Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New SurfWatch Staffer Spotted at Work

The elusive new SurfWatch staffer, Kantbe Thursday, was spotted at work in the new SW HQ, as shown by this hidden security camera snapshot. Other staff members have pointed out after close inspection, however, that while appearing to be busy working on an article, Kantbe may, in fact, just be napping.

Hidden security camera footage at SW HQ


Kantbe Thursday said...

Hey! No buddy tole me 'bout no stink'n security cameras!

They're not out back where Tauri hides the good stuff, are they?

Bandit said...

Hmmmm, looks like she's busy fileing her nails!
I may need to look into this further.
To be continued........

Lissa Pinion said...

Kant, unfortunately they are out back. I got busted 2nd day picking the lock on the cabinet. Then busted the 3rd day for napping..6th day for lighting up...those dang things are everywhere!!