Saturday, April 3, 2010

Associacao Brasileira de Surf no SL Party Before Comp

photos courtesy Leogarto Burt

The Associacao Brasileira de Surf no SL (ABSSL) party it up in preparation for the competition at Crab Island on Sunday, April 4, 2010.

The line up includes the top Brazilian surfers who surf with a passion, in addition to some well known SLSA surf pros!

Check out all the action at Crab Island (235, 241, 31).

Associacao Brasileira de Surf no SL Heat Draws

Heat draws for the Associacao Brasileira de Surf no SL (ABSSL), the Brazilian surfing association, competitive event scheduled for Sunday, April 4, 2010:


01-Vana Loire 15:05-15:10 --------------- Camiseta - Roxa
02-Kimmy Jigsaw 15:15-15:20 --------------- Camiseta - Liláz
03-Cristyano Winstanley 15:25-15:30 --------------- Camiseta - Laranja
04-Cird Taurus 15:35-15:40 ---------------- Camiseta - Azul Marinho
05-Luca Maynard 15:45-15:50 ---------------- Camiseta - Bonze
06-Avril Radmussen 15:55-16:00 ---------------- Camiseta - Salmão


07-Dincan Mathy 16:05-16:10 ---------------- Camiseta - Verde escuro
08-Hugo Hollak 16:15-16:20 ---------------- Camiseta - Verde
09-Tico Bechir 16:25-16:30 ---------------- Camiseta - Dourada
10-Junior Balzibo 16: 35-16:40 ---------------- Camiseta - Azul
11-colleen Brennan 16:45-16:50 ---------------- Camiseta - Purpura
12- Kinder Biedermann 16:55-17:00 ---------------- Camiseta - Branca


13-lourinho Ninza 17:05-17:10 --------------- Camiseta - Amarela
14-Guiloan Graves 17:15-17:20 --------------- Camiseta - Marron
15-Markfoo Walverider 17:25-17:30 --------------- Camiseta - Prata
16-Sally La Salle 17:35-17:40 --------------- Camiseta -Vinho
17-Dmilso Olivieri 17:45-17:50 --------------- Camiseta - Caqui
18-Wickdv Carver 17:55-18:00 --------------- Camiseta - Magenta


19-Bobbi Laval 18:05-18:10 --------------- Camiseta - Azul-Claro
20- Ammie Graves 18:15-18:20 ----------------Camiseta - Pink
21-Velvetori Twine 18:25-18:30 ---------------- Camiseta - Turquesa
22-Second1819 Actor 18:35-18:40 ---------------- Camiseta -Ocre
23-Snapple Sneerwell 18:45-18:50 --------------- Camiseta - Preta
24-Lynda Mimulus 18:55-19:00 --------------- Camiseta - Vermelha


25-Lizz Winstanley 19:05-19:10 ---------------- Camiseta - Violeta
26- Wiffrid De Cuir 19:15-19:20 ---------------- Camiseta - Verde-Lima
27-Collkat Delicioso 19:25-19:30 ---------------- Camiseta - Cinza
28-Nara Rugani 19:35-19:40 ---------------- Camiseta - Rosa
29- Sidneyzao Dover 19:45-19:50 ---------------- Camiseta - Cinza Escuro
30-Jhow Minotaur 19:55-20:00 ---------------- Camiseta - Rubro


01-Biofa Benelli - Reserva - camiseta - Preta
02-Sassy1 Fizzle - Reserva - camiseta - Pink
03-Camarada - Reserva- camiseta- Ocre
04-Taiane Oakleaf - Reserva- camiseta- Violeta
05-Bonheur Chenaux -Reserva- camiseta- Vinho
06-Kahuna Michigan -Reserva- camiseta- Azul
07-Carloos Firecaster -Reserva- camiseta- Verde
08-Diego Hartle -Reserva- camiseta- Amarela
09-Rancid Viper -Reserva- camiseta- Cinza
10-Gustavo Doomdale -Reserva- camiseta- Laranja
11-Thassio Daffyd -Reserva- camiseta- Vermelha
12-Wade Mackay -Reserva- Camiseta- Branca

Friday, April 2, 2010

Channel Surfing with Jimbo the Cartboy



Who doesn't love SEX WAX?  You can never have too much SEX WAX now, can we?  I'm feeling lucky, I'm definately going to get some SEX WAX tonight!  You know you want some SEX WAX, don't you, baby - "no" means "yes", right?  And why is it that dudes think of SEX WAX every 7 seconds???

