Part 5: The SLSA has a Constitution?

Welcome to Part 5 of our series covering the Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) Constitution in an on-going quest to familiarize and understand the constitution in bite-sized chunks.  Please refer to the earlier posts as this series will build on prior Parts*.

The Constitution:

1.  Structure

1.1. Association Structure (covered in Part 2 of this series)    
1.2. Mission Statement (covered in Part 3 of this series)
1.3. Membership (covered in Part 4 of this series)

1.4. SLSA Board of Directors

1.4.1. The SLSA board of directors shall be comprised of five (5) SLSA members. The Directors will collectively govern event organization, rules, scheduling, and finances. The Directors will collectively govern and administer the provisions and rules within the SLSA constitution. The Directors may propose amendments to the SLSA constitution. The Directors may amend SLSA Event Rules, SLSA Financial Management and SLSA Sportsmanship Code (all of which are separate adjuncts to this constitution). Decisions of all types require that all of the sitting directors agree, or that there is no more than one (1) dissenting opinion.

1.4.2. Decisions relating to items,, and will be enacted immediately after director agreement.

1.4.3. Proposals for amendments to the SLSA constitution shall be voted on by the SLSA members (see Section 3).

1.4.4. Directors must actively participate in SLSA meetings and/or event planning and organization. If a director is out of contact (providing no written or other form of communication with the other directors) for one month then their position shall be declared vacant and a by- election held to fill their position.

1.4.5. Directors performing their duties must act in the interest of the majority of SL members, any unauthorized use of SLSA financial resources for personal gain, shall result in immediate dismissal from the board and ejection from the SLSA. This to be determined by a unanimous vote of the remaining board members.

Break Down:
This section is timely since June 1 will be election day for 3 SLSA director Board positions.  Be sure to submit your intent to run according to the constitutional requirements.  This section is the clearest part of the document to date:
  • There are 5 SLSA director seats.  Although it isn't stated in this portion of the Constitution, for those new to the SLSA, elections are held every 3 months with 2 seats coming open and 3 months later, the remaining 3 seats coming open, then alternating to 2 seats 3 months later and so on.  Each term is held for 6 months.  This is an effort to ensure continuity of directors who are familiar with how to run events and conduct SLSA affairs.
  • The directors collectively govern the organization, including events, finances, scheduling, overseeing the provisions and rules.  There is no King or Queen.
  • The directors may propose Constitutional amendments.  They may also make amendments to Event Rules, Financial Management and the Sportsmanship Code which are separate documents to the Constitution we will be examining at a future point.
  • All of the sitting directors must agree on decisions or have no more than one director disagreeing.
  • Decisions relating to affairs pertaining to the SLSA defined in the first part of the section will be enacted immediately after director agreement.  This may have been added to avoid any prolonged delays in implementing a decided action.
  • Amendments to the Constitution shall be voted on by SLSA membership.  It's specified that there is additional information related to this in a separate section.
  • Directors must actively participate in meetings, events and/or organization of events.  This is by far one of the most important duties as Director - continuing the SLSA competitions, making sure they are in compliance with the regulations set forth for sanctioned SLSA competitions to maintain the integrity and legitimacy of the event and scores. It's important to note this point in the document:  if a Director is out of communication of any kind with the Board for a month, that seat becomes vacated and a by-election needs to be organized to fill the seat.
  • Directors are required to perform their duties in the interest of the majority of SL members.  SLSA membership is not specified here - it specifically states the majority of SL members.  That could potentially bring up issues on whether a duty is performed in the interest of the majority of SL members as opposed to SLSA members.  Penalties for misuse of financial resources are immediate dismissal from the Board and ejection from the SLSA to be decided by a unanimous vote of the remaining Board members.
  • Refer to Section 2.2 “SLSA Director Eligibility" for more details on becoming a Director.
Questions from Part 5:  
  • No additional questions on this section at this time.

*This is not an SLSA sanctioned series.  SurfWatch is exploring the SLSA Constitution as a long time member, supporter, former sponsor and participant in the SLSA over the years with the goal of understanding and education.  We invite SLSA and public comment for clarity and discussion.

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Bluff Cove C-3 Pro Competition Results

Submitted by Teddy Bear (atlasshrugged3)
Photos by Teddy Bear (atlasshrugged3) and Vally Lavender

Bluff Cove C-3 Pro Competition Results

1st place 15.25 Richie Marley Di Vaio
2nd place 15.167 Moira
3rd place 15.0 Gia Villani
4th place Tie 14.9167 Teddy Bear & Bodhi Lowtide
6th place 14.5 Kris Marley
7th place 12.83 Mina Ancio

The Bluff Cove Pro Surfing Competition was hosted by Cierra Theriac & Governed by SLSA.
The Pro Surfing Competition is held at Iconic Bluff Cove SIM
Second Life top surfers competed on C-3 Surfboards on Maoli Swell and Freestyle
Spectator Stands was located at Bluff Cove beautiful neighbor, Bundy Reef.

