Saturday, February 25, 2012

Solace Dreams Pro Results

Submitted by Cierra Theriac
Photo courtesy of Ann Orchid

SLSA Solace Dreams Pro Results
The Solace Dream Pro competition was sponsored in memory of Tsunami Beach and showcased a lot of amazing surfing. This first series event of the historic 10th Season of the Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) was held Saturday, February 25th, at the home sim of the SLSA, Solace Dreams.

Bobbi Laval 17.33333
Sunrize Mornington 16.66667
Abel Halderman 16.50000
Zelda Zimberman 15.83333
Maldrul Morris 15.50000
followingwaves Sirbu 15.16667

*Semi-Final 1
Abel Halderman 17.00000
Sunrize Mornington 16.83333
Vic Bonetto 14.50000
lmzadi Amaterasu 15.33333

*Semi-Final 2
Bobbi Laval 16.66667
Rayzza Rubble 14.00000
Revlon Benoir 14.66667
Zelda Zimberman 16.16667

*Semi-Final 3
Cierra Theriac 15.66667
followingwaves Sirbu 15.83333
Maldrul Morris 16.16667
Figger Arun 14.66667

*Heat 1
JT Castanea 14.33333
Maldrul Morris 16.33333
Abel Halderman 17.83333
Cristal Rowland 13.33333
Petra Xaris 14.16667

*Heat 2
Bobbi Laval 15.66667
Buck Ghostraven 14.66667
Vic Bonetto 15.16667
Dixson Martian 12.83333

*Heat 3
Cierra Theriac 16.33333
Mellan Catronis 12.00000
GiavannaMarie Melody 14.50000
Nicutzi Resident 14.50000
Revlon Benoir 14.66667

*Heat 4
Sunrize Mornington 14.33333
Figger Arun 13.33333
Lourinho Nizna 10.00000

*Heat 5
Dax Verlaine 13.66667
lmzadi Amaterasu 15.00000
Rayzza Rubble 15.50000
Curshaw MacTagert 11.33333

*Heat 6
Zelda Zimberman 16.50000
followingwaves Sirbu 16.66667
Xander Datura 13.33333
Ashoka Mosely 14.66667
Clyde Barrow 13.66667

And thanks the the event staff who kept the competition running smoothly and completed in under 5 hours!

*Event Staff
Event Coordinator (EC) : Gia Melody
Head Judge (HJ): Sally LaSalle
Judge: Pova Rustamova
Judge: Robbin Ember
Marshall: Cloudy Mikado
Secruity: Sunrize Mornington
DJ: Ensane Jefferson
Rashguards (Rashies) by Gia Melody

Congratulations to everyone who surfed. You were all incredible!

Candidates Announced - SLSA March 1st Elections

Submitted by Cierra Theriac

The Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) Board member elections are coming up on March 1st. There are two openings and two candidates have submitted themselves for consideration: Revlon (Revy) Benoir and Imzadi Amaterasu. 

Below are their submissions to the board:

Revlon Benoir
"I Revlon "Revy" Benoir would like to place myself in consideration of the position of SLSA Director.

I am available for the full term from March 1st, 2012 through August 31st, 2012.

I am affiliated with T'ai Ch'i Zen as a surfer and team lead.

I am a Gold Level SLSA Sponsor and the owner of the Enchanted Break sim. My SIM is currently registered as a venue in the current season.

I am the originator and organizer of the yearly Surf Festival.

My vision for the SLSA mirrors the spirit of my Surf Festivals. The festivals give the community a chance to step back and take a breath and just let surfing in Second Life be fun.

We do this by including everyone and working together. The very first artwork I created said For Surfers By Surfers and I have placed that on ever piece of artwork since that time.

It is my belief that the SLSA is for Surfers By Surfers. I am not going to promise that I will come in and "FIX" any single issue. But I will promise to be open and honest with every surfer that cares to share a concern with me. One of my favorite quotes is from Margaret Mead:

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.


(Editor's Note:  Revlon Benoir was given special permission by the current SLSA Board to run as, per eligibility rules, she had not competitively surfed in the required number of competitions within the required time frame.)

Imzadi Amaterasu
My name is Imzadi Amaterasu.

I am interested in serving another term on the SLSA's Board of Directors. I think I could continue to contribute ideas and help see things thru as I have in the past. I believe I am a strong team player and can separate my own interests for whats best for the SLSA community as a whole.

I am a member of Team Surfcrazy. I do not have a product or own a sim myself but I am General Manager of Lightening Video, an SLSA sponsor. I also manage Jaguar and 4 others.

Thanks for your time in reading my application.

*Posted in the Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) forums:

Friday, February 24, 2012

Noob and Now!

