Friday, December 10, 2010

SLSA Surf Shop 6 Pro Comp Heats

as posted on SLSA's Forum:

When: 11am SLT on Saturday, December 11th
Where: Syx, Monkey Cove:, spectator stands at:
Wave: SSi Cortes
Board: SSi longboard, script: 5.1, 5.2 or 5.2 dlg

- Two best scores from each preliminary heat advance to the semi-final;
- There will be 3 semi-final heats;
- In case there is a tie for first place in a preliminary or semi-final heat, only the first placing surfers advance to the next round;
- In case there is a tie for second place in a preliminary heat, both second placing surfers advance to semi final;
- In case of a tie for second place in a semi-final heat, there will be a surf-off: each of the tied surfers will surf an additional wave, and the winner of the surf-off advance to the final heat. In case they tie up again, they will surf again until we have a winner of the surf-off.

MarkFoo Waverider (RED)
Robbin Ember (BLUE)
Rayzza Rubble (GREEN)
Ashleigh Dickins (ORANGE)
Kim Henig (PURPLE)
Rom Heungsung (BLACK)

Sunrize Mornington (RED)
Triston Mayo (BLUE)
Jordan Mendle (GREEN)
Avidward Flagon (ORANGE)
Donni Dibou (PURPLE)
Alexia Marais (BLACK)

Bobbi Laval (RED)
Maldrul Morris (BLUE)
Cymindra Deschanel (GREEN)
GiavannaMarie Melody (ORANGE)
Van Valeeva (PURPLE)
Rick Galli (BLACK)

Wilfrid DeCuir (RED)
Coolkat Delicioso (BLUE)
Mick Lunasea (GREEN)
Bodhi Lowtide (ORANGE)
Adrien Roxley (PURPLE)
Ceedi Doghouse (BLACK)

WickedV Carver (RED)
Velvetori Twine (BLUE)
Jac Mornington (GREEN)
Oldsurferdude Danitz (ORANGE)
FrankiePalmero Actor (PURPLE)
Countess Decosta (BLACK)

Colleen Brennan (RED)
Harbor Piers (BLUE)
sven Homewood (GREEN)
jayden Domenici (ORANGE)
Lourinho Nizna (PURPLE)

Stand by's:
1. Cristal Rowlands
2. Nameless Barnett

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Call for Novelty Awards for SLSA 2010 Season 2

SLSA has announced they are looking for Novelty Awards for the SLSA 2010 Season 2. Please visit: to put in your ideas for what you would like to see awarded.

Call for Nominations for SLSA Hall of Fame

SLSA has announced the 2010 Season 2 Hall of Fame nominations are open. Each season, four total members are inducted into the HOF. The Season Champion and Runner up and two members who have contributed to promoting surfing in SecondLife.

Please see the following link to nominate your candidate:

Please see the following link to view who past inductees are:

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Kantbe Serious: Last minute Christmas decorating

submitted by Kantbe Thursday


78 year old Aunt Ester just called and is dropping in for dinner tomorrow night! Ya'll know that Aunt. She's the one who's house is always spotless. She has all of her Christmas decorations up and everything is perfect before the close of business hours on Black Friday. You know, that one who always looks in every nook and cranny of your house when she drops by and acts like you're a disappointment to the family and all humankind if you're not ready for the holidays as early as she is. Can you see those raised eyebrows looking at you over her glasses yet?

There's help out there for people like me this year. Not only are decorations available, but at fellow surfer Bobbi Laval's Laval Christmas Shop, you can even get an entire room that's completely decorated including a fire to warm the coldest Aunt's heart (well… that might be asking too much).

For the less panic stricken who just need some gifts or decorations, check out some of the other items in the store. If you're into making your own Christmas photos, check out some of the props or some of the picture frames. I'm still look'n for those elf wetsuit boots with the bells on the toes… I'm sure they must be in there somewhere…

Monday, December 6, 2010

SLSA Surf Shop 6 Open Scores!

as posted on the SLSA Forums at:

1 Oldsurferdude Danitz 14.33 *
2 GiavannaMarie Melody 14.00 *
2 Kim Henig 14.00 *
3 jayden Domenici 13.66 *
3 Donni Dibou 13.66 *
4 Bodhi Lowtide 13.00 *

Heat 1
Dane Kutenai NS
Oldsurferdude Danitz 13.83 *
Rick Galli 8.50 *

Heat 2
Van Valeeva 13.66 *
Adrien Roxley 13.66 *
FrankiePalmero Actor 13.66 *
GiavannaMarie Melody 14.66 *

Heat 3
jayden Domenici 13.50 *
Kim Henig 13.50 *
Cristal Rowlands 11.50
Locksley Blitzstein NS

Heat 4
Ceedi Doghouse 12.00 **
Alexia Marais 12.66 *
Donni Dibou 12.75 *
Countess Decosta 12.00 **

Heat 5
Lourinho Nizna 13.16 *
Rom Heungsung 13.16 *
Bodhi Lowtide 14.16 *
Nameless Barnett 10.66

* - qualified for the Surf Shop 6 Pro on December 11th
** - invited to the Surf Shop 6 Pro on December 11th due to wild card

Stand by's for the Surf Shop 6 Pro on December 11th:
1. Cristal Rowlands
2. Nameless Barnett

Sunday, December 5, 2010

SLSA Dec. 1st Director Election Results!

The results are in from December 1st's SLSA Director Election. Three seats opened by the departure of Syx Toshi, Mick Lunasea, and Harbor Piers are being filled by CoolKat Delicioso, Robbin Ember, and GiavannaMarie Melody. It was reported that 19 members voted in the new Directors.


She's fresh...she's snazzy...she's a little bit snappy...
She's the SurfWatch Resident, putting a face to SurfWatch!
You may see her hanging out at HQ, riding some waves, working on a story, posing for a photo shoot! Be sure to say holla to the new face of SurfWatch!
And catch a wave!