What is SurfWatch?

SurfWatch is ...

A collective of creative people teaming together to promote, expand, celebrate, share, create, inform anyone interested about Second Life (SL) and other virtual beaches including surfing, fashion, competitions, surfers and beach lovers, merchandise, sims, businesses, designers, music, clubs and other endeavors.

SurfWatch has been supporting virtual beach life since 2008 with some time off for real life (RL).  No team member is compensated - SurfWatch is a labor of love.  And it's the dedication of SurfWatch Managing Editor, Kantbe Thursday, and the individual members of the team:  Cierra Theriac-Triton, Dillan Munro, Frankie Edon, Gia Villano-Triton, Jus Strat, Maxwell Silvansky, Persia Bravin, Solsty Kismet and Tyler Peace that keep it alive and going strong, supporting all the beach and surf sims, beach businesses, groups and associations, merchandisers, designers, musicians and clubs and everything else associated with Second Life beaches and surfing by expanding awareness, sharing information, and promoting activities.

We're who's watching the waves!


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