Saturday, May 15, 2010

International Invitational World Cup Heat Draws

submitted by Abel Halderman

The International Invitational World Cup will take place at Tsunami Beach on Sunday, May 16, 9:AM SLT.
Competition site:Tsunami Beach

Spectators: Freeport

Surfers competing in the first ever Second Life (SL) World Cup are:

1 MarkFoo Waverider
2 Cristyano Winstanley
3 VW Sands
4 Second1819 Actor
5 Jaguar Faulkes
6 Vana Loire
7 Lynda Mimulus
8 Sepultura Aldrin
9 Wilfrid DeCuir
10 Kinder Biedermann
11 Leogarto Burt
12 Luscious Starship
13 Bon Bonham
14 Bobbi Laval
15 Lourinho Ninza
16 Guiloan Graves
17 Dincan Mathy
18 Cird Taurus
19 Lacy Rossini
20 Painless Skytower
21 Followingwaves Sirbu

Associacao Brasileira de Surf No SL (ABSSL) wait list:
Kahuna Michigan
Nara Rugani

Tsunami Surf wait list:
Pova Rustamova
Crusader Arado
Figger Arun
Mojo Manamiko

Please make sure you're on the stands on time wearing RASHGUARD WITH YOUR NUMBER ON IT (see above for numbers).

Event Co-ordinator:
Colleen Brennan

Abel Halderman
Kimmy Jigsaw
Mick Lunasea

Colleen Brennan
Rick Galli

Basic rules:

The competition will go according to the ABSSL rules in most part when it comes to the formula. Each surfer will spend 5 minutes on the water and take as many waves as they can. The maximum number of waves is 6. Top 2 waves score, as well as 2 best judges' scores. The worst waves are discarded, as well as the worst judges' scores (thank you for the awesome idea, Pova).

One surfer will surf the wave at one time. There will be 20 surfers in the first round and the best 5 of them will advance to the final round.

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