Thursday, February 16, 2012


Submitted by CoolKat Delicioso on behalf of the Archi' Management Team


Archi' was created as a place for all surfers to come and relax, chill out with friends or alone, enjoy the waves, listen to great music and gently rekindle the stoke back into our second lives. We have tried to add an element of realism at Archipelago, and we hope you will all love the feel of the sim as much as we do.

Archipelago Hut Rentals

There are 4 surfer shacks available for rent.200prims @ 950lindens p/w

There is some low prim furniture available to use in the huts if residents wish to use it, but all or some can be removed should you wish to use your own and/or increase your prim count.

Each shack has an additional private sky platform when you require total privacy, which consists of a small beach, a walkable island and a tropical panoramic backdrop, .

Audio/ media streams

There is a movie/url/youtube viewer at Archi', available for renters to use. If you wish to have the media played through to your hut or skyplatform, a viewer will be rezzable where you wish to have it. There are no parcel divisions or banlines at Archi'. Why have we chosen to do it this way? Parcel divisions and banlines, I feel, can ruin the natural flow of a sim.  Plus it gives you a larger sky platform to us, if done this way.

We will endeavor to change the wave set each month and have at least one fun event or comp each month, too.  (Some scripted items may be requested to be removed from the sim in the event of a competition to reduce lag and an access list set up for such events). 

So what are you waiting for!?  Come on over and enjoy the stoke with us, and if you want a rental, we'll set you up with one.

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