Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Bluff Cove - The Diamond of Surfing Gems

Submitted by Opal Rivers

Join the pages of SurfWatch as we explore Opal's Gems of Second Life (SL) surf sims.

If you want a beach where the surfers hang out, then don’t miss Bluff Cove located at Bluff Cove (127,205,26) - Moderate on the Second Life (SL) grid.  This popular surf beach, created by Cierra Theriac and Flynn Sheridan, is a moderate sim that has an outstanding vibe.  Cierra is a long time SL resident and one of the founding members of the Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA).
Picture by Cierra Theriac
 A family-friendly spot, has simple to follow rules; no nudity, and no motorized vehicles. 
I love this simple but pristine beach, mostly because of the picturesque sailboat visible in the distant ocean.  It seriously makes me want to drink rum. 
Picture by Cierra Theriac
The icy blue waters have multiple surf waves that come often and mix with fluffies giving an exciting ride.  Those rocks at the edge of the surf area will slice your AV up to bloody pieces.  It very important for the lifeguard on duty to keep a vigilant shark watch.  There is also a quick rez time and low lag experience, which is also helping the fabulousness of the beach. 

Joining the free group associated with the sim will earn you the Bluff Cove Surfer tag.  The group states the Bluff Cove is home to Wave Rider Designs (WRD). It’s certain that the WRD surfboard shop (173,194,27) is a great place to buy a surfboard.  The designs created by Flynn are unique and classy.  I particularly appreciate the fractal-like designs on some of them.
There is everything at Bluff Cove that one would expect to find on an excellent surf beach.  A rez area for your own boards and multiple boards rezzers allow you to ride the waves on new boards.  The bluffs that surround the sim support many great features, like a picturesque lighthouse.  This area has great views to watch sunrises.
Picture by Cierra Theriac
There are many areas for cute couple meeting places that would be great to get to know a friend at.  My favorite spot is the extra tall lifeguard stand giving a great view of the surfers riding the waves.  Another notable spot is the deck where you can grab a beer and wait to see if anyone dares to ride the metal swan.  Based on the intensity of the waves and the top-heavy nature of the metal swan, it would seem the unfortunate AV would go for a dip in the ocean.  This might be a great photo opportunity if I were more paparazzi-like.

As you look around, you realize that Bluff Cove is neighbors with other long-time prominent beach sims like Bundy Reef Surf Community, Chi, and Tai.  These are some great beaches to mesh with, and Bluff Cove rises to the occasion and more.  


Nash Laville said...

Beautiful photos!

Cierra said...

This is great! Just want to let everyone know that I did not do this on my own. Flynn Sheridan had a major hand in the design of the sim... and the surfboard designs are all his. :)