The New Surfers Bay VIP

Stats courtesy Persia Bravin

Surfers Bay VIP - where the party meets the curl!
Parties around the clock and a new wave run that'll have you riding all day!

We stopped by Surfers Bay VIP to have another look at the new wave and found The Beach Party Headquarters going on.  We were lucky enough to catch Persia Bravin who recently designed the new sim around the wave, with her partner, sim owner, Duncan Blackburn.  Persia updated us on the latest information:

-     The new Bali inspired sim opened on May 4 and there's been a really positive response from new and existing members

-     Surfers Bay VIP is averaging 35-40 avs on sim at any one time and are now top of search for surfing

-     Surfers Bay VIP has taught about 25 new people how to surf using the C-3 board and Maoli waves

-    Surfers Bay VIP has just launched a new photo contest with prizes of 5,000L, 3,000L and 2,000L

-     The new Surfers Bay VIP group now has nearly 4,000 members and growing

-     There are 8 stores on the sim

Come have a look at the new Surfers Bay VIP!

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