SEX WAX is a popular brand of surfboard wax that is rubbed on your stick (surfboard) to help keep your feet from slipping off your board when you're shredding waves.  Home brewed in the early 70s in a rented garage in California, Frederick Charles Herzog, III (AKA Mr. Zog) and chemist buddy, Nate Skinner, developed a popular and controversial brand of surf wax that swept the beaches.  With t-shirts, bumper stickers, and a cult following, SEX WAX has grown to become one of the most recognizable brands of surf wax in the world of surfing today.

Did you know?  SEX WAX has formulas for drum sticks, hockey sticks, skateboards, snowboards, and is even used by some people as decorative candles and also chewing gum!

Okay all you SEXY WAXY surfers out there, let's hear about some of your SEX WAX stories!!!


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2010 Second Life Surfing Competition Calendar

Associacao Brasileira de Surf no SL (ABSSL)

Date: April 4, 2010
Time: 10:00 AM SLT (15:00 Brasilia Time)
Details: HP5 Test board. Wave is Teahupoo or Joaquina. Registration for the first step of the Brazilian Circuit of Surf in SL is already open to all surfers and can be done at the ABSSL Headquarters. Prize money is 6400L
Event: HP5 Surfboard Classic 2010
Contact: Rick Galli or Leogarto Burt for more information.
Future dates:
5/30/10 - 3 star event
8/1/10 - 4 star event
9/26/10 - 3 star event
11/21/10 - 5 star event


Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA)

Date: Saturday, April 10 Pro, 17 Invitational
Time: 11 AM SLT
Venue: Monkey Cove
Details: Sunset 200 Longboard. Must be an SLSA member to compete. Registration opens Sunday, April 4, midnight SLT.

Date: Saturday, May 15 Pro, 22 Invitational
Time: 11 AM SLT
Venue: Stables
Details: Fluffy, shortboard. Must be an SLSA member to compete. Registration opens Sunday, May 9, midnight SLT.

Date: Saturday, June 12 Pro, 19 Invitational
Time: 11 AM SLT
Venue: Archipelago
Details: Montego title, multiple waves, short and longboards. Must be an SLSA member to compete. Registration opens Sunday, June 6, midnight SLT.

End of Season ceremony: June 26


Vibrations Surf Alliance (VSA) Surf Jam

Date: TBA
Time: 12 noon SLT
Venue: Tuli Bahari
Details: Pipes, shortboard. Must be a member of VSA to compete.
Event: 16th Surf Jam in the series
Contact: VW Sands for more information and to register! Also see and for more information!
Future Dates:
Surf Jam 17 Saturday, May 1, guest sim
Surf Jam 18 Saturday, June 5, Epic on Mori
Surf Jam 19 Saturday, July 3
Surf Jam 20 Saturday, August 7
Surf Jam 21 Saturday, Sept 4
Surf Jam 22 Saturday, Oct 4
Surf Jam 23 Saturday, Nov 6
Surf Jam 24 Saturday, Dec 4


Australian Surf Association

Date:  Sunday, April 25, 2010
More information to come!

SLSA Easter Egg Hunt, Raffle & Auction

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Happy April Fools Day!!!!

Grandma Barnside Surfaces!

Rumors abound as Grandma Barnside, reportedly missing from Second Life (SL) since her fashion splash at the SurfWatch 2 Year Anniversary Celebration Fashion Show in February, is discovered in a little known southern bijou community in Mississippi.

Grandma, well known for her rickety surf moves and suspicious baking, claims she has been smitten by CharlieO Michigan, well known SL singer performing regularly at SurfSide Hideaway, and has temporarily pulled up her roots to follow her heart and become the president of his fan club.

Grandma was located living in a small shack on the banks of a river bijou. Donning a robe as she opened the door, the barefooted and diminutive grandma invited us in for a brief interview.

Grandma plans to continue surfing in the muddy banks of the Mississippi for the time being, learning to play the slide guitar and incorporating such linguistic studies as the appropriate use of traditional southern terms as Ya'll, c'aint, yonder, flat as a flitter, and learning how to prepare such culinary treats as roadkill possum and freshly caught cotton mouth water moccasins to add to her cupcake repetoire. She states surfing the curl in the Mississippi river is, "more fun than a cat in a room full of rocking chairs." 

