Friday, June 23, 2017

SurfWatch Fashion Focus: Free or Almost Free Bikinis and Swimwear on MarketPlace! A How To......

Submitted by Valerie Lavender

There's more to the Second Life (SL) surf scene than the wave.  Beaches are full of dudes and babes checking each other out and checking out the latest in beach fashion.  Stay tuned for Valerie's regular series on SurfWatch Beach Fashion.

Through the years I have found that there are plenty of free or less than L$10 bikinis on the MarketPlace and we all love a bargain right?  I have bought 20 or 30 of them and only had to toss 1 or 2 due to a bad fit.  So what are you waiting for?  Let me give you some helpful tips.......

*sign up for MarketPlace if you have not already.

*on the left side of page are categories or filters.  Choose Apparel and under that Women's Bikinis..  At the top of the page are more search filters.  I always make sure my searches include adult items.  Under keyword put "free" (no quotations).  

*okay it tells me 388 matching items have been found.  I also add that I want to see 24 items per page and that under "Sort By" I select Price:  Low to High.

*Hit search and see what you get!  You may get a lot of demos of higher priced kinis at the beginning of the listings but keep on scrolling.  I promise many goodies are to be found and all for under $L10.  If you prefer mesh then be sure the one you select say mesh in the description.

Pictured is a lovely I found today.  It's a 

::: MFSL Fashion :::

100% Mesh in five sizes
Model:  Valerie 
Location:  T'ai 
Hair:  DeLa Fitted Mesh Hair Blondes "Kelsey"
Head:  Catwa AnnaGrey
Body:  Maitreya Lara 3.5
Shape:  Custom by Nash
Jewelry:  ^^Swallow^^ Lock of Love Necklace and Matching Ring
Appliers:  DeeTale Z Catwa Head Face Gaby Mixed Type

Contact me if you need any help!

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