Saturday, October 3, 2009

Wax On In-Depth

Submitted by Colleen Brennan, Special Correspondent

I recently had the pleasure of meeting up with Sassy1 Fizzle and GiavannaMarie Melody and interviewed them for SurfWatch's on-going “surfer-on-the-beach” series called “Wax On.” SurfWatch randomly chooses a beach and interviews the surfers we find to ask them some basic questions about SL surfing and try to get a feel of who makes up our community and their thoughts on various aspects of surfing and current issues.

Anyone who knows Sassy and Gia knows that they are hardcore surfers who genuinely enjoy their time on the virtual waves. I asked them what they enjoy so much about surfing in SL and what motivates them.
Gia noted that she, “... loves the friendships and sense of community .” Sassy added she, “...loves the peace and tranquility I feel while surfing... always makes me feel a little better.” I think both sentiments go straight to the core of how so many of us feel.

There is a strong and lasting bond that develops from our common interest of sharing good times on the virtual waves. Both Sassy and Gia reflected on how they started surfing. Sassy recalled, “ I wish I had known about surfing when I first came to SL.  I missed out on it for two years before stumbling across it one day.  I was hooked for good from then on.” She continued, “Maxwell Silvansky taught me and was my very first true surfer friend and still is to this day."  Sassy also added that VW Sands has been a great influence on her and a great teacher and coach. She stated, “ I have learned a lot from VW.  His true calling is teaching.”' I know many of us would agree with that sentiment.
Gia had a similar experience with an early mentor. She credits SexyBoy Oh as the first surfer she met and recalls, “Then I met everyone else and made many friends. Everyone has been so kind.” Sounds like Sexyboy created another surfing addict.

Having both joined the SLSA competition circuit in 2009, I asked Sassy and Gia how they feel about competitive surfing. Gia noted that while she has a lot of fun, she can also take it seriously and practice hard because, "I am a competitive person, and I love them (the SLSA competitions.)".  Gia is a goal setter and does not think in terms of beating other people. She prefers setting personal goals such as making the top ten and then working hard to get to where she desires to be. Gia feels the need to give back to the surfing community and ran for an open SLSA director spot in the September election.

Sassy expressed some concern that the community sometimes gets off track and loses sight that the comps and all surfing “should be about fun and friendship.” Sassy is also a hard-working surfer, but she just does not realize she is working hard because she enjoys it so much. Sassy is a community person. She expressed an interest in giving back and perhaps putting her surfing career on hold at some point and participating in other capacities such as judging.

I am running out of wax but I cannot close “Wax-On” without including Gia's response to my question about if she has a favorite wave type. Clearly she likes her fluffs! Stating, “I love to dance in RL and to me, it is like tangoing with a wave. You have to ride the wave.  It does not fight you like the epic and other power waves.” I am off to tango, surfers! Be careful, you never know when we might drop in and do some waxing when you least expect it.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

MUST Competition Results

submitted by Syx Toshi

The second MUST surf event of the season at Monkey Cove resulted in a surf-off between Followingwaves Sirbu and Rayzza Rubble.  Followingwaves was the victor with a score of 4.6 to Rayzza's 3.9.  Both competitors gave the spectators a great show!

One Cool Cat Celebrates his Birthday!

The coolest surfing cat, Zenon Parnall, celebrated his birthday on Sunday, September 27, kicking up the sand in a specially designated litterbox on the beach at Mori Pwani.  His love and partner, Nadja Revnik, threw him a surprize beach bash and debuted the specially created issue of "Playcat, the Magazine of Entertainment for Cats".  Friends were on hand with live entertainment of kitty looooove songs by Tauri Tigerpaw. Congratulations to Ze and PURRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

Team Profile - Montego

completed by Kohana Schimmer

Team Name:  Montego Surf Team

Year Founded:  2009 February

Founder(s): Kohana Schimmer, Robbin Ember and Candywhite Compton (Candywhite is no longer active)

Owner/Captain:  Kohana Schimmer

Co-Captains:  Robbin Ember and Sunrize Mornington

Mentors:  Tauri Tigerpaw and Sebastian Saramago

Current Team Standing:  6th with SLSA

Where did the team name come from:  Kokomo by Beach Boys

Why was this team started
A few of us, formerly on the Cornish Surf Team in 2008 (Cornish was disbanded after the Cornish beach sim was closed and owners chose not to continue name/team) were left lost and homeless, so we got together one night and decided to start the Montego Surf Team.

Pertinent history/team highlights
Since our team is relatively new, we don't have much "history"...ahhh (frown).  We do accept brand new surfers without criteria or tests for them to join us.  As long as they have the "passion" in their demeanor for surfing, we know they will be a good member of Montego Surf Team.  We do put on a "Guest Speaker" series for the surfing community each month that has become very popular on the first Thursday of each month at our home break beach "Knowhere".  Our team sponsor is Counting Offcourse for our homebreak and Damien Kleinfeld of Splendeurs Surfwear for our team outfits.

How does this team train and how often:
We try to get together the last Thursday of each month and surf together, talking tricks and tips.  We usually practice at our homebreak, Knowhere, or at the venue of the next upcoming competition.  All captains are available for one-on-one training with any team member.  Some members attend the free lessons given by VW Sands on Wednesdays, too.

What is the basic philosophy behind this team in terms of SL surfing (reality vs. gaming):
"FUN FUN FUN"  Montego recognizes that each member brings their own uniquely different personality and surfing style which makes us so special!  I suppose we all do a little of both, reality vs. gaming, when surfing.  Our basic philosophy is to embrace a "team spirit" in our souls and to keep the "passion" for surfing alive in our hearts.  We stress having "FUN FUN FUN"!  We encourage our riders to compete but if they don't want to, that is fine, too.  They can cheer on their teammates which is just as important to us.  Montego Surf Team wants all our surfers to enjoy the sport of surfing, feel the love and support of their family (team) and most of all, have "FUN FUN FUN"!

What board does this team use and why?
We use SSi boards made by Sebastian Saramago.  Seb is one of our "mentors" and his boards are the best!  We aren't biased or anything...LOL!

What wave does this team prefer and why?
Each rider has their favorite wave, I'm sure, so I would have to say all of them:  fluffies, pipes, epic and sculpties are our favorites.  We encourage our members to surf all types of waves on all types of boards and to visit all types of beaches to hone their skills insuring we are always prepared.  Kind of like the Boys/Girl Scouts motto!  LOL

What associations does this team compete in?

Who are the top scoring riders on this team?
Sunrize Mornington, Bodhi Lowtide, Kohana Schimmer, Robbin Ember, Maldrul Morris

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It Can't be Kantbe's 2nd Rez Day Celebration!!!

Surfside partied hard on Monday, September 28, in honor of Kantbe Thursday's 2nd Rez Day celebration!  SurfSide Hideaway (198, 137, 21), popular live music beach club, started the celebration with their usual Monday 1 PM SLT performance by Slave Girls Rock, female DJ rockband, entertaining the crowd with their tribute to female rockers, followed by a live performance by Tauri Tigerpaw.  DJ Desirae Beaumont kept the party rocking and the tequila flowing!  Congratulations to Kantbe on 2 years in SL!