She also informed us she has been in communication with VW Sands of Mori and will stay in Mississippi until he completes development of the condo complex where she has reserved a room with a "magic fingers" bed.

When asked whether Mr.Michigan had any response to her assuming the presidency of his fan club, we were told he was away with friends at a local bar and unavailable for comment.

Breaking Mori News

In a statement issued by VW Sands, "Mori Pwani is undergoing a major rebuild. The sim will be redesigned to support a large condo-complex, bowling alley, nightclubs and karaoke bar".

When we asked VW what prompted this idea, he simply stated, "The beach seems to have less surfers than we had anticipated. I have been in discussions for the last 6 months how to generate appeal and house more peeps at Mori".

He went on to say " Lissa (Pinion) and I decided it's time to have a turn-key operation, less comps, and promote a community of condo dwellers.

Grandma Barnside sorta sparked my idea. She reminded me that there are those in our community that need a condo lifestyle."

For those of you concerned about what this means to you, there will be a meeting at Mori Pwani on April 2, 2010. Stay tuned to SurfWatch for further details.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

SurfWatch in the Tube and on it - Preview

A sneek preview of SurfWatch in the Tube and on it Traffic Report starring Lissa Pinion and Quench Spotter (technical director Aeryn Kidd, programming director Marianna Monentes)!

Stay tuned for more SurfWatch video!

SurfWatch in the Tube and on it

Filming continues for the SurfWatch in the Tube and on it production staff as they set up Stables for the exciting traffic segment. 

Utilizing special effects for some of the more complex scenes, Technical Director, Aeryn Kidd manipulates the SurfWatch traffic helicopter to just the right camera angle.

Program Director, Marianna Monentes, and Aeryn discuss story lines and dialogue.  Actors Lissa Pinion and Quench Spotter rehearse and ad lib lines, adding to a growing list of film bloopers.

Flying over Goombah above the HP Joaquina wave, the chopper makes a daring swoop over the surf.

Filming continued at Mori for the exciting stunt scene.  Stay tuned for more exciting updates on SurfWatch's newest venture on Second Life (SL) surfing!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Search for the Perfect Ride

submitted by Harbor Piers, Special Correspondent

As you feel the gentle cool brush against your face bringing the hint of salt taste and hear the crunch of the wave in the distance, you know that it's time wax up your favorite board and paddle out. Not so fast! There are dangers lurking and creativeness being lost if you don’t know where those waves are breaking or how strong those winds are! Before you jump on that board, take a few minutes to see what you are about to get into. Ask yourself one question. How can I satisfy this thirst I have for the perfect ride?

“The perfect ride” may be many components put together into one, but all rides must start with an understanding of the wave set-up. Stand at the beach, set your draw high, and let the wind breeze through your hair. I recommend doing this while sitting on your board, but before you paddle out. Look into the distance to see how the waves are rolling in. Are they seamless? Is there a gap? Are there multiple wave types?

A good example would be a set-up that includes sets of pipes and fluffies. It would be a good idea to count the waves rolling in to see if you notice any patterns. For instance, are the fluffies rezzing for every pipe set? Are the pipes always at the same angle? Some set-ups will take more time to understand than others, but the benefit and mindset of knowing what’s coming will help you get the best from your ride. Things to look for include the length of the wave, the lip of the wave, the wave generation (frequency and location), and any potential transitions. Knowledge of these concepts will allow you to use the wave to your desire, along with having an idea of some of the technical details like timing and transition angles. Also, it may help to try to feel what kind of lag you may have to fight through. As you are sitting on your board, try rocking gently to your left and right to feel the response of your keystrokes. Getting a good feel of how your board is responding in the sim conditions will allow you to better judge yourself while surfing.

Studying the waves is a key component to getting a really good ride. If nothing else, the knowledge you obtain will give you a respect, or “awe of nature” for the waves of Second Life. After you feel like you have studied the wave enough to shred it, go ahead. SURF!!! Whether it be dawn, day, sunsets, or night, continue to search for that perfect ride.

SurfWatch is proud to welcome Harbor Piers, owner and Captain of Team Boracay, as our newest special correspondent. 

Monday, March 29, 2010

West of Ireland Surfboard Design Contest Winner

submitted by Marianna Monentes

West of Ireland's (WOI) Surfboard Design competition announced the winner of their event, JamesB Allen.  SurfWatch caught up with JamesB shortly after the announcement of his winning design.

