Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Second Life Surfing Association Awards Ceremony

submitted by Ashleigh Dickins

Ashleigh Dickins, SurfWatch-In-World Edition Editor, reported live from the Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) Season 1 Awards Ceremony held on Saturday, July 10, 2010.  For those that were unable to attend, her "live" report follows:

Awards were held today, started a little late because SL was wonky. In addition to messing with AV's, SL also screwed with teleports, and crashed James Isle just as half the people had gotten there, almost right at 11:AM SLT.

When everyone finally got back, Lissa Pinion was already on Archipelago, with a couple other surfers, surfing with the relay torch. In that spirit, the SLSA had set up a chat relay from the awards ceremony to the board rez area.

First, SLSA Director, Kimmy Jigsaw, announced the novelty awards winners:

Best Wave - SSI's Cortes wave
Best Tan - CoolKat Delicioso
Worst Tan - Bobbi Laval
Kid at Heart - MarkFoo Waverider
Best in Bikini - Lynda Mimulus (Wasn't she the one we featured during SurfFest? SW called it!)
Best in Boardies - QUENCH Spotter
Most Likely to Succeed - Arjuna Bombastic (SW called this one, too!)
Most Likely to Drink all Your Beer - Rayzza Rubble
Best Rashie of the Season - Sally LaSalle of Sharkbite for The Tai Competition
Most Seldom Seen Surfer - Rhett McMahn (one of SW's own!)
Favorite Aussie - Sally LaSalle

Next SLSA Director, Bobbi Laval, announced the earned awards:

Advanced from Open to Invitationals Most - sven Homewood
Most Improved Surfer From Last Season - CoolKat Delicioso
Rookie of the Season - Painless Skytower (SW called this one, too!)

Then she announced the Top 3 Teams:

Third - Team Tsunami
Second - Vibrations
First - Tai Chi (only 2 points ahead of Vibes!)

Next SLSA Director, Colleen Brennan, announced the Top 10 Surfers, with podium for Top 5:

10th- Velvetori Twine
9th- Sunrize Mornington
8th- Lynda Mimulus
7th- Triston Mayo
6th- MarkFoo Waverider
5th- Harbor Piers
4th- Abel Halderman
3rd- Bobbi Laval
2nd- Desirae Beaumont
1st- Yendor Destiny

Next Kimmy came back up to give out the Angel Award, which went to Colleen Brennan, stating:

"The Angel award is given out each season to a surfer we think did the most for the surf community as a whole, exhibited a friendly surf spirit and did it all without expecting anything in return. There were many great nominees this season, and they were Maxwell Silvansky, Revlon Benoir, Sally LaSalle, Colleen Brennan, Cloudy Matova, Mick Lunasea.

I am soo proud to be announcing this award, and it was a tough choice with so many great nominees.  I have known this person for a long time and is one of my true angels and many others here, and Iwould like to present the angel award to our very own Colleen Brennan."

Then... I crashed (laughs).

While I was gone, apparently Sally LaSalle was called up to announce the Hall Of Fame inductees. I didn't get to see her speech about him, but Mick was inducted. I came back and he was thanking everyone. And everyone was screaming at me to 'get up there and speak!' Because, yes. While I was crashed Sally announced...

"This person has been a prime mover behind the scenes and has accomplished many important changes and innovations for the SLSA, including kicking off and running the first amendments to the SLSA constitution, organization and of sponsorships and financial management in her term. And for her wonderful contribution to promoting surfing through her work as Editor of Surfwatch In World. Please give it up for Ashleigh Dickins!!! WTG Ash!  WOOT! 

So after my little speech...

"Ya know it figures I'd crash for that, don't it? Seems like any time I get around you all more than like 5 of you, I turn into crashy mcgee over here. Yet I still do it because I love you guys and this community. Even when I hate you all very much for being dramatic or keeping my up til 3am... I still love you ALL! Everything I've done I've done for you guys, and for the surfers of our future! I... am going to shut up and just be smiley now! Thanks everyone!!!"

Bobbi wrapped the ceremony up, and we all went down to Archipelago where Lissa was still surfing for Relay and some people joined her.  It was about 10 minutes before Lissa was rounding people up to head to the next sim, Tai.

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