Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Thank You from Riders for a Cure!

Submitted by Lissa Pinion
Pictures courtesy of Sebastian Saramago, Bobbi Laval, and Maxwell Silvansky

A gorgeous Saturday. Waves. Boards. Friends. Twelve hours of pure surf fun to raise money forthe American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. Sounds like a great day to me and I wasn't the only one it appears.

We started out the day at the gorgeous Sol Mananero sim shreding waves and plunking $Lindens into the donation kiosk. I think someone mentioned a man thong? Wil? (Wilfrid DeCuir) We then headed over to the SLSA sim where we surfed in a mix of boardies and kinis and formal attire as folks alternated between the end of season SLSA Awards ceremony and ripping the waves. While beginning to get a bit soggy, we packed up the boards and hitchhiked to Tai where Seb (Sebastian Saramago) caught up with us and revealed our lovely 2010 RFL Limited Edition surfboard. After grabbing our awesome new RFL boards, we grabbed a gulf stream and paddled over to Tsunami where we dodged the pier and plunked more wet $Lindens into the kiosk. Tired yet? We weren't! After the storm blew over at Tsunami, we snuck onto Neart where Mick (Mick Lunasea) set up his bbq grill and made the most amazing hamburgers! After waiting the appropriate 30 minutes before going back into the water, we hit the beach of Tuli Bahari where surfers unleashed everything from hobo rafts to an odd critter that has yet to be identified. Surf for a Cure wrapped up at Mori Pwani on the big Cortes wave where we kept V (VW Sands) hovering over the wave til thanks to Sunshine (Sunshine Zhangsun) and Seb, V could go to bed and we hit the waves.

If you aren't completely exhausted yet then you know how I felt all day! We come from different walks of life and different viewpoints but on Saturday, we were what we always are together, Family. Our goal was to simply surpass last year's Surf for a Cure. With a great deal of pride and gratitude I am proud to announce we did it. In 12 hours of surfing, friends, and family we raised $82,754L for Relay for Life! Amazing!

A very special Thank You to Sunshine for your support while doing your own RFL events, Seb for the amazing boards, Socks Clawtooth for inspiration, tips, and inventory goodies, and to each of you who came out whether it was for 5 mins or 12 hrs. Until there is a cure we ride!

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