Saturday, September 19, 2009

Team Profile - Reaction

Completed by team owner, Radical Twang

Team Name: Reaction Pro

Year founded: 2007

Founder(s): Radical Twang, Breezy Biddle...could also say AlexSurfer Hirons

Owners: Radical Twang, Breezy Biddle, LeahJane Cazalet, Ashleigh Dickins

Current team standing:
Currently 10th, subject to change after this weekend possibly.

Where did the team name come from:
The team name was an extension of the successful surfwear brand, Reaction, in SL. It was felt that a team should also be out there representing the store with the surfers getting benefits from the clothing line.

Why was this team started:
I had bumped into a well known surfer, AlexSurfer Hirons. He loved the clothing line, and kept pushing me to make a team to represent it and had also filled me in on how teams were starting to structure since Kaela Mimmistrobel was one of the only ones with a team at the time. Reaction Pro would have been one of the first few to follow in her footsteps in creating a team. I ended up taking Alex's idea on board and letting him take charge of it, so you could have called him the Co-Founder and first Captain of the whole team.

Give us any pertinent history/highlights of this team:
Reaction Pro has gone through a lot. Alex helping create the team, then leading to following captains and new roles being added. Some say they're responsible for the team being where it is today, though it wouldn't be if it weren't for AlexSurfer Hirons, Timbo Flanagan, LeahJane Cazalet, and Ashleigh Dickins. Others have come and gone, like Clarke Torok, who unfortunately had to be removed from the team due to poor descisions in order to protect the Reaction name; Cipriano Grut, a valuable member who left for his own reasons; AlexSurfer Hirons, who I had mistakenly removed due to innactivity, assuming he'd left SL - Always welcome on the team, mate, Sally LaSalle, who even competed in her first competition in the Reaction Pro Comp 08 at Alternation.

The 08 Comp was Reaction's first competition, held just for the team members and is probably one of my fondest memories of the team. Those who didn't surf in SLSA comps surfed in that comp, and ripped it up at the Boneyard Shack shortly after.

The biggest highlight in Reaction's history was getting Boneyard. It was the first surfable shallow reef break in SL, with the first seen scripted rocks to dodge while surfing, and the feedback from the Reaction Pro SLSA comp held there in 08 was something i'll never forget, and will always think of it as home to the Reaction team.

How does this team train and how often:
The team trains imprompt now days, under the wing of LeahJane and/or Ashleigh Dickins. The team is there for support, social gathering, and to provide a friendly community amongst each other that isn't pushed to a serious level. The team trains with fun in mind, with whoever pleases to join the surf sessions.

What is the basic philosophy behind this team in terms of SL surfing (reality vs. gaming): The biggest thing behind the team is fun and happiness. Reality is, when you and a mate or few go on a road trip to find a good wave, the trip can be almost as enjoyable as the surf itself. They show off what they have and charge into those waves. The thrill, the fun, the memories, it's what surfing is about, and it's what Reaction Pro is about.

What board does this team use and why?
I don't push for anyone to need to use the pro board in comps, though I do provide them all with a Reaction Pro Quad Wing, and any other style requested as a gift to enjoy.

What wave does this team prefer and why?
That would have to be pipes. The pro boards are made to be the elite on pipes. They were tested and tweaked on pipes to be the smoothest and quickest. Not to forget, Home of Reaction - Boneyard only used pipes. ;)

What associations does this team compete in?
At the moment SLSA.  I'll leave it up to Ashleigh and Leah if they want the teams to compete in any others.
Who are the top scoring riders on this team?
It's hard to say when comparing back to the beginning or current. LeahJane, Asheigh Dickins, Timbo Flanagin, Whamdammit Merryman, Express Zenovka, the list goes on, have all pulled great results at some point. Though there enjoyment they get from the experience is always gonna make them a winner, regardless of the points.

