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Marina Bay - Talk with Teddy Bear

Submitted by Surfwatch Contributing Correspondent, Teddy Bear (atlasshrugged3)

I first met Jean (jeanquille) while studying at the University.  Together, we sailed the Blake sea dreaming of creating wonderful stuff in Second Life.  Jean, a real life French photographer, introduced me to SL photography, and I exposed Jean to surfing in Second Life.

Marina Bay has grown significantly since its start as a small sailboat and marine accessory store.  Today Marina Bay sells buildings, clubs, homes, shops, clothes, and recently expanded into beach accessories.    

Recently, Jean has built Surfing Waves at Marina Bay Shop.

Teddy Bear (TB): What got you interested in Surfing in SL?

Jean:  I enjoy Second Life Surfing.  It’s better than driving cars, better than Skippo or any of the other activities in Second Life.  Surfing and sailing are the most entertaining activities in Second Life.  Part of the dream in Second Life is the paradise landscape of surfing sims.

TB:  What prompted you to create a surfing SIM?

Jean: For a long time, one of my dreams in Second Life was to create a surfing SIM, but my store was too small to pay the tier.  Now that I have become proficient at Mesh 3D modeling using ambient occlusions, my sales have improved enough to realize my dreams.  If my sales continue to grow, maybe I will have two sims with paradise islands.        

TB:  Marina Bay is a sailor’s shop, what type of sailing products do you make?

Jean: Since I am a RL photographer, I have extensive knowledge of Photoshop, so I started Marina Bay making texture kits for sailboats.

TB: You expanded Marina Bay to surfing, what kinds of surfing products do you make?

Jean:  hahaha, what does a surfer require?  Listening to Jack Johnson while riding the waves on a surfboard.  I create beach decorations, life guard huts, tiki theme accessories, and many other things required to decorate tropical sims.

TB: Marina Bay offers other types of building creations, can you describe a few?

Jean:  Second Life residents like to have parties, so I've created many types of clubs.  Since I love jazz music, I have created a variety of jazz clubs and jazz lovers from all over the grid come to Marina Bay to purchase and outfit their clubs.  Recently I began creating buildings and harbors for tropical sims.  

TB:  You are a top designer for Adam and Eve avatar, what got you into Fashion design?
Jean: Fashion design is very competitive business, some creators like Meli Mako create full perms mesh clothing templates.  Now you don't need to know mesh 3D modeling to create clothes, you only need to texture the templates to have your own fashion line.  I continue to support my friend, Adam and Eve avatar creator Ginger Chevalier.  I have a clothing store at her sim.

TB:  Do you include artistic features in your creations?

Jean: I recently created artistic mesh bonsai trees and very original 3D portraits.  Both items are new in Second Life.

TB:  You are obviously a talented creator in SL, what got you into designing and creating mesh products? 

Jean:  I love realizing my dreams creating mesh objects in Second Life.  I model using C4D animation software and all my work is exclusive.  I do not purchase mesh models on DAZ3D and import them.  I modify scripts for my creations and someday I will learn LSL (Linden Scripting Language).  If any surfer has an idea and I am available to help them realize their dreams.  I'm open for all ideas. 

TB: What are Marina Bay’s future plans?

Jean:  Continue developing accessories for surfers and sailors.  Marina Bay is an alternative to Tiki Tattoo, Headhunter, and other tiki stores.  Marina Bay is a little different, I'm not just "Hawaii", but any harbor or beach in the world.
Everyone is welcome to visit my market under the palms and surf on my beach.  I do not have a Tip Jar.  The best show of appreciation is to purchase my creations. 
TB: You have a C-3 rezzer and Maoli Real Curly waves, let go Surfing!

Jean: I love surfing, nude?  Why not, but take care, there are sharks in ocean.

TB:  I know you sell boardies shorts in your store, so why don't you put on a pair and let’s tests your waves?
Marina Bay, as with every beach sim, is full of romantic locations

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