Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mari's Mailbag: New Years Resolution

submitted by Marianna Monentes

Guess what? It's that time for our resolutions. Be great for you to comment here what those might be. For me? Well, let's see. I will try harder not to allow people to use me so much. I will not care that they are virtually homeless. Afterall, it's Second Life (SL) -  we can rez anyplace. Why is it that sounds so damn callous? Just is to me, so forget that resolution. Okay how about this: I will try to allow everyone to do what they want when the want. Being the slight control freak that I am, that's not going to last either. I have to follow up everything until it's reworked in my mind till the day it happens. Lose weight? Luckily here we can mod our shape. Stop smoking? Well, don't smoke in Real Life or Second Life so not that one. OH! I have it!! I promise not to rez a new house every week so that my husband can come home to whats familiar!! I absolutely love skyboxes and homes and have a bad habit of changing them as often as I change shoes.

This is definition from Wikipedia: A New Year's resolution is a commitment that an individual makes to a project or the reforming of a habit, often a lifestyle change that is generally interpreted as advantageous. The name comes from the fact that these commitments normally go into effect on New Year's Day. Some examples include resolutions to donate to the poor more often, to become more assertive, or to become more environmentally responsible.

See? It says one might be donate to the poor. So looks like I have mine.  Now let's hear yours.

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Colleen Brennan said...

I resolve to be better at making SW deadlines and to take more assignments. Also, to try to host independent surf events at least quarterly. Also to not sign up Mari for the skybox of the month club. Happy New year to all.