Saturday, September 12, 2009

SLSA Round 1 Sol Mananero Competition

Scores from SLSA's Round 1 Sol Mananero competition, Saturday, September 12, are as follows:

Sunrize Mornington 13.3333
Mick Lunasea 0.00000
Pilze Braveheart 8.33333
Ucalegon Zarco 0.00000
MarkFoo Waverider 12.16667
Bodhi Lowtide 0.00000

Countess DeCosta 0.00000
Buffy Munro 13.00000
Sven Homewood 12.00000
Ashleigh Dickins 10.33333
Kathy Heberle 7.833333
Aeryn Kidd 12.00000

Lacy Rossini 12.66667
Kohana Schimmer 0.00000
Robbin Ember 13.16667
Sunshine Zhangsun 13.16667
Locksley Blitzstein 0.00000

Sean Azambuja 14.00000
Kait Seetan 11.16667
Eliza Wizenheimer 11.83333
Aurora Jacks 0.00000
Cymindra Descha 13.66667

GiavannaMaria Melody 13.83333
Harbor Piers 14.3333
Maldrul Morris 9.666667
Quench Spotter 8.833333
ONeill Auer 0.00000

Rhett McMahn 12.66667
Velvetori Twine 12.16667
Sienna Velinov 0.00000
Lynda Mimulus 16.33333
Requiem Theriac 11.00000

Top two riders from each heat advance to Round 2 scheduled for Saturday, September 19.

Round 1 Heats 1-4 can be viewed at and Heats 5-6 at courtesy Wilfrid DeCuir

Friday, September 11, 2009


Time to put on your Thriller animation and join the crew down at The Tribe for a 4 PM SLT Thriller Event today, Friday, September 11!  Join in a world record attempt to get as many avs doing The Thriller dance as possible! 

 The Deck and Tribe Islands Hangout Club (43, 229, 801)

Contact Alexxa Despres for more information.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Monkey Cove Surfboard Design Contest Winners!

submitted by Syx Toshi

Monkey Cove's Surfboard Design Contest Results:

First Place - Red Retro by DW Surf

Second Place - Skeletal by Surf Art

Third Place - Boni by Sylvia Scribe

Honorable Mention - Evening by Rossini Surf Design

Thanks to all the artists that entered the contest, and thanks to our judges.  The judging was much closer than anticipated and everyone who entered won 100L

Monday, September 7, 2009

Give us your Feedback...

SurfWatch Mission Statement:

SurfWatch is dedicated to providing the SL surf community with an avenue for sharing information in a convenient medium and celebrating everything that involves and interests the entire SL surf community including people, organizations, philosophies, venues, technology, hobbies, fashion, current events, news, businesses, etc.

SurfWatch is striving to be a cental point for the surf community to find out what competitions, activities and events are happening across the spectrum of all surf organizations and groups; to share in news effecting the SL surf community, including partnerships, births, deaths; to keep alive an accurate and documented history of SL surfing and the people that started it; to serve as a focal point of communication for businesses, venues, services, real estate, etc. to communicate to the rest of the community; to be open to consider other needs it can provide to the SL surf community.

SurfWatch is interested in knowing your opinion on how well we are living up to our mission statement and ways we can improve the product/service we are providing.  Please feel free to give us feedback  - we ask that you include your identifying information.