Winner Richie Marley Di Vaio

Moira Surfing
Tsunami Team Captain & SLSA Director Moira air borne while completing on her C-3 surfboard

 Large crowd in the spectator stands viewing the Surfing Competition

Surfer lining up to compete at Bluff Cove

Surfing Judges
The Judges at Bluff Cove Surfing competition were Hall of Fame Surfers - Neptune, JT Castanea & Rayz Rubble. The Judges did an excellent job officiating the Surfing Competition

Hall of Fame Surfer – Roxy was the Marshall of Bluff Cove Surfing competition

Teddy Bear 4th Place
I finished in 4th place. I was super nervous, afraid of surfing off the wave. I still more experience to get comfortable completing with Moira & the other top surfers. In the finals I slowed down and was less aggressive focusing on looking smooth and under control when performing the difficult non scripted tricks.

Mina Ancio 7th Place
It was Mina Ancio’s first final and she was super nervous. I liked Mina’s competitive spirit.

Bluff Cove Pro Surfing Competition sponsor Cierra Theriac
Cierra announced after the competition that she will be selling Bluff Cove to Gia Villani

Gia Villani 3rd Place
New Bluff Cove owner Gia Villani finished in 3rd place at today’s competition.
Gia dedicated her surfing to Desirae Beaumont...and her 12th rez day
Desi is one of Gia’s my longest friends and a great teacher
Gia’s wanted to make her proud of her performance at the Bluff Cove C-3 Surfing competition

Desirae Beaumont
One of SL Surfing all-time, Desi attended the Bluff Cove Surfing competition.
Rayz Rubble did not look happy about my photo bombing his picture with Desi!

Valium Lavender
Valley attended the Bluff Cove Surfing competition and contributed several wonderful pictures.

Surfer competing on the C-3 at Bluff Cove.

The beauty of SL Surfing Archipelago

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Caledon Oxbridge U Photography Students Surfing Photos

submitted by Teddy Bear (atlasshrugged3)

This week’s Caledon Oxbridge University Photo Salon class discussed photography tools used to take pictures of moving objects.  After the lecture, the students had a field trip to Tai Surfing to practice their new skills taking pictures of people surfing.  The Oxbridge students class assignment was to photograph surfers in action!  Since surfing is so much fun in Second Life, some of the students simply blew off the class assignment and went surfing, riding boats & Dragons at T’ai.

Here are the best photos of the student’s homework who did complete the assignment:

Tamarynd (7 months in SL) captured Moonie Kismet performing tricks on the HP5 board.  Tamarynd filled the frame with her subject, and had the proper angle showing realist surfing.

Xenun (4 years in SL) captured this amazing surfing action shot on the X-3 board.  Xenun filled the frame with her subject, while the long tube wave provide the 3D layering for this realistic photo.

Dhyezl (4 months in SL) filled the frame with his subject.  I really love the appearance of the background wave and how it exhibits the surfing action.

Caelum Sanguis (4 years in SL) has been a Photo Salon student most of this term.  Caelum photography skills are starting to shine.  He captured surfing action with the spray trailing the surfer. The tube wave provided the 3D layering, while managing the shadows of the sun peeking into the foreground.

Isabella Cantor (1 year in SL) had the best swimsuit. The classic 2-piece was right out of the roaring twenties.  Isabella placed her subject in the right-side power position using the tube to provide the 3D Layering look.  If you look closely, there is a surfer flying in the background, illustrating the craziness of all the model surfers.

dhyezl used the water spray to silhouette the surfer.  Very creative and unique perspective.

The timing of action shots are so tough, yet Caelum Sanguis captured Aŋɖɪŋ Kἶʂოεէ  attempting a back flip.

“Watch Out – a Surfer Jumping is zooming at you”.  The 3D layering and angles of this photo give you the feeling the surfer is flying out of your computer screen.

While Aŋɖɪŋ Kἶʂოεէ was flirting with the girls on the beach, using her Windlight skills, Isabella caught his reflection in the water.

Caelum Sanguis using spray trail to captured surfing action.

Dhyezl filled the frame with his subject, using spray trail to captured surfing action and the angles & background to provide the realistic 3D layering.

Caelum Sanguis using spray trail to captured surfing action, the second wave in the background adds the layering beauty.

Dhyezl adjusted the sun position to get this nice still shot of his subject.

Xenen had fun taking this under water photo of surfers.  Using angles to get unique pictures can turn an ordinary photo extraordinary.

Special thanks to all the Surfing Models who made this class possible!  Photo Salon class will have another Surfing photography class later this summer.

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Pajama Party Celebration! Happy Rez Day, Desirae Beaumont!

Happy Rez Day, Des!!!
Join the celebration at SurfSide Hideaway!

For more information on Des, see:

or search SurfSide Hideaway!
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Happy Rez Day, Brian Kidd!

Happy Rez Day, Brian!
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