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The Legends Series: INTERVIEW-- DeVinna Toll (Originally Posted 2/14/2008)

Within the pages of SurfWatch is the rich history of Second Life (SL) surfing from the mouths of the surfers that created or developed or promoted or excelled in this virtual sport over the years.  Enjoy these interviews and the perspective from these surf legends as SurfWatch begins "The Legends Series".

SurfWatch was fortunate enough to catch avid Second Life surfer DeVinna Toll out of the water this week for an exclusive interview.DeVinna, or Devi to her friends, is still ecstatic about her recent trophy win at the SLSA Majini Surfing Competition in January: "it's my first ever first-place trophy! Woot!". The first place gives her an early lead as number one in the 2008 SLSA standings, following on from her fifth place in the overall 2007 surfing competition table. The dark haired, tattooed and, dare we say it, cute, surfer girl, looks quiet low key when off the beach, favouring hoodies, jeans and sneakers, casual all the way. However, looks can be deceiving! You can probably find DeVinna surfing at Sunset Bay, which she owns together with her partner Rani Decosta, at one of Helio Estates surf beaches or with her new found friends at Majini.

SurfWatch: How long have you been SL surfing?

DeVinna: I've been bustin' my British ass surfing ever since I found Second Life. It's been over a year now! [laughs]

SurfWatch: What was your very first board?

DeVinna: Namiko 500L and 'had to camp my ass off to get it! [laughs]

SurfWatch: What board are you using these days?
MC Surfboards Range

SurfWatch: How often do you find time to surf?

DeVinna: Every day!

SurfWatch: What's your favourite surf break?

DeVinna: Sunset Bay and Majini beach are my faves, with a twist of my friend's place Heliopolis too.

SurfWatch: Do you have a favourite wave?

DeVinna: I'm fluffies and pipes all the way! Big EPICs? I eat them for breakfast. Yum!

SurfWatch: Do you have a favourite or trademark maneuver?

DeVinna: I like to think I can pull off the carve-up wave upsidedown flip! You be the judge!

SurfWatch: When did you start entering SL surf competitions?

DeVinna: I entered my name as soon as the first surfing competition came along (after a lot of hard training and working my little fingers to the bone to impress the surfers of SL!) I have a passion for surfing RL and surfing gave my Second Life a little purpose, you know? It can't all be sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll and shopping all the time! [laughs]

SurfWatch: Do you see the line-ups getting busier these days?

DeVinna: Completely! There's alot of good friends of mine on the water these days, plus some new talent: creeping up on me everyday! Devinna's gonna have to keep an eye on these new surfers and up her game every day! [smiles]

SurfWatch: Are you an active member of any surfing clubs / teams?

DeVinna: Not at the moment. I have always wondered why no one would ask me to be in there surf team! Perhaps, I'm just missunderstood! When you get to know me then you'll find that friendly, fun and surf is me all over! [winks] The only guy that gave me a shot was MC Surfboards: yay! The owner is a good buddy of mine (and excellent designer by the way).

SurfWatch: Any plans to get involved in the business of surfing?

DeVinna: Nope, I'm just happy that all my friends and the SL surfing community can see that I love surfing, have fun everyday with them and have a good laugh. However, if anybody out there in commerce land is interested in Devi Toll, surf nerd, who loves to be involved in surfing in any way possible: just gimmie a crack round my UK head and say "hey, get working girl!" And maybe I'll take them up on it...

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Craig Stallion said...

DEVI! You are the numero uno surfty teacher to ever grace our beaches chica. You rock my world. Keep it up girl, but you are in trouble when I find my way back on the circuit.