Primary Contacts:
Radical Twang, Breezy Biddle

Secondary Contacts:
(Captain) Ashleigh Dickins, Pilze Braveheart

Pro Surfers:
Ashleigh Dickins
Carolin Gausman
Dreamer Demontrond
Express Zenobka
Leahjane Cazalet (Co-Captain)
Timbo Flanagan
Whamdammit Merryman

Busta Rustamova
Dante Visconti
Dixson Martian
Finiana Bailey
Dani Boccara
Lesley Cazalet
Mitchell MacMoragh
Noah Chapman
Pilze Braveheart
Robb Vlodovic
Shelby Fitzgerald
Tibby Trenkins

Social Members:
Breeezy Biddle
Kaysha Sion
MJ Massey
Radical Twang

Team members subject to change

This is first in a series SurfWatch will be presenting of each team competing in any of the competitions for 2009.  Stay tuned  for more team profiles!  And if you would like SurfWatch to profile your team, contact Tauri Tigerpaw.

Friday, September 18, 2009

SLSA Round 2 Sol Mananero Shortboard Heat Draws

Below are the Heat Draws for SLSA's Round 2 at Sol Mananero scheduled for Saturday, September 19:
Starting 11:00am sharp - Heat one check in at 10:45 please!!
Each Heat 3 waves each


Wilfrid DeCuir (RED)
Jac Mornington (BLUE)
WickedV Carver (GREEN)
Sassy1 Fizzle (ORANGE)
Cymindra Deschanel (PURPLE)
MarkFoo Waverider (BLACK)


Socks Clawtooth (RED)
Bobbi Laval (BLUE)
Sweetcajan Voom (GREEN)
Yendor Destiny (ORANGE)
Sunrize Mornington (PURPLE)
Sven Homewood (BLACK)


Desirae Beaumont (RED)
Triston Mayo (BLUE)
Kimmy Jigsaw (GREEN)
Lynda Mimulus (ORANGE)
Robbin Ember (PURPLE)
Aeryn Kidd (BLACK)


VW Sands (RED)
Sally LaSalle (BLUE)
Desne Aabye (GREEN)
Harbor Piers (ORANGE)
Sunshine Zhangsun (PURPLE)


SexyBoy Oh (RED)
Bonheur Chenaux (BLUE)
Kim Henig (GREEN)
Sean Azambuja (ORANGE)
Buffy Munro (PURPLE)


Colleen Brennan (RED)
Followingwaves Sirbu (BLUE)
Abel Halderman (GREEN)
GiavannaMaria Melody (ORANGE)
Rhett McMahn (PURPLE)


1. Lacy Rossini
2. Velvetori Twine
3. Eliza Wizenheimer
4. Ashleigh Dickins
5. Maldrul Morris
6. Pilze Braveheart
7. Kait Seetan
8. Requiem Theriac
9. Quench Spotter
10. Kathy Heberle

Thursday, September 17, 2009

SLSA Announces Home Sim

In an announcement by SLSA Director, Desirae Beaumont, on September 16, the SLSA announced the purchase of a permanent home for the SLSA and the SLSA Hall of Fame.  Work is currently in progress to terraform and set up the sim.  The location is SLSA, Archipelago (175, 56, 22).  More details will follow.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Brazilian Surf Circuit

From the Associacao Brasileira de Surf no SL:  on Sunday, September 20, 2009, the 4th stage of the Brazilian championship!  Don't miss it at Crab Island (149, 82, 22).  Contact Leogarto Burt for more information.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

WTQS Inaugural Pro Results

submitted by Clarke Torok

In the first ever mano e mano competition, an all new format released in the WTQS Inaugural Pro at JJ Lanes, the Finals saw heavily favored Clarke Torok riding against virtual unknown Zephyr Fouroux.  Zephyr pulled off some amazing surfing in the Finals to defeat Clarke, much to everyone's surprise.  Clarke had crashed halfway thru his heat and was scored accordingly on his short stint in the water. The competition had multiple boards used in it - Action Pro Slammer and Quad Thruster board and 5.2 SSi boards were used.  One surfer who would have rode the HP 4 Jaws board was unable to attend.  The first perfect score in the history of MUST was also recorded at this event, awarded to Torok in the seeding round.  A huge thanks to JJ Lanes, Action Surf & Skate, Z/S Studio, and Surf Crazy for their unyielding support as well as dedication!


First Place - Zephyr Fouroux
Second Place - Clarke Torok
Third Place - Sparkles Placebo