Friday, March 2, 2012

City of Vonda - Virtual Highway

Submitted by Marianna Monentes

When I first came to VirtualHighway grid I was in search of the place where I could once again build and create my foods that I so love creating.  I read that owners Tiffany Magic and logger Sewell are offering a land and upload incentive so I decided to inquire and find out if maybe I could bring my products to VirtualHighway.

Tiffany Magic was very welcoming and explained that for creators they are offering great incentive for land and upload costs.  Just contact Tiffany Magic or logger Sewell for more details.

City of Vonda

While here, during my downtime, I have visited places like City of Vonda, an original Gorean City built in Second Life by  Andro Muircastle, Ubar of SL Vonda. When the city was retired it was given to Tiffany and she has erected that here, it is stunning.  Those interested in Gorean RP it is perfect and waiting for you. It has 22 regions set aside in a Gor Continent.  Olni is under construction... Lara is there... with the regions set up for Tancred's Landing, Ti and Saphronicus Fortress. Please come make this community bustle with activity it is waiting open arms for you.

Two years of building and perfecting the grid...Tiffany and logger will be the first to tell you it will always be a work in progress.

For me personally, building has been incredible.  I have had no issues its been really pleasant and fun. VirtualHighway backs up regions 4 times a day.
VirtualHighway -

Thursday, March 1, 2012

SLSA Elections Today

Submitted by Cierra Theriac

The Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) is holding the election today (March 1st) for the two director seats coming open. Eligible voters can cast their ballots on Solace Dreams.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Asylum Sports Preparing for Official Opening in Second Life

Asylum Sports in Second Life (SL) is very close to setting their official grand opening date with lots of events scheduled in addition to huge prizes.  Be sure to join the Asylum Sports group to get more information as it becomes available - Xander (Datura) says, "It's gonna be epic!!"  Check out for more information on Asylum Sports extreme sports in Second Life and how you can join the fun!

Leap Day - Your Extra Day!

Some things you may not know about February 29:

  • February 29 doesn't come around every year.  It takes the Earth 365 1/4 days to revolve around the sun.  Every 4 years, that 1/4 equals a whole extra day, turning into February 29! 
  • It was the early Romans who designated February 29 as leap day. 
  • A calculation for a Gregorian calendar was established in the 16th century to include leap day in years only divisible by 4. 
  • There is a tradition originating in 5th century Ireland of women proposing to men on leap year day
  • There was a law in Scotland forbidding a man to decline a February 29 proposal. 
  • People born on leap year day are called "leaplings". 
Is there some other leap year tidbit rolling around in your head?  Share it with us!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Surf's Up! We Need Your Feedback!

SurfWatch In-World Edition wants to know... the state of the beach!  Your feedback will tell us what's hot and what's not in Second Life (SL) surfing these days!  And we'll pass all the hots and nots to you in the In-World Edition of SurfWatch!  Take just a couple seconds to complete the poll and let your voice be heard in the next In-World Edition of SurfWatch!

Take our poll here.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Life is a Highway - Virtual Highway

"Life is a Highway" and your virtual life could be waiting to take a drive to Virtual Highway!  Virtual Highway is a brand new virtual community currently listing 273 users and growing.  It's a content protected grid that offers the same opportunities as other virtual worlds for a fraction of the cost.  Log onto to find more information on exactly how you can claim a lane in Virtual Highway!

Tiffany Magic, grid co-owner, says Virtual Highway offers, "a new world to create the ultimate surfing site with no lag and more reasonable prices...We need people with an adventurous spirit to build the surfing community here.  Ones who will appreciate a grid that is willing to do anything to help them achieve what they want to have." 

Virtual Highway also offers excellent shopping opportunities; live performers; and a 22 region Gorean community.  The City of Vonda is transplanted into Virtual Highway.  "Olni is being built here.  Lara is ready and waiting, as are Tancred's Landing, Ti, and much of the Salerian Region".  Tiffany adds, "We seek Goreans who are tired of the World of Warcraft crowd that has taken over Second Life (SL) Gor. We want people who want to recreate that world as it was in the books of Gor".  The grid is currently in the process of adding combat/life systems, extreme sports, surfing, a biker community, and is looking for creators interested in this ground floor opportunity to start a whole new world. 

Owning a sim is very affordable:

Mainland price: $50.00USD purchased in world for 12,500V$ Prims: 15,000
Private Regions: $75.00USD purchased on the website through paypal. You need to go to your account and click on the land tab. Prims: 40,000
Homestead Regions: $35.00USD purchased on the website through paypal. You must own a full region in order to purchase a Homestead Region. You need to go to your account and click on the land tab. Prims: 5,000
Water Regions: $10.00USD purchased on the website through paypal. You need to go to your account and click on the land tab. You must own a rull region in order to purchase a Water Region. Prims: 1,000

Contact Tiffany Magic for more information!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Grab A Wave...

The other day I stopped by Solace Dreams for a relaxing stroll along the beach. I was enjoying the view of the Sunset waves rolling in across the water and happened to notice a few green dots on my radar near the board rezzer. I headed over to find some people I had never met before talking in local chat about how cool everything was. I said hello and enjoyed some friendly surf conversation.

A guy named LoneSurfer was teaching beginner surfers Crafty and Shady how to rez boards and learn the basic controls. I thought to myself how cool this was so I shared with each of them a copy of SurfWatch In World Magazine and posted the SurfWatch blog address in local chat. LoneSurfer responded with an enthusiastic "Thanks Dude!" I think they were all amazed at how deep the Surfing Culture is in SL.

I stood on the beach and watched them surf for a bit. Wasn't too long until I started searching my mess I call my inventory folder for my favorite pair of blue Splendeurs Maresia boardies. AHHHH FOUND THEM!!! I tossed them on, grabbed a Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) rezzer board and paddled out to the lineup buoy. It was very awkward for me because it was the first time out on a board in well over 4 months, and even more different without someone special riding on the back with me.

After a few waves I met another surfer named Melian Catronis who was tuning up for an upcoming Pro Comp Series. We talked about boards and competitions and mingled with the other surfers for bit. Everyone was excited and stoked about surfing in their own way, so it was naturally time for a PARTY WAVE!!!! We paddled out and all jumped a wave together, everyone was twisting and spinning and jumping in every which way and direction. Afterwards we all paddled back in to the board rez area and Melian said, "Every now and then, you just have to go out and make a wave your (female dog)! Crafty added, " That was fun! I can't believe Cadwallader isn't here... we know about this place thanks to him".

So, after being off the waves for a few months, it really was nice to be able to go out and enjoy a fun evening of surfing with some really nice folks who all had their own special surf vibe. If you been away like me, I encourage you to come on out and grab a wave sometime!

Surf Safe!

Jimbo the Cartboy