Wednesday, March 31, 2010

SurfWatch in the Tube and on it

Filming continues for the SurfWatch in the Tube and on it production staff as they set up Stables for the exciting traffic segment. 

Utilizing special effects for some of the more complex scenes, Technical Director, Aeryn Kidd manipulates the SurfWatch traffic helicopter to just the right camera angle.

Program Director, Marianna Monentes, and Aeryn discuss story lines and dialogue.  Actors Lissa Pinion and Quench Spotter rehearse and ad lib lines, adding to a growing list of film bloopers.

Flying over Goombah above the HP Joaquina wave, the chopper makes a daring swoop over the surf.

Filming continued at Mori for the exciting stunt scene.  Stay tuned for more exciting updates on SurfWatch's newest venture on Second Life (SL) surfing!

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