Submitted by Maxwell Silvansky

Hey Fellow Surfer,

SurfWatch is doing a new segment called "Noob & Now" and we need your help.

Dig through that mess you call your inventory folder and look for one of those old profile pictures you were so proud of when you first started in Second Life. Then find one of your more current breathtaking glamour shots. Be sure to rename your photos with your Avi's name like so…

Maxwell Silvansky Noob
Maxwell Silvansky Now

Then send both photos to me in world (make sure they are full perms), and SurfWatch will then present your "Noob & Now" transformation for all in the surf community to admire.

Thanks again for participating and surf safe!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Breaking News - Goodbye Tsunami

Image courtesy Sally LaSalle

Sources report that Tsunami Surf Beach has been reclaimed by the sim owner and the Freeport Shops on the Tsunami Boardwalk are being returned.  Colleen Brennan, owner of Tsunami Surf Beach, has not logged into Second Life (SL) since December 24, 2011, and she is greatly missed by her many friends.  Many of the surf community in SL are saddened by this loss and send Colleen their best thoughts and wishes.  Please feel free to leave a message for Colleen in the comments section and we'll hope that they will get thru to her.

Extreme SL - Meet Xander Datura!

Extreme sports - skydiving, base jumping, skateboarding, scuba diving, BMX and motocross, jetskis and wakeboarding - Second Life (SL) needs a shot of adrenalin in the form of extreme sports! SurfWatch recently caught up with Xander Datura, organizer of Asylum Sports, the group to join to be in the loop on extreme sports in SL!

SurfWatch (SW): We are all excited to hear more about extreme sports in SL. Is it an organized group or more a series of events?
Xander Datura: Well... it's a lot of separate enthusiasts and sports atm, thats why I was so stoked about Asylum :P. I always loved trying them all out, and trying out all the gear, so I tried to assemble the most realistic designers I could and am working to cross promote some events. Comps will come... but just for fun.
SW:  So you're the founder of Asylum Sports?
Xander Datura:  I'm not really a founder of anything...I'm just a loose rattling NUT on this wheel of all of us crazies :P.  If it wasn't for the support of amazing people in every community, and in my personal life, Asylum never would have even been an idea.  It's my love and passion for each sport and the people in it that keeps me going...and I'm nothing but a pawn and player in it all :>.
SW: What are the sports included so far?
Xander Datura: Well, got a place for surfing of course :P. Skydiving, base jumping, skateboarding, scuba diving, and working on other sports that can use the same setups.. like BMX and motocross... jetskis and wakeboarding. We hope to do some live music, as well.
SW: Will there be competitions or any kind of tracking, or is it just free for all, go do it all?
Xander Datura: There will be some minicomps from time to time. The skydiving guys at Booville would like to host a surfing event, for example, which I'm looking forward to. I'm helping with the details. Then the skydivers will get a taste of the surfing world and vice versa for the surfers learning about the skydiving places and people in SL. Each group has a great bunch of people in it. Asylum just kinda throws them all together and introduces people to new things they might not have known existed otherwise :D.
SW: This sounds like so much fun!!!
Xander Datura: It is.  As I was showing my surfer buds the skydiving, they all loved it. Same with showing people surfing from other groups. For a lot of people, I think it's one of those type of things, they don't go looking for it, but once they try it out, they love it. That's what it's all about, spreading the word and growing the communities... everyone benefits.
SW: Is the sim officially open to the public?
Xander Datura: It's open to the public now. Got some of the shops still getting settled with the gear... then will be ready to make it official. But it's ready to be used now, and the more people that check it out, the better! Plus if anyone has suggestions or ideas to add, it can be done, too!! It's a giant playground... without people to play, it's just... ground :P. Asylum is non profit, too. I don't design anything, so it will run on donations and by people supporting the shops :D.

Check out Asylum Sports sim at **. SurfWatch is very proud to be covering Asylum Sports extreme sports in SL, and will be passing along all the information you need and want to be SL extreme!  Join the group at the group joiner on the sim (URL: secondlife:///app/group/c5dcb44e-0dd4-048c-f127-695be2ed1fa1/about) to get all the information you need to be SL extreme!

*Updated per Kantbe Thursday's comment - thanks Kant!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

SLSA Heats for First Season 10 Pro Comp!

Submitted by Cierra Theriac

Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) has announced the heat draws for its first Pro competition for Season 10.  The event will be this Saturday, February 25th. They ask that surfers be there at 10:45 am SLT for a 11:00 start. Comp packages will be sent out soon.