SurfWatch:  How does it feel to have won the WOI Surfboard Art Contest?
JamesB Allen:  It's always nice to win but in this case, I would have prefered a judges panel instead of a popular vote.  But I am happy about winning, and I plan to auction off the prize surfboard and donate the auction money to Project Children.

SW:  How did you determine the idea for your board?
JA:  The bottom of the board incorporates a child's face (for Project Children) and the colors of the Irish Flag. The deck is red and is intended to represent the struggle and plight of these children who really are innocent victims.

SW:  Your design is awesome.  Can you tell us how you created it?
JA:  You mean you want me to give away trade secrets (laughs). I use Adobe Photoshop.  I think alot of people who design in Second Life (SL) are familiar with Photoshop. I used layers of colors and paint brush smears and, of course, a template for the surfboard which helps guide me so that the patterns fall into place when you bring your art back to SL from Photoshop.

SW:  Do you have any comment about having to remove the Project Children piece from the design (editors note:  see WOI Announces Charity Change posted 3/24/10)?
JA:  I was surprised and disappointed because I told many of my voters about Project Children, and I had planned to do the auction.  So I'm just a little dissapointed that things are in limbo now

SW:  What will become of the board now other than the beach at Bundoran?
JA:  I believe it will be used for their loaner boards at Bundoran Reef.

SW: What was it like for you during the contest?
JA:  This was the first time I have entered a contest like this. This was more about how many people you can beg to come vote for your board. And I really was against doing that at first. I really told myself I was just going to let the people judge the art. But a few days after the boards were set up for voting, I went to see how it was going, and I was a little shocked and upset to see 4 of the 5 boards with fewer then 3 votes.  And one board with, like, 30 votes. I was like, what the (*&&^  is going on here! It became quite obvious that this was not an art competition

SW:  When was your most anxious moment?
JA:  Kantbe (Thursday) did a great job and the 5 final boards selected were all very nice designs. But some days, SL is laggy and the sim was a little sluggish at times. Anxious moments -- I guess the day before the talley. I had about 5 people there trying to vote and the voting script wasn't accepting votes. I ended up contacting Kantbe and sending her photos and names of those who could not vote. I know SL has issues, and I felt bad about having to contact Kantbe about the script not accepting votes. SL gets laggy and sometimes things don't work the way we expect them to work. Kantbe ended up gathering up the votes and resetting the script so that all 5 boards showed 1 vote. Anyway, it was just a little SL glitch.  Those things happen.

SW:  What suggestions, if any, do you have for future contests?
JA:  For a contest like this, I think a panel of judges is more than enough. I know a panel selected the final 5 designs and that was good. Also, maybe having the artists explain what their work means. Sometimes art can be misinterpreted or its meaning is missed.

SW:  Do are your future plans for your art?
JA:  I am part owner of Sands of Time Dance Club, Venetian Beach, so I spend most of my SL time working on small projects there. That keeps me very busy. I would love to do some custom boards for people if they don't mind waiting, I don't always have time to do SL stuff.

SW:  We would like to thank you for this interview, JamesB.
JA:  No, (laughs), thank you.  I know you guys work hard, and I totally appreciate your hard work. SL is so time consuming and we all have Real Life (RL) to deal with, so thanks you guys for all the work you do!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Newest Fun under the Sun

Be on the lookout for SexyBoy Oh's newest line of fun in the sun...

Fire it up and kick it in gear!

Race the waves with jet propulsion...coming to a beach near you!

SurfSide Hideaway Schedule 3/28/10

submitted by Kantbe Thursday

Come join us at our Tai location for at a fun, relaxed time at Surfside Hideway and dance in the hideaway's dance floor pool. Come in your favorite beach wear, come dressed casually, come dressed formally, come as you are..... just come!  We're a fan-funded venue, and these artists clearly perform because they enjoy what they do and love doing this for their fans!

Sunday 3/28

1:00 PM SLT Kitzie Lane

Monday 3/29

1:00 PM SLT SLavE Girls
3:00 PM SLT Cree Cybertar

Tuesday 3/30

3:00 PM SLT Hayduke Schnook

Wednesday 3/31

1:00 PM SLT Lexie Luan
2:00 PM SLT Zorch Boomhauer
3:00 PM SLT CharlieO Michigan

While you're at Surfside Hideaway, check out the home of SharkBite clothing and beachwear next door. If you're looking for a surf beachfront residential rental, explore along the beaches below the stage.  Contact Desirae Beaumont or Sally LaSalle for more information