Thursday, October 18, 2018

Cloudbreak Press Release Thursday October 18, 2018

October 17, 2018

Hello lovelies,

The 'cloudbreak' group is now the land group which fully owns the [cloudbreak] region.  The dirty.pretty group no longer owns the land at [cloudbreak].

As mentioned in their recent blog post, the dirty.pretty team has moved on to other builds/projects therefore the owner of [cloudbreak] (Valium Lavender) has resumed control of the land and management at [cloudbreak].  This has always been the plan.

As of this notice the cost to join the [cloudbreak] group (for rezz rights) is zero, however, on November 1 the cost to join the rezz group will be 350 lindens.

We encourage you to take advantage of this 'free' period of time to join the rezz rights group.

As of this writing there is no fee for simply coming for a visit at [cloudbreak].

The only time group membership is needed is if you desire to rezz a surf board; a prop or two for making photographs and/or to keep informed of the activities at [cloudbreak].

For now, we will continue to provide surfboard rezzers.  We presently offer the flow brand, an older HP brand, and a C-3 brand rezzer. This will change in the future.  The plan for rezzers is to strictly feature the flow boards and possibly a dirty.pretty brand should they come out with one at some later date.

In 2019 we hope that dirty.pretty team will return to organize and implement a [cloudbreak] + [dirty.pretty] surfing event such as a competition.  In the meantime, the waves are open for your surfing enjoyment.-)

Keep informed by visiting our new official website -

Feel free to contact me direct anytime as well.


Valium Lavender

[Editors note:  The Cloubreak website and landmark can be permanently found in the sidebar in webview]


SurfWatch is deeply saddened to report the real life passing of Second Life surfing's Lynda Mimulus.    This information was recently confirmed by SexyBoy Oh who was friends with her in Second Life as well as real life Facebook friends with her.

Lynda Mimulus profile pic

Lynda was a Second Life surfer full of joy and love. She was as beautiful in real life as she was in Second Life.  Be at peace, my friend, you will be missed on the waves.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

SurfWatch Partner: T'ai Surfing

SurfWatch is proud to introduce our new partnerships display on our web page view in the sidebar.  We'll be featuring photos, events, people, shops at these beautiful locations or in these groups to share them with our readers and grow our communities.  If you are interested in becoming a SurfWatch Partner, contact Tauri Tigerpaw in-world, Tauri T-paw on Facebook or Kantbe Thursday in-world or on Facebook.

SurfWatch Partner:  T'ai Surfing

T'ai started 10 years ago by Sally LaSalle and changed hands recently when Teddy Bear became the new owner in August 2018. As Teddy says, "T'ai is the beautiful sister of the Zen surfing resort, Ch'i.  T'ai was born from Ch'i's tranquil mountainous volcano.

T'ai is a public surfing beach. Teddy states that for the surfers, there are "...a variety of free surfboard rezzers and a rez area to use your own board.  Come enjoy and hangout at this beautiful black sand beach on the Second Life Surfing Archipelago."

Discussing her hopes for T'ai, Teddy goes on to say, "T’ai is an iconic surfing SIM, and I would like to continue that tradition on the Surfing Archipelago.  It’s my vision for T’ai to become a Dedicated Pure “Surfing SLSA Competition Homestead SIM”.  T’ai will become the new home for Team Tsunami.  It is Team Tsunami's desire to continue the growth of the Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) and the Surfing Community.  It is quite a responsibility continuing the culture and history of T’ai SIM.  I am only 70% complete integrating some of T’ai culture and history into the new SIM design."

The December SLSA SSi longboard competition will be held at T'ai on Maoli Freestyle waves.  She hopes to hold a Tsunami Pro Open surfing competition every season at T'ai, and she's currently building a surf school at T'ai.

You can find the landmark to T'ai in the SurfWatch sidebar in webview.

You can read more about T'ai in the links below:
Sally LaSalle Talks about T'ai
The new T'ai surfing - Home of Team Tsunami

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Share the Scare!!!

Have any scary shares of yourself or your favorite scary decorations?  Send them to SurfWatch, and we'll share the scare in the pages of SurfWatch for Halloween!
Contact Tauri Tigerpaw or Kantbe Thursday!

And keep checking the pages of SurfWatch for the latest in Spooktacular sims in Second Life by Teddy Bear coming up - most picturesque sim, most haunted sim, and most scary rides just in time for Halloween in SL!

Surfing Muertos by Tony de Carlo

Monday, October 15, 2018

Getting a Little Behind?

Have you found yourself too busy lately to keep up with what's going on with surfing and beaches in Second Life®? Are you finding that no matter how hard you try, you're just getting more and more behind in trying to figure out what's going on?

You can keep tabs on SurfWatch in several ways. In addition to the blog (which supports RSS and Atom feeds), you can follow us on InstagramTwitter(#surfwatchblog), flickr, and the Facebook Page.