JT Castanea (RED)
Maldrul Morris (BLUE)
Abel Halderman (GREEN)
Cristal Rowlands (ORANGE)
Petra Xaris (PURPLE)

Bobbi Laval (RED)
Buck Ghostraven (BLUE)
Mick Lunasea (GREEN)
Vic Bonetto (ORANGE)
Dixson Martian (PURPLE)

Cierra Theriac (RED)
Mellan Catronis (BLUE)
GiavannaMarie Melody (GREEN)
Nicutzi (ORANGE)
Revlon Benoir (PURPLE)

Sunrize Mornington (RED)
jayden Domenici (BLUE)
Figger Arun (GREEN)
Lourinho Nizna (ORANGE)
Twixt Mode (PURPLE)

Colleen Brennan (RED)
lmzadi Amaterasu (BLUE)
Robbin Ember (GREEN)
Rayzza Rubble (ORANGE)
Curshaw (PURPLE)

Zelda Zimberman (RED)
followingwaves Sirbu (BLUE)
Xander Datura (GREEN)
Ashoka Mosely (ORANGE)
Clyde Barrow (PURPLE)

Dax Verlaine *Stand-by

Good Luck to everyone and see you there! Let's rock that Sunset wave!

Introducing SurfWatch's Newest Team Member!

SurfWatch would like to welcome Cierra Theriac as our newest member of the SurfWatch Team! Cierra will be keeping readers updated on Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) happenings. For those of you new to the surf scene, Cierra has a long history with SL surfing, including helping to found the SLSA and serving as one of the first directors; being a co-creator and co-owner, along with her partner, Flynn Sheridan, of La Bahia, one of the best early surf spots on the SL surf scene; and being involved in the creation of some of the first SL surfing videos.

Flynn Sheridan described it best in his first SurfWatch interview posted back on March 22, 2008:

“I think that most people don't know how much Cierra Theriac did while she was a director. She helped me pull together and write the foundations of the SLSA rulebook. Until she left office she made all the banners, rashies, and competitor packages. She set up the SLSA website, creating the layout and content, and kept it all up to date until long after she left office. And she marshalled at two competitions. Yep all of that was the wonderfully unspoken and often unnoticed grunt work that takes hours to do but is essential for the party to happen. It was a hell of a lot more than I ever did, and yet she has been in the shadow by my limelight. So I thank you publicly, "Cierra, Thank you!""

SurfWatch is proud to have Cierra on the team!

Monday, February 20, 2012


Information courtesy GiavannaMarie Melody

1. SLSA Sponsor New Additional Benefit

This Season SLSA Sponsors will receive a new benefit for their continued and generous support that allows us to keep running fun and successful competitions.
The SLSA is pleased to announce that SLSA Sponsors will now be able to direct-market to the entire (900 plus) SLSA group a number of times per month, based on their level of sponsorship as follows.
* Gold Sponsors twice per month
* Silver Sponsors once per month
* Bronze Sponsors once every 2 months
Messages will be submitted to the Sponsor Manager, who will then send them to the group using the SLSA's Postmaster Messaging Gadget. Messages can include a notecard, landmark, object, texture or any combination of these. The Postmaster system sends messages when people are online to ensure delivery, and each Sponsor Message will be queued for 24 hours, to target members coming on line, after 24 hours, the remaining unsent messages will be sent as offline messages.
Because the messages will be sent via the SLSA Sponsor Messaging system, members may choose to opt out of receiving messages; however, we would encourage all members to take the time to support our generous sponsors.
Messages will also be posted to the SLSA Facebook page and tweeted through the two SLSA Twitter Channels.

2. SLSA Booster Program, for Individual and Team Sponsors

In addition to our existing commercial sponsorship levels, Individuals and Teams are able to sponsor the SLSA season, with the new “SLSA Booster” program. The revenue from his stream of will be pooled, divided and donated evenly to the 5 surf venues that so generously, provide a place for all of us to enjoy surfing competition at their expense.
The INDIVIDUAL SLSA Booster Program will have 3 levels of Individual sponsorship
* Diamond 6000L per season, Diamond Dog tag, Name on Diamond Rotating Sponsor Panel on the Sim and on the Competition Stands.
* Ruby 3000L per season, Ruby Dog tag, Name on Ruby Rotating Sponsor Panel on the Sim and on the Competition Stands
* Emerald 1000L per season, Emerald Dog tag, Name on Emerald Rotating Sponsor Panel on the Sim and on the Competition Stands
Individuals will also receive a special recognition Tag in the SLSA Group.
Team Boosters are for SURF TEAMS they will be set at 5000L per Season and will have the Team Flag fly over the Spectators stands for the season. A plaque of recognition will also be given for display in the team's Clubhouse.

3. SLSA Sponsorship Levels

For the purposes of this document an event is one day of competition while a series is the two days of competition at the same sim (usually 2 Saturdays in a row within one month), and a season is all 5 series’ (5 months in a row.)

