards again every once in a while.

Do you have a favorite or trademark maneuver?

Wilfrid: Yes, I think I have a trademark maneuver, some kind of barrel roll. I have no name for it, and my style comes from just being out there on the water all the time since I'm self taught.

SurfWatch: What music pumps you up for a competition, if any?
Wilfrid: I love to listen to the new rock on the XRM stream. If I happen to be on a sim with no XRM, I start winamp and stream it from there! [laughs] That pumps me up. Then with less then an hour before the competition, I like to cuddle on the beach with my wife, Kimmy, as we watch and count the waves together while in voice as we both energize ourselves from each other and the waves.

SurfWatch: What got you interested in owning your own surf sim?
Wilfrid:I don't know, after I found this passion, the idea of having my own sim was always there brewing in the back of my head. Then after a few various circumstances went sour, it was time to get one going with the idea of providing the most lag free sim around that rawks, minimal content but still provide more fun stuff to do other then surfing. I named it Thetis Bahia for two reasons. The first one is after Flynn Sheridan for when he used to have La Bahia as I see him as my sempai (senior). And Thetis comes from my private group of friends since it's part of our sim's name. These people are my Second Life family and my support group when I'm bummed [laughs].

SurfWatch: Any other interests you want to talk about?
Wilfrid: During the summer after I got Thetis Bahia going, I wanted to dabble a bit with board texturing. I got to learn Photoshop real quick, came up with 10 designs, got a hold of Heather (Goodliffe) and created the TSS line of boards. I currently have other interests now, like growing the relationship with my Second Life wife, Kimmy: let's say that if it wasn't for surfing, I never would have met Kimmy. But later on I would like to come up with 10 more textures and also modify the size and shape of my next line of boards.

SurfWatch: Any last words?
Wilfrid: Just want to say thank you for all the support from everyone in the community. This season is quite overwelming considering my standing. Kind of got me by surprise. And everyone made it easy for me to stay level headed. Surf everday my padiwans, feel its force, be one with it (bad Star Wars humour [laughs].

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