* It should be noted, that the number of competitions per series may be 1 or 2 depending on the number of competitors that register for the series. The first event in a series contingent upon more than 30 surfer registrations is known as the Open Competition. The second event in a series, which runs irrespective of registration numbers, is known as the Pro competition

3.1 “TITLE” Sponsorship

• Logo/name/Branding on rash guards (back)

• 3 1024×512 ratio banners placed throughout the event with ability to give out as many freebies or other objects, notes and Landmarks as you want per touch
• 6 x Additional double-sided square banners with shared 35 second rotation with other Gold level sponsors
• 3 Announcements from the DJ during the first event
• 4 Announcements from the DJ during the second event
• Placement of branding on the SLSA website as a clickable SLURL (
• Placement of branding on trophies for the event,
• 2 Messages for the month (with attachments) Direct marketed to the 900+ member group
Price for 1 season series = (2 competitions*): 5000 L

3.2 GOLD Sponsors

• 1 large square banner on the presentation deck which can give 1 Landmark, 1 Note card and 1 Object (freebie box) per touch. (Presentation deck gets most photo exposure),

• 6 additional large square double-sided banners providing rotating exposure of your brand shared by other gold sponsors in 35 second rotations,
• 2 Announcements from the DJ during the first event,
• 3 Announcements from the DJ during the second event,
• Placement of branding in the SLSA website Sponsor Page as a clickable URL or SLURL (
• Gold level season event sponsors will additionally get front page web site and rotating forum exposure
• 2 Messages for each month (with attachments) Direct marketed to the 900+ member group
Currently available options:
3500 L per series (2 competitions* each series)
14000 L for all 5 series of the season (20% off)
11900 L for 4 series of the season (15% off)
9450 L for 3 series of the season (10% off)
6650 L for 2 series of the season (5% off)

3.3 SILVER Sponsors

• 1 fixed medium banner placed on the mid-level seating deck which can give 1 Landmark and 1 Note Card per touch,

• 6 additional medium square banners providing rotating exposure of your brand shared by other silver sponsors in 45 second rotations,
• 1 Announcements from DJ during the first event,
• 2 Announcements from DJ during the second event,
• Placement of branding in the SLSA website sponsor page as a clickable URL or SLURL (
• 1 Message for each month (with attachments) Direct marketed to the 900+ member group
Currently available options:
1800 L per series
7200 L for all 5 series of the season (20% off)
6120 L for 4 series of the season (15% off)
4860 L for 3 series of the season (10% off)
3420 L for 2 series of the season (5% off)

3.4 BRONZE Sponsors

• 1 fixed small Banner on the lower seating deck which can give 1 Landmark on click,

• 6 additional small square banners providing rotating exposure of your brand shared by other bronze sponsors in 60 second rotations,
• 1 Announcement from the DJ during the first event,
• 1 Announcement from the DJ during the second event,
• 1 Message every 2nd month (with attachments) Direct Marketed to the 900+ member group
Placement of branding in the SLSA website Sponsor Page as a clickable URL or SLURL (
Currently available options:
900 L per series
3600 L for all 5 series of the season (20% off)
3060 L for 4 series of the season (15% off)
2430 L for 3 series of the season (10% off)
1710 L for 2 series of the season (5% off)

For Sponsorships covering more than one series you can pay:

- The full amount up front
- Half before the 1st series of your sponsorship and half before the 2nd.
DJ Announcements must be written by the sponsor and submitted to the Event Coordinator for approval by the Wednesday prior to the event at noon. They should be approximately 30 seconds in length when read aloud, but not longer.
We also require a 512×512 texture for the Banner placement ads (and a 1024×512 texture for the title sponsor). The textures and all other sponsor items must have full perms in order to be placed on site or in the spectator stands givers.

4. Contact information

In case of any questions, requests or orders please don't hesitate to contact Giavannamarie Melody (Gia) - the SLSA Sponsor Liaison, or any of the other directors, that is: Figger Arun, Malrdul Morris, Sally LaSalle, Sunrize Mornington

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Updated SLSA Venues for Season 10

Submitted by Sally LaSalle


February 18th Open
February 25th Pro
Place: Solace Dreams
Wave: HP Sunset
Board: SSi longboard

March 24h Open
March 31st Pro
Place: Monkey
Wave: SSi Pipeline
Board: SSi shortboard

April 21st Open
April 28th Pro
Place: Jaguar
Wave: HP Sunset 100
Board: SSi Longboard

May 12th Open
May 19th Pro
Place: Tai
Wave: SSi Cortes
Board: LSD modified board*
*( this may change to SSi Shortboard pending contact with LSD by April)

June 16th Open
June 23rd Pro
Place: Enchanted Reeff
Wave: HP Teahupoo
Board